5411 Geary
As we wrote when we first reported the Planning Department’s recommendation against allowing an Unleashed by PETCO to open at 5411 Geary Boulevard:

No word on who the Department or opposing neighbors have lined up to take over the lease in place of Unleashed, a storefront that has been vacant and contributing to the character of the neighborhood as pictured above for the past five years.

PETCO has since withdrawn their application to renovate and reopen the long shuttered storefront at 5411 Geary. And as far as we know, no other tenant is waiting in the wings.
Target On Geary, Yea! Unleashed By PETCO On Geary, Nea! [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by S.W.

    Yay! Another victory for the defenders of blight! They must be so proud.

  2. Posted by grrr

    It looks sooo much better as an empty gutted storefront, attracting rats and vagrants. Power to NIMBYs!

  3. Posted by sfrenegade

    Is this the “Pet Shop district” that doesn’t allow pet shops so that it entrenches the pet shops that are pre-existing? Good job NIMBYs, let’s keep it a vacant store front for 5 more years! Let’s show those corporate bastards that San Francisco isn’t a place for anyone to do business!

  4. Posted by FX

    and the best part is…
    there are no pet shops within miles of this location.

  5. Posted by marco

    @sfrenegade — not according to the planning dept, which in its decision wrote:
    “There are a number of pet stores and services within the area, including two smaller locally-owned pet supply stores in the immediate vicinity and several others within two miles of the subject site, making the proposed use unnecessary…. The neighborhood is well served by smaller locally owned pet stores and a larger destination formula retail pet supply store (Pet Food Express, on California Street near Presidio Avenue).”

  6. Posted by TBird

    This saves our +local+ pet store folks at 12th & Geary and Arguello & Geary !

  7. Posted by sf

    I have found that the local pet stores I shop at are actually more affordable than the big box stores. If the reason you don’t want a competing store is because they have better prices, then you shouldn’t be running a business, because you don’t know what the *** you’re doing.

  8. Posted by Michael

    Ridiculous and arbitrary abuse of Planning’s role and power, they should be ashamed.
    Five years of lost sales tax, payroll tax and jobs with no end in sight. Pathetic.

  9. Posted by sfrenegade

    I have found that the local pet stores I shop at are actually more affordable than the big box stores.
    Same here, although there are some ridiculously overpriced local pet stores too that just shouldn’t be in business.
    As sf mentioned, if you can’t compete, there’s a reason for that, and we shouldn’t entrench failing businesses.
    @sfrenegade — not according to the planning dept
    I think you were responding to FX, not me. The tagline is after the comment, not before.

  10. Posted by ryan

    Didn’t Arguello & Geary go out of business?
    New shop on California and Div. is chain is awesome.

  11. Posted by Sam Foster

    Good job, NIMBYs, why do the local pet chains need protection?
    At least two of the commenters here claim the prices are cheaper.
    And we lose out on sales tax revenue, job creation, and oh yeah, a lack of blight in our neighborhood.
    Why is that, exactly?

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