123 Laidley: View
Listed for $1,700,000 in late 2008 before being withdrawn from the market and offered for rent at $5,550 per month in 2009, the Jeremy Kotas re-designed home at 123 Laidley has just returned to the market listed for $1,499,000 with possession at close of escrow.
123 Laidley: Living
The Glen Park property was purchased from Kotas for $1,042,500 in 2003.
∙ Listing: 123 Laidley (4/2.5) – $1,499,000 [MLS]
123 Laidley (To Which Jeremy Kotas Added A Bit Of Height And Flair) [SocketSite]
123 Laidley: Same Sales Flair Now Available For Rent (And Analysis) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by EH

    Hah, with the goofy blue-striped paintjob I always assumed this was the house of some eccentric 70s hippy, which maybe it was, but it had a distinct air of “gonna be here, like this, forever,” like a Sausalito houseboat.

  2. Posted by Oceangoer

    Those crazy bookshelves with the library ladder look like this place is a set for the Makropolus Case. Cue the overture.

  3. Posted by Bob

    Yes, it is quirky at best. The architect was quoted as being proud of having used the cheapest materials–and nothing has been done to upgrade it and they want to sell it at 1.5 in this market. What a joke!
    I expect it will stay on the market for another 9 months (like it did a few years ago-and never sold). It needs ALOT of work!

  4. Posted by Priscilla

    Agreed, very eccentric. Hard to imagine who would want to and could afford to live here.
    Saw it on open house – nice job staging & painting over warped plywood floors and exterior walls.
    Odd space with no accoustical privacy between master bedroom & kitchen/living room. Getting up to the bedroom is hazardous on the spiral stairs & you could easily fall over the very low railing! (NOT good for old or young people)
    Sauna is way too large & bedrooms are way too small and dark.
    The yard is too hard to get to-and it’s quite a jungle.
    This place will take beaucoup $$$ to fix up the old, strange bathrooms (who wants to shower in full view of the street?) and update the kitchen.

  5. Posted by Caleb

    I saw the house yesterday and I agree with Priscilla, those spiral stairs are scary. I can’t have my mother over and be worried that she may trip and fall over that low railing. And who paints over plywood floors?
    Definitely not worth $1.5M!

  6. Posted by sfrenegade

    If they’re not showing you the bedrooms and the bathrooms, there’s something wrong with them, as Priscilla said and is observable.
    This house is definitely a weird one. The problem is that not everyone has the current owner’s bizarre tastes, and this house is going to need a lot of work to get into shape for most other people. As Priscilla said, it’s most touted feature (the curvilinear room design) is also a bug.

  7. Posted by wifey

    Why is their a wooden bar barricading the inside if the french doors to the street?

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