567 Vallejo: Penthouse Floor Plan
With pre-construction expectations of $7.5 million, in 2009 the 2,081 square foot penthouse atop 567 Vallejo was listed for $4,750,000 where it remained for about a year before being withdrawn from the MLS last April.
Relisted two weeks ago for $4,300,000, the list price for the “never been lived in” Telegraph Hill condo has since been reduced to $3,900,000 (and with just 16 days on the market according to industry statistics).
∙ Listing: 567 Vallejo #500 (3/3) – $3,900,000 [MLS]
Take Two (Or Three) For Five New Condos On Telegraph Hill [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by diemos

    Not quite high enough for panoramic vistas but the patio space is quite nice. Gives it a true pnethouse feel. I could easily see this going for $2M.

  2. Posted by tlhill

    Who in their right mind would spend $4M when said amount can buy you a single family home in the best hood? Delusion: check!

  3. Posted by EH

    that is the most obvious “we never cook” kitchen i’ve seen in a while.

  4. Posted by marvinsnephew

    God is this ugly or what!? For $4 mil perhaps they can find something a little more refined than louvered bi-fold doors for the laundry…like say, a laundry room! I agree with tlhill, there are so many better ways for spending this kind of money!

  5. Posted by eddy

    Seems like a bunch have been are up for rent on CL too.

  6. Posted by ex SF-er

    awkward space.
    terrible kitchen triangle with the requisite “island” that does nothing except obstruct your path between sink/fridge/stove. so you get to walk around and around it all day long.
    the Flat Panel Tv is mounted where the dining room is supposedly going to go.
    so will you sit at the DR table to watch TV?
    configuration of the LR space means no TV there.
    lot of wasted space between the kitchen and DR table…
    outdoor space is really nice though. i’d love to have that in SF.
    seems a bit pricey for what you get.

  7. Posted by sfrenegade

    A lot of strange design choices here. For example, wouldn’t it have been better to have a bigger living space inside than the massive decks? The price seems pretty delusional here too.

  8. Posted by tipster

    that is the most obvious “we never cook” kitchen i’ve seen in a while.
    What gave that away. The 3 dishwashers or the 4 ovens?

  9. Posted by eddy

    My personal favorite is pic #40 with the toilet and the bidet in front of the window. I would have turned those around and called it a room with a view.
    I wonder why they didn’t / couldn’t use more of that outdoor space as indoor space.

  10. Posted by Austin

    Well, as an indoor-space-locked homeowner in SoMa, I definitely find the massive decks to be absolutely amazing. Compared to my 800 sq/ft loft with no patio or deck or anything, this penthouse has plenty of indoor space, and the outdoor space is just drool-worthy. =)

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