155 Ames Exterior
As we reported in July:

Having hit the market in early 2010 as new construction listed for $1,495,000, the list price for 155 Ames was reduced to $1,395,000 that June and it sold for $1,360,000 that July.

With three-bedrooms and two and one-half baths across four levels and 2,190 “ultra modern” square feet, the LEED Platinum certified condo which was built in the Mission has returned to the market, but now it’s in Noe Valley and listed for $1,495,000 once again.

There are three terraces and a deeded deck, perfect for soaking up the Mission Noe sun. And in terms of being apples-to-apples, we’ll let the old neighborhood switcheroo slide.

The sale of 155 Ames closed escrow on Friday with a reported contract price of $1,450,000. Call it 3 percent under asking but 7 percent over its 2010 sale and $662 per square foot for the ultra modern Noe townhouse.
155 Ames Kitchen
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    about even with inflation since 2010. Definitely an improvement but hardly a sign of strength. But the bleeding has probably stopped unless there is some big shock.
    fwiw, this looks like it was a better investment than a pre-IPO 2010 investment in facebook!

  2. Posted by JAB

    Great Price for this lovely place. Location is awesome.

  3. Posted by JerryP

    Wow. Amazing finishes and design? Who was the architect of this development? Haven’t seen many like this in the area.
    [Editor’s Note: Handel Architects.]

  4. Posted by Willow

    Is it me or does the exterior of this home already seem dated? I like modern design but something about it doesn’t quite gel. Maybe it’s just that these homes have been done over and over again particularly in Noe. I guess if it works you can’t argue with the developers in sticking to a winning formula.

  5. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    It isn’t just you Willow. These facades remind me of the “eyebrow” buildings that can be found in the upper Glen Park and Diamond Heights areas. But those are decades old.

  6. Posted by Willow

    Good catch MOD. I know exactly which homes you are talking about. In the end I still think these are really nice places but the exterior could have been better.

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