130 Cresta Vista Drive (Image Source: MapJack.com)
Purchased for $1,200,000 in September 2004, rented (we believe) to an elaborate marijuana grow operation on the lower level complete with an electric meter bypass busted in January 2009, returned to the market this past February asking $1,350,000, briefly in contract before being reduced to $999,000 and listed as a short sale in June, 130 Cresta Vista Drive was eventually taken back by the bank.
Re-listed for $1,040,000 this past Friday and noting “Spacious Contemporary Home,” “unfinished lower level,” and special “financing & incentives available.” No word on whether or not any of the “incentives” were left over from the bust.
∙ Listing: 130 Cresta Vista Drive (5/5.5) – $1,040,000 [MLS]
The Old Bonus Rooms (So To Speak) At 130 Cresta Vista Drive [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by John

    OK, this time I won’t object if someone calls it “ugly”.
    And, how can something built almost 50 years ago be called “contemporary”. Contemporary to what, my grandpa?

  2. Posted by chguy

    clown house

  3. Posted by Q

    Former grow houses aren’t as bad as former meth labs, but they’re pretty bad. High humidity from the grow encourages mold and rot in all sorts of hard to find places. The high electricity demands often lead to growers installing non-complaint wiring, which is a major fire hazard. I’ve heard bad things about the waste from the grow operations messing with plumbing. Buyer beware.

  4. Posted by EH

    Why would someone base their business on fire-hazard wiring? It may be uninspected, but I bet it’s at least as good as what Juan and Jane Public get out of the Yellow Pages.

  5. Posted by TEJ

    I’ve been in a dozen grow houses after they’ve been busted. Fire & water hazards galore, nothing even attempted to code. or even attempted to sanity. Usually the hgouses are not occupied, and everything is worked up toward short term gain – they’ll set up in a new house in a year or two.

  6. Posted by jon

    Plus, the cops don’t know how a door knob operates. They simply kick the doors in. Every door in the house.

  7. Posted by John

    According to the Dutch authorities this type of growing operation is dangerous and results in 2 fires a month. They are mounting a campaign to try to get people to turn in their neighbors. They are mailing scratch and sniff cards so people know the smell of pot.
    Just heard this on NPR.

  8. Posted by anon.ed

    Leave it to the Dutch to come up with new and improved 21st century ways of ratting each other out.

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