As we first reported earlier this year, while the southwest corner of Geary and Divisadero is in the process of being landscaped with planters for trees, a 75,000 square foot medical office building is approved to rise up to six stories on the site as part of Kaiser Permanente’s Geary Campus plan.

2108 O’Farrell Street Rendering

The timing for the development of the 2108 O’Farrell Street outpatient building, designed to create “a visual cohesiveness for Kaiser’s Geary Campus,” has yet to be disclosed, other than being dependent upon Kaiser’s membership growth and projected needs.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by LookeyLou

    Currently, it appears that they’re planting a garden there. There are 3 or 4 raised beds on the site with irrigation built in.

  2. Posted by Rob

    I was actually wondering what they were up to when I drove by on Sunday, as well… planters / gardens, etc.

  3. Posted by noe mom

    There was an apartment building that sat on the O’Farrell corner emptied and vacant for over five years. Maybe even longer. Must have had at least 30 apartments. That was too bad that they were empty for so long. Appeared to be a very decent building.

  4. Posted by Rillion

    The building always appeared to me to be falling down. It was vacant for a lot longer than five years. I believe that it also had to undergo some environmental clean-up (lead removal?) before they tore it down. Glad it is gone as it was blight to the neighborhood. Now if they can just tear down that the blight that is 2000 Ellis (at Divisadero).

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