360 Berry Street Site

Construction on the last undeveloped building site along Berry Street, the wedged shaped Mission Bay parcel at 360 Berry Street, adjacent to Mission Walk and across the street from Edgewater, is scheduled to break ground next month.

While originally slated for condominiums, the Mission Bay master plan was amended earlier this year to allow a 129-unit rental project with a mix of market rate and below-market rate apartments for households with incomes up to 90 percent of the area median to rise on the site which is also known as Block N4P3.

360 Berry Street Rendering

If construction goes as planned, the 360 Berry Street development should be ready for occupancy in early 2016.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Adam

    I have made comments in the past about how the development further down Berry is in the way of the best alignment for a new surface-level street. Obviously it was built before anyone began to talk about the possibility of taking down the end of 280. So what then is the excuse here?

    • Posted by Sierrajeff

      Do you mean Crescent Cove? if so, how is it in the way, even if 280 comes down – it’s not in the alignment of 6th or 7th, and barely into the potential alignment of King (and the railyard is there for a *long* time to come; even if 280 comes down, I don’t see King being re-connected).

  2. Posted by emanon

    Taking down the end of 280 is still pie in the sky. Are you suggesting the city buy this fully-entitled parcel for potential future use for an unplanned, unapproved, unfunded project?

  3. Posted by seriously

    this looks so lifeless! why so few windows? why all gray and white? why no street presence? this is pure garbage even for affordable. i love the “let’s just attach a pergola to the front because”

  4. Posted by Jill

    Looks like some of the army barracks in the presidio

  5. Posted by wiger toods


  6. Posted by jlasf

    Looks like a prison block, but without the charm.

  7. Posted by BobN

    I never would have guessed that an architect could somehow capture and render the idea that there’s a highway on the other side of this building…

  8. Posted by BTinSF

    This reeks of “affordability”.

  9. Posted by HappyinSF

    Does anyone have an update on this project? It was scheduled to break ground in September. It’s now mid-November and nothing has happened (I walk by it every week).

  10. Posted by timbad

    I walk by this every day and nothing is happening, six months after it was supposed to break ground…

  11. Posted by timbad

    <– ha, and as soon as I say something… today they were finishing up fencing off the site. looks like this one is finally happening. really hope it is not the design shown here in this post.

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