Candlestick/Hunters Point Overview
An informational hearing on the transportation plan Hunters/Candlestick Point, an update on the project’s Disposition and Development Agreement, and a status report on the cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard is in front of the Planning Commission this Thursday. Immediately following, a hearing on the development of Parkmerced.

In total, 16,200 units in the works or as proposed.
The Grand Plan And Aesthetics For Candlestick/Hunters Point [SocketSite]
The Parkmerced Thirty Year Plan: Public Scoping Meeting Tonight [SocketSite]
Planning Commission Special Meeting: May 6, 2010 []

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by rr

    I read the previous thread on Park Merced linked in the summary above, but neither this article nor the previous mentioned who owns the land. Is it city owned and divided into individually titled properties, or does one giant management company own the entire thing?

  2. Posted by lolcat_94123

    But.. how does this affect the castle?

  3. Posted by curmudgeon

    rr park merced is apartments, and one entity owns all the land.
    lolcat…ANYTHING will help the Castle.

  4. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    Parkmerced’s proposed project along with the SFSU-CSU Masterplan are both proposed as “long-range” planning projects that ignore the eligible Parkmerced site as a national register candidate, and cultural landscape. The individual blocks on both sites owned by Parkmerced Investors LLP, and SFSU/CSU U.Corp, are part of the original development of Parkmerced. There are also two other development sites at 800 Brotherhood owned by Ron Zeff, (prior Parkmerced co-owner) and the Cambon market site owned by John Jweinat. Both had additional housing market rate proposed. The SF 19th Corridor Study is on the Planning Dept. Website, and the “informational presentation” by the developer (one-sided in view) is available on the Planning Commission website Many issues about green-sustainable-transit-orientated-preservation minded-open space, and rental housing concerns are locked up in the discussion. The May 6th 3:30pm hearing is an initial start, with possible issuing of the EIR in May and hearings in June.

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