723 Taylor Interior
Plugged-in people have know what was coming at 723 Taylor and now they’re here with what would appear to be one-bedrooms starting at $549,000 and two’s from $629,000.
Both without parking and the two-berooms with some untraditional walls.
∙ Listing: 723 Taylor #301 (1/1) – $549,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 723 Taylor #302 (2/1) – $629,000 [MLS]
723 Taylor Unwrapped And Coming Soon [SocketSite]
723 Taylor Rising: Urban Infill In Action And Twelve Units On The Way [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by meep

    oh come on!
    thats a studio with a glass room diveder!

  2. Posted by embarcadero

    That’s not a legal bedroom is it?
    I’m a real fan of this location and am ready to pull the trigger and buy something nice. Please tell me that they’re not installing glass room dividers and branding these spaces bedrooms!
    I’d love to see what’s on top of this building… And I hope that those vents in the kitchen are ducted to the outside – otherwise the whole place will smell like what’s for dinner.

  3. Posted by Marcie

    If they’re counting that glass box as a bedroom they must really think people will believe anything a realtor tells them. That is SO ’05ish of them.

  4. Posted by justme

    That’s just silly.
    They look small as well. No bargain in the $/sf department. Does anyone see a closet anywhere?
    They have twelve like this to move?
    Good luck with that, guys.

  5. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Wow, that is one huge shower stall. Kind of awkward to have it open into the LR though.

  6. Posted by MarinaRenter

    Wow! That’s a joke! You are an idiot to buy one of these. Talk about no re-sell value.
    I guess at the right price people will buy anything. This is worth about $250k in my mind.

  7. Posted by sfrenegade

    Why didn’t they build this building right instead of trying to sell suboptimal junk? And they had to put BMR units in too, right? That means even the suboptimal junk is required to be priced higher than economics would suggested.

  8. Posted by embarcadero

    To the estate agents in charge of marketing this place: could you please let us know the square footage (don’t tell me you don’t know) and include a few photos of the “spa bathrooms”? I’d love to see those rain-showers.
    Oh – and a few photos of the kitchen would be nice – and why not a link to the floor plans? I’d gladly come see these places but if I go all the way over there and find out you didn’t include photos for a reason, I’m going to be peeved… 

  9. Posted by suspicious

    I think rather than count these as ‘bedrooms’ put in a couple of shower heads and have a killer shower stall.
    2bd/1bth turns into 2 shower rooms / 1bth condo.

  10. Posted by lyqwyd

    The fact that it’s brand new construction, and no square footage information in the listing says a lot.

  11. Posted by Mole Man

    Wild. Especially with that in the action location it seems like this is intended to appeal as a one bed with a home office. The acoustics of a glass space with flat, parallel walls must be terrible. The pricing seems well below what a full two bedroom unit there would command.

  12. Posted by tipster (not really the developer)

    I’m the developer. We are marketing this for nudists/exhibitionists, so we felt closets were unnecessary.
    And do you really need to ask about square footage? Look at the” doors” to the “bedroom”, they slide back rather than opening like real doors because we didn’t have the space. That and the glass top tables and see-through-the-underside seating should tell you that if I listed the actual square footage, you’d never come and look.
    The bedroom may seem funny, but if there is an earthquake in the middle of winter, you sure will be happy to have some spare glass to replace your broken picture windows, did you ever think about that?
    We’ll have these two units sold to family friends by the end of the week to generate a couple of “comps”, but I invite you all to our gala grand opening. At our gala grand opening, we’re going to fill the bedroom with water and add live fish. Instant fish tank. We’ll be serving the freshest sushi you ever ate.
    Then we’ll hand the keys to the other units back to the bank. Stupid location! We thought it would be the next dogpatch. Unfortunately, it was.

  13. Posted by bgelldawg

    LOL, tipster!

  14. Posted by Lori

    Wow, this falls under the “what were they thinking” category with that glass divider room.
    And what developer builds something from the ground up these days with no parking?

  15. Posted by H. C

    Was there this weekend to check out the PHs. Feels like a two-level box, stairs without railing, main door opens smack in the LR without even a small hallway. The dining area is so small that the model dining table there can’t even take normal dining chairs — they used some plasticky, kid’s chairs instead.
    Home sweet home, for idiots.

  16. Posted by sfrenegade

    “The dining area is so small that the model dining table there can’t even take normal dining chairs — they used some plasticky, kid’s chairs instead.”
    Maybe that’s just an awesome staging idea to make places look bigger – start using smaller furniture. The staging industry has to evolve, after all.

  17. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Oh, staging with midget furniture has been around for a while. Trickier still is staging with key lifestyle items completely missing. For example not all open house browsers will notice that a bedroom is staged with no place to store clothes.

  18. Posted by designguru

    I visited the property this past weekend. The design details are impeccable. All of the units have bay windows with decent city views or some of the landscaped garden. Steel and concrete construction so this building is built to last. Beautiful hardwood floors, cabinetry and tile work. I happen to like the glass divider as a wall, far more thoughtful with regards to light and design. There are only two units per floor which I feel is attractive. The location rocks!

  19. Posted by eddy

    @designguru, what is the square footage?

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