The sale of 710 Steiner along San Francisco’s famed Postcard Row closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $2,400,000 ($960 per listed square foot).
As we first reported last month, the sellers of 710 Steiner purchased the house for $575,000 in 1993 and its screen credits not only include the Full House opening credits but also a role in The Dead Pool.
A Painted Lady On San Francisco’s Postcard Row Seeks A Suitor [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by jlasf

    The downside of living there from today’s Chronicle:
    [Editor’s Note: Or as pointed out by plugged-in readers a month ago.]

  2. Posted by redseca2

    Apple stock closed on June 7, 1993 at $12.69.
    Investing $575,000 in APPL instead this house would give you about $26 million today, with no roof leaks to worry about.

  3. Posted by Craig

    Almost $1000/ft to live in Alamo Square??? It is an iconic house and block, but I would never want to live there personally (for all the reasons noted in the previous thread).
    I live nearby though. Maybe it is time to sell.

  4. Posted by curmudgeon

    ^ redseca…talk about cherry picking! The S&P 500 was almost exactly 1/3 of today in June 1993. So a broad based investment in the stock market would have yielded $1.75 million.
    What possible point are you trying to make? That if you were unbelievably prescient you could have made a lot more money? Because in 1993 Apple was staking its future on the Newton, and Sculley was just still CEO.

  5. Posted by Lori

    I think choosing to live there is kind of like an occupational hazard. You have to expect it comes with the territory. Just like living on the curvy block of Lombard. It’s a tourist destination, and tourism is our #1 industry.

  6. Posted by sparky-b

    Wonder how this will effect the price of the “Painted Gentlemen”. How much more is the bigger new construction worth than the iconic victorian? Then factoring in all the time and cost it will take to get from permitted plans to move in house. $1.25M-$1.5M seem high to me.
    [Editor’s Note: Rendering Scoop: Proposed For 802-808 Steiner Below Postcard Row and Clearing The Way For Postcard Row 2.0.]

  7. Posted by fancy rental

    Another fun fact is that investing $575,000 in winning Powerball tickets instead of this house would give you over half of all the total money in global circulation today.

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