Formerly a mortuary, San Francisco’s Planning Commission approved the redevelopment of 1096 South Van Ness Avenue for use as a restaurant in 2005. And while some improvements for that project were completed, the restaurant never opened and the building sits vacant.
Tomorrow, the Planning Commission will vote on whether or not to allow Urban Putt’s proposal to open a 2,100 square foot miniature golf course, bar and restaurant in the building on the northwest corner of South Van Ness and 22nd Street to proceed.
Early designs for the proposed eighteen-hole course include the Trans American Windmill and More Cowbell on hole number 13:

The restaurant and bar would be primarily located on the second floor, click the plans for the building to enlarge.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Clearly this is a proposal that must garner the peoples support. My only question is why the need for a windmill on the TA bldg? We already have a windmill or two that are good reference designs.
    I suggest we dedicate this topic to proposed concept ideas. One for each area of the city.
    Obviously the Lombard Crooked Street Hole where the putter must avoid getting his ball stuck on pedestrian tourists.

  2. Posted by Mike

    Your ball could get lost in the Tenderloin and robbed.

  3. Posted by Ro

    Your ball could get stuck on a train in the Market Street Subway

  4. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Make hole #13 the DR Hellhole. It’ll look like an easy hole-in-one straight shot. But when your ball falls into the cup a concealed piston labeled “discretionary review” pops it back out at random times with no known reason.

  5. Posted by Freedom

    More fun in the mission! I hope this gets built ASAP!

  6. Posted by wc1

    Isn’t this the guy who tried to reach out to the neighbors and someone broke all the windows and put up a sign like “yuppie go home” or some such?

  7. Posted by zig

    “More fun in the mission! I hope this gets built ASAP!”
    Great more infantile ironic entertainment for 30 somethings! Kickball on Mondays and miniature golf on Tuesday, flash mob pillow fight on the weekend. Only in San Francisco!

  8. Posted by Freedom

    @zig and what would be a better use of peoples time? sitting around at home bitching uselessly on some blog about local politics?

  9. Posted by Fishchum

    Zig, what’s so horrible about miniature golf? Judgemental much?

  10. Posted by egg_cream_of_OCD

    Your ball could get lost in the Dwell Magazine kitchen remodel which always results in a divorce.
    But seriously, the conga drum apparatus is total bs which makes me wonder how together this guy is. I have found a lot of the foodie crowd to be somewhat *touched* by the fickle fairy of ditziness.

  11. Posted by REpornaddict

    Yes to mini golf (or crazy as I call it!)!.
    anyone been to Fairyland in Oakland? I always thought that would make a great mini golf course too, as seemed to contain the requisite windmills, bumps and humps..
    Good point re the windmill though, the Dutch one by Ocean Avenue merits a water based hole by itself.

  12. Posted by lyqwyd

    The ball could get high and start spanging in the Haight hole.
    But really I think it’s a great idea and hope it is realized.
    Similar in concept to Mission Bowl, which is lots of fun with surprisingly good food.

  13. Posted by SocketSite

    The Planning Commission has approved the plans for Urban Putt to open as proposed.

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