While no official announcements have been made, the owner of the modern 5,000-square-foot retail space at 560 Valencia Street (which Blu Dot has occupied since 2013) is now actively seeking a new tenant.

The marketing materials for the prime Mission District space tout “a national mecca for millennials, techies & tourists.” The asking rent is $54 per square foot per year. And Blu Dot should be out by April 2018.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by garrett

    you gotta sell a lot of whatever you’re selling to pay that $22,500/month rent.

  2. Posted by Elitist Pig

    That marketing material sounds like a great way to draw protesters.

  3. Posted by Brisket

    Blu Dot does most of their sales online as I understand it, so the showroom may not need to make money on its own but just serves as a place to view the product. I’m surprised they aren’t opening another location in the city for such purpose.

    • Posted by shza

      It’s useful for seeing how low-quality Blu Dot’s product is. This stuff is seriously no better than IKEA, and in many cases, looks a lot like it. You even have to build it yourself.

    • Posted by anon2.5

      For reasons you stated, this blue dot location is a posterchild for regulating formula retail in certain corridors.

  4. Posted by Panhandle Amigo

    Zoning won’t work, but this would do very well as a co-working space.

    • Posted by Hunter

      Or as 7-10 floors of housing.

      • Posted by Panhandle Amigo

        No argument here. Would love to see it. Essentially every single story commercial/industrial building in this city needs to be torn down and replaced with a 4-10 story mixed use building.

        • Posted by two beers

          “Essentially every single story commercial/industrial building in this city needs to be torn down and replaced with a 4-10 story mixed use building.”

          So, you want to eliminate most of the rapidly-diminishing number of remaining well-paying working class jobs (ie, PDR jobs). I guess those workers making $20-$40/hr can all just go sling coffee at Starbucks or clean floors in the Salesforce Tower, or better, just move to Manteca. No one owes them a living, right? I guess they all should just become successful real estate speculators or develop a disrupting pizza delivery app.

          Do you understand the class snobbery and economic elitism that your statement reveals?

      • Posted by joh

        I do recognize the need for housing units. And as much as I am for density, I disagree here. Pedestrian-rich corridors such as this should still have access ample sunlight.

  5. Posted by gentrified is a dirty word for clean

    About time for an upscale designer pot dispensary. For the millennials and techies who are put off by tie dye, poor personal hygiene and the Grateful Dead.

    • Posted by Stakes Is High

      I’d rather not. I know recreational smoke is on the horizon, but very much do not look forward to the onslaught of tasteless, block-after-block-dispensaries that will surely follow.

      • Posted by gentrified is a dirty word for clean

        Personally I look forward to its consumption being controlled the same way alcohol consumption is today. Hello “open container” laws! Pot smoking stinks and is a much bigger imposition on the surroundings than drinking alcohol. Can’t wait for it to be confined to licensed establishments and private homes, not that I have high hopes that SFPD will be enforcing the laws.

        • Posted by Fishchum

          It pretty much is controlled the way drinking is today. Do you not see all those “no smoking” signs? They aren’t for cigarettes only.

          • Posted by Notcom

            Perhaps “gidwfc” means s/he would like to see the laws (better) enforced

        • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

          Fishchum, potheads typically ignore the rules, because if a policeperson happens to see them, they can always claim they have a Proposition 215 card. I’ve had two different policemen tell me that they will simply not write citations for people violating smoking laws while using marijuana.

      • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

        Unless you think that there is a pretty-close-to-infinite demand for marijuana products, there simply can’t be multiple “dispensaries” (presumably) competing with each other that can generate enough revenue to pay $54 per ft² per year rents. Prices will have to drop and marginal retail operations facing high overhead will have to close down.

        And if there is that much demand, God help us when recreational sales start going full steam.

        • Posted by Stakes Is High

          Take a quick trip to Denver. There are more dispensaries per block than Starbucks. You’d be surprised how much cash and demand there is.

    • Posted by ess

      Yeah, because there are no upscale dispensaries, and definitely none in this neighborhood. Great eye.

  6. Posted by Bobby Mucho

    2 ideal scenarios: Break the space into 2-3 smaller (and more reasonably priced) units, or rip it down and build 55ft of apartments w/ retail and a ~600sf ‘community-centered’ commercial space.

    Unfortunately, the latter is pretty unlikely with the way fully entitled parcels have been listed instead of built.

  7. Posted by You See Ess Eff

    Is this the old Bombay Bazaar? Miss that place.

  8. Posted by unlivable city

    Valencia is simply no longer a viable place to do retail business unless you are running a bar/club, a bar that serves food in order to have a liquor license, or a pricey boutique. Or a pot store. Or a brothel.

    • Posted by Pablito

      If pot continues the slow but steady march toward legalization people will soon be getting it delivered from Amazon. Local dispensary’s – which are one if the few bright spots propping up neighborhood retail asking rates – will go the way of local book stores. I’m betting restaurant.

  9. Posted by Eddy

    Why is the vacancy note here news? I’m not up to date on my hidden implied message. Is this that the canary in the coal mine, look out for new condos, or just a random FYI on a retail notice coming up for rent?

    • Posted by OtherDan

      This is kind of what SocketSite does. It’s local real estate news. There’s a headline today about a house selling in the Castro. If that qualifies as news, I suspect this article does, too, right?

      [Editor’s Note: Yes, just some house selling in the Castro.]

  10. Posted by Eddy

    SocketSite has themes and generally posts information and news indicating an undercurrent in the market trends of SF. The castro listing is notable for a variety of reasons. I’m less clear on this post hence my question above.

  11. Posted by pal

    I know people like me never shut up, but cannot believe the transformation of that block.

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