2253 Broderick Floor Plan
Sporting a big floor plan for a condo and some rather nice finishes, including a copper hood in the kitchen, it’s actually a fixture within 2253 Broderick that simply caught our eye.
2253 Broderick Sink Vanity
∙ Listing: 2253 Broderick (4/3.5) 3,356 sqft – $2,795,000 [sfproperties.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Fishchum

    Yet another flatscreen-over-the-fireplace FAIL. Why do designers continually do this? I’d like to sit them down for a viewing of “Bridge Over The River Kwai” and then ask them how their neck feels after tilting their head back for 3 hours because the top of the screen nearly touches the room’s ceiling.

  2. Posted by momonthego

    please do tell what ‘fixture’ caught your eye dear editor. i looked and looked and couldn’t find. the vanity sink looks ‘normal’ as far as I can tell.

  3. Posted by momonthego

    property details say ‘X-dishwasher’. Does that mean there’s no dishwasher or did one of Malin’s assistants forget to remove the X and put the brand of the dishwasher?

  4. Posted by radar

    If the editor is speaking of the bathroom vanity that was probably a cabinet in a previous life, this has been done for decades most usually done with antique Asian cabinets.

  5. Posted by Oakland Chap

    The copper hood is in fact a nice finish however, I believe the hood does not look very complimentary to the stainless – IMHO.

  6. Posted by jenofla

    Like the vanity. Was unaware of this decades-old practice but will likely do the same some day. Except not with such a typical granite on top. There must be some other counter material more suitable to an antique Asian cabinet than granite!
    Rest of house is the same: rare, nice details overwhelmed by beige blandness.

  7. Posted by wc1

    The property is fine and has a good layout and some nice finishes.
    However, the vaulted ceiling/loft makes it feel like a suburban new build, not a property from 1904.

  8. Posted by steve

    I don’t mind so much that they used granite over the vanity, but it’s such blah granite. Looks like they just picked up the cheapest they could find. Otherwise, nice place.

  9. Posted by Footie

    I guess if you reside in the 3rd bedroom on the main level you have to take sponge baths in the powder room!

  10. Posted by lol

    If you indeed reside in that bedroom chances are you have been fitted with lower appendages and permitted to make use of said appendages either for horizontal or vertical displacement for access to a full featured bathroom.
    Oh the infamy of having to walk 20 feet for a shower.
    [Editor’s Note: We think that comment might have had more to do with the fact that it would appear that all the full baths can only be accessed by way of other bedrooms.]

  11. Posted by SocketSite

    It’s a tough crowd today. Yes, we were simply referencing the vanity pictured above and we’re well aware it’s been “done for decades.” And no, it’s not that store bought piece nor would we have chosen that granite.

  12. Posted by sparky-b

    Mass produced store bought does not always equal cheap or poor quality. I was just responding to the manipulated furniture description of the vanity. Restoration Hardware charge plenty for the ones they sell.
    And you can think it wasn’t a mass produced piece if you want, but if you follow that google link you can choose “beige granite” as one of the 4 choices.
    [Editor’s Note: Agreed that “store bought does not always equal cheap or poor quality,” but take another look, those aren’t even close to being the same cabinets.]

  13. Posted by lyqwyd

    Definitely not identical, but very similar. I suspect the vanity is store bought and not a custom piece, the drawer and door layout are just too specific for bathroom vanity use. In my experience it’s pretty rare to find a cabinet with that type of layout

  14. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    There’s a brisk trade these days in replicated antiques. Restoration Hardware seems to have built their entire business plan on reproducing the nostalgic artifacts that appeal to Americans. All of it is manufactured overseas. The process seems to go like this:
    – visit local antique stores and find out what is moving at high prices
    – buy examples and get production bids from your manufacturers in India, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, etc.
    – ramp up production
    Speaking of overseas production many Americans would be shocked to see the retail prices of furniture in Indonesia. For example you can easily find a full sized eight person dining table hand carved out of tropical hardwoods for less than fifty bucks. So if you’re considering redecorating in a Balinese theme you could save big bucks by flying to southeast Asia for your shopping. Just be sure to price out the cost of half a shipping container and the related customs duties.

  15. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    That might be what Restoration Hardware is doing nowadays, but when they first started out, they had an actual furniture workshop where their mission-style cabinets and other traditional-styled furniture was made in Northern California.
    I agree, though, that there’s lots of replica antique trade going on. A lot of it’s crap. Even stickley recently moved a lot of their operation to Vietnam.
    They dead giveaway that a piece like the above vanity is new construction would be to look at the hinges. If anyone goes to the open house for this place, find the above vanity and open the doors. If the hinges are euro-style 32mm system, this isn’t a vintage piece.

  16. Posted by momonthego

    clearly whoever was in charge of the plans does not have children. do you know what utter chaos and ‘war’ it would be to have one child with a permanent ‘right of way’ thru another child’s room just to take a shower whenever? and it would just escalate until they reached their teens. utter chaos i tell you. p.s. also, if the tv room is really used as such, bad idea. mom and dad go to sleep and the kids are watching tv. they have to go downstairs to use the bathroom. no bueno.

  17. Posted by wc1

    The bathroom thing is odd considering it would have been very simple to do a Jack and Jill bathroom.

  18. Posted by GoodBuyBadTimes

    The vanity may be a work of art but it is improperly installed. In a perfect world there would have been an extra 9 inches or more to the right and it would have been an attractive installation. As installed it will be impossible to clean between it and the wall. With this proximity, the only proper installation is to bolt to the wall and caulk the edge of the vanity top.

  19. Posted by LD

    Honed slate would make for a nice counter top on that vanity

  20. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 2253 Broderick closed escrow this past Friday with a reported contract price of $2,745,000 ($818 per square foot).

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