155 Ames Exterior
Having hit the market in early 2010 as new construction listed for $1,495,000, the list price for 155 Ames was reduced to $1,395,000 that June and it sold for $1,360,000 that July.
155 Ames Bathroom
With three-bedrooms and two and one-half baths across four levels and 2,190 “ultra modern” square feet, the LEED Platinum certified condo which was built in the Mission has returned to the market, but now it’s in Noe Valley and listed for $1,495,000 once again.
155 Ames Kitchen
There are three terraces and a deeded deck, perfect for soaking up the Mission Noe sun.
155 Ames Deck
And in terms of being apples-to-apples, we’ll let the old neighborhood switcheroo slide.
∙ Listing: 155 Ames Street (3/2.5) 2,190 sqft – $1,495,000 [155ames.com]
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by futurist

    This is not Noe Valley.
    [Editor’s Note: While it really wasn’t when built, according to the Realtors, it is today.]

  2. Posted by Jeff

    Great Place! Beautiful details and amazing neighborhood. I say over asking. Technically, I believe it is NOE but it is actually closer to walk to all the amazing restaurants, bars and stores on Valencia if you wish…. oh and BART too. Location, Location, Location!

  3. Posted by Mark F.

    I like this one a lot. Will sell fast.

  4. Posted by Zefabes

    I’d bet it goes well over asking.
    $1M750 is my guess.

  5. Posted by Helmut

    Despite what the realtors say, it is not Noe Valley, its the Mission.

  6. Posted by futurist

    Oh those clever realtors. Pretty soon the whole damn city will be called Noe Valley.
    And I hope not.

  7. Posted by James

    The weirdest thing is that Noe Valley is on a hill, but they’re not trying to rename it “Noe Heights”

  8. Posted by geekgrrl

    When I saw where it’s located on google maps I first thought, what great easy access to both Noe and the Mission, not really in either but right between the two.
    And then I thought, why does that map area look so familiar and then I remembered – that’s right near where the rapes occurred last year on Fair Oaks:

  9. Posted by futurist

    @ James: What? Noe Valley is not ON a hill, it’s surrounded by hills.
    That’s why it’s called Noe Valley.

  10. Posted by James

    My point was facetious, but walk along 24th from Mission Street to Noe Street (i.e. From the Mission to Noe Valley). You go uphill. Take the J-Church from Market to Noe Valley. You go uphill. Noe Valley is higher than Dolores Heights. The summit of Hill Street is in Noe Valley. That’s a hill.

  11. Posted by observant neighbor

    There’s another Mission (still!) apple-to-be in the same design spirit on 22nd at South Van Ness, http://www.redfin.com/CA/San-Francisco/3079-22nd-St-94110/home/28598555.
    Sold in 2010 for $1,025,000. Listed two weeks ago for $1,150,000 and it quickly went into contract.

  12. Posted by knock

    whats with the totally tiny wierd island? and random rape comments? huh?
    these units all look very nice driving by, but up close, some very random decisions and details. I’d spend my $$ elsewhere.

  13. Posted by no_ vally

    @James–totally agree, Noe has never seemed much like a valley to me either. Perhaps we start a movement to have one of the alternatives below replace “Valley”? I sort of like Noe Donga; Mission hipsters would turn green with obscure academic name envy.
    Cuesta – ridge or hill with steep face on one side and long gentle slope on other
    Dingle – small, wooded valley or dell
    Donga – narrow, steep-sided ravine, dry except in rainy season
    Barranca – deep, steep-sided gully or arroyo
    Highland – rolling hills in elevated tract of land
    or perhaps my favorite when I look at the late afternoon cloudbanks surrounding Noe this time of year:
    Nunatak – hill or mountain totally encircled by glacial ice

  14. Posted by EH

    Noe Valley doesn’t seem like a valley because all the snoots say the border is “North of 25th St.”

  15. Posted by Coppernob

    I think Herb Caen called the area “Transmission” – probably apocryphal, but i like to repeat it as I live on Fair Oaks. The area is bubbling, 3 or 4 sales on Fair Oaks just in the past 3 months

  16. Posted by JEFF

    @observant neighbor – the van ness property is a pretty good comp in terms of interior design and timing – This property however is in a superior location, more luxerious and has better architectural features both interior and exterior.
    Yes, this neighborhood is HOT!

  17. Posted by futurist

    Ok, so some of the comments about whether Noe Valley is or is not a hill are funny, and maybe clever.
    The suggested names of Noe are…well….yea, silly.
    But if you really know the area well, you will know that the upper edge of NV is Diamond St. a ridge, then Noe drops off, slopes, then levels off, goes up somewhat at Dolores St. Hill St. is primarily the northern edge of Noe, with 30th st. being the southern edge, where the hills rise again toward Glen Park.
    We’re pretty much a valley.

  18. Posted by RenterAgain

    I always wonder whether there is something unlivable about a home when the owner puts it on the market only a year or two after purchasing it.
    I know that people change jobs, get divorced, have quintuplets, etc. But if this unit is on the market again in 2014, think twice before you purchase it 😉
    On a positive note, it looks very posh, and I thank the listing agent and/or owner for not choosing a ridiculously low asking price.

  19. Posted by observant neighbor

    I absolutely love the neighborhood (I live less than a block away), but I might take the 22nd street condo over this townhome. 22nd b/t S. Van Ness & Folsom is one of the nicest blocks in the Mission, and the 22nd St. condo has bedrooms all on one level, with living/dining and big deck above. The Ames St. townhome has the master bedroom on top and the other two bedrooms 3 levels below (that’s a lot of stairs if your a parent with young kids!), and it has essentially no private outdoor space.

  20. Posted by toadie

    22nd street condo went pending in one day. Much nicer unit and better location, in my opinion. I saw the Nove units when they first went on the market. Some of the design choices and craftsmanship seemed a bit spotty.

  21. Posted by jeff

    @ RenterAgain – yes people move for so many reasons other than whether a unit is liveable. The fact is that this is the FIRST unit in NOVE to come on the market for resale since the units were first sold in 2010. That is a pretty amazing fact. I also have friends who live in NOVE who LOVE the building, the design, the neighborhood, location and the weather!

  22. Posted by 94114

    Sold for 1,450,000.

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