Listed for $4,200,000 in March of last year, reduced four times thereafter, and then withdrawn from the market last asking $3,150,000, the contemporary designer(‘s) home at 206 Palo Alto is back on the market and asking $3,195,000 today.
∙ Listing: 206 Palo Alto (4/3.5) 4,344 sqft – $3,195,000 [206paloalto.com]
The Clarendon Heights Contemporary Parade Continues: 206 Palo Alto [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Marten

    Beautiful house, but sad to see it dwarfed on either side. Also, difficult choice, but would probably want livingroom and library flipped.

  2. Posted by eddy

    Very puzzling.
    I bet they get great TV reception.

  3. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Pretty cool – I didn’t know you can see the water from way out there. Why can’t they just make the pictures all the same size? The little animation for every one gets old real quick. Few things in RE life are better than a photography page w/ quick loading photos.

  4. Posted by vinny

    I love that SF prices keep on falling…can’t wait to buy back in the SF market when it truly hits bottom in 2014/15….doing my gig in NYC and socking the cash away until Sf reaches its true inflexion point, wallstreeter and all of that…this property is a real example…25% reduction from March of last yr…keep on falling baby, BTW, I know JT and he is a great RE…he helped me sell my place in Buena Vista in 2009…am sure he is doing his best…but the market is the market…

  5. Posted by Runner

    Prices havent fallen for great properties This Was way overpriced to begin with,

  6. Posted by vinny

    @runner who are you kidding besides yourself? prices have fallen across the board, my friend.

  7. Posted by stig

    so does anyone know what the contract price is?… i noticed it went off the market earlier…

  8. Posted by sanfrantim

    “Pending” already, per Redfin.

  9. Posted by stig

    Did the offer fall apart? it’s no longer listed as “Pending” on Redfin…

  10. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 206 Palo Alto closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $3,070,000 ($707 per square foot).

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