2212 Castro Kitchen
Purchased as new construction for $3,038,000 ($760 per square) in early 2008, the 4,000 square foot Noe home at 2212 Castro is back on the market and listed for $3,149,000.

The property boasts four bedrooms across three levels (click floor plan to enlarge) and a two (plus) car garage. If you think you know the contemporary Noe Valley buyer and market, now’s the time to tell, apples-to-apples style.
∙ Listing: 2212 Castro (4/3.5) 4,000 sqft – $3,149,000 [2212castro.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Mikey woodz

    This one won’t break 800/ft due to the somewhat dated finishes IMO, noe spenders want modern

  2. Posted by DataDude

    This is a family house, in a family ‘hood, and for a family paying $3.15 million, they won’t get much of a yard.
    It’s all fun and games until little Timmy plays soccer, falls down the stairwell and breaks his collarbone.

  3. Posted by Tweety

    No chopped pillows? That’s got to mean something!

  4. Posted by no_ vally

    Wait…wasn’t this property on the market for about 70 days with no results at $3.2mm? I thought there was some required waiting period per MLS rules before it could be relisted as “zero days” at essentially the same price. At any rate, unlike the Noe core, the hills of SW Noe are chock full of somewhat stagnant inventory…expect this one to move slowly and at a lower price.

  5. Posted by Victor C

    @Data Dude. Not sure if this is a “family house” — did you not see the Wet Bar upstairs by the bedrooms?

  6. Posted by Ta hoe

    zero curb appeal.

  7. Posted by sparky-b

    These are some old photos. I would guess most are taken in July of ’10. I bet they have been waiting for a hot,hot,hot market to sell back into. They found one, so we will see what happens.

  8. Posted by curmudgeon

    It’s like the SF version of a McMansion. Too big, too bland

  9. Posted by wrath

    the inside is ok though, as someone already noted, McMansiony in places.
    But the outside? Really? looks like that development in forest hills addition

  10. Posted by tripp knightly

    That development… in forest hills addition.
    You mean forest hill extension by chance?

  11. Posted by Unplugged

    I do like the sauna. And the stairwell.

  12. Posted by Rillion

    Victor C – Wet bars are found in family houses. I grew up in a house with a wet bar. Haven’t seen the photos so not sure if it also includes a mini-fridge but with the kitchen downstairs it would be a nice feature to have a small fridge up there.

  13. Posted by curmudgeon

    Unplugged – I hate the stairwell. Or at least the way the basemoulding steps up the stairwell. That just seems wrong and very very fussy. (banister is fine)

  14. Posted by Unplugged

    True, the basemolding is lame, but it can be easily fixed. The bannister is nice, and the luxury of taking up that much square footage with a wraparound stair case is always a plus for me.

  15. Posted by wrath

    @ tripp: yes, by chance, that is what I mean!

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