1650 Indian Valley Road, Novato
It’s a bit to our north but speaking of good sized reductions and changing expectations, 1650 Indian Valley Road has just been listed anew up in Novato. Now asking $3,995,000 for the 6,000 square foot Marin County villa on 16 acres with plans to “modernize.”
At $3,995,000 it’s a reduction of just $5,255,000 (57 percent) from its asking price of $9,250,000 in June of 2007 (that’s a CMA we’d love to see).
UPDATE: A plugged-in reader discovers a better source for photography (including a few interior shots) and a bit of history. And yes, we’re still looking for those plans as well.
∙ Listing: 1650 Indian Valley Road, Novato (5/3.5) – $3,995,000 [MLS]
Unofficial Inventory (And A Righteous Reduction) At 601 Dolores [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Charlotte

    It was great that they took pictures of the trees but didn’t they allow anyone inside?

  2. Posted by sleepiguy

    The back looks like a lovely French villa, the front looks like a sad McMansion… I almost didn’t think it was the same house! Seems like an odd discrepancy between the front and the back.

  3. Posted by jon

    I wonder why there are no interior shots. They went inside the garage??

  4. Posted by EBGuy

    Looks like a tax basis of just over a million dollars. They went to the well with Morgan Stanley in 2006. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

  5. Posted by gmlight

    30 minutes from San Francisco? By helicopter, maybe.

  6. Posted by eddy

    More interior pics here:
    I can’t find the architectural plans mentioned on the MLS site?

  7. Posted by R

    “30 minutes from San Francisco? By helicopter, maybe.”
    Yeah, that’s quite a stretch.. Google maps says 29.2 miles to SF City Hall. Try doing that in 30 minutes.

  8. Posted by Scooter

    30 minutes, but a million miles.
    The 30 minutes could actually be legit. I had to go to a meeting right by the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael yesterday, which is one or two exits before the first Novato exit IIRC, and it took just under 20 minutes from the Presidio. This surprised me, as it is much much further in my mind.

  9. Posted by eddy

    Honestly, I’ve no idea where this house is located, but it does seem like a lot of house / land for the price. Not mentioned in words, but the house apparently has a “name” from the front page of the listing website is a picture of a pigeon with “La Pigeonniere”. I sh*t you not. LOL There is a sfluxe article on this place form 2006 and there was some video at the time from Inman news.

  10. Posted by sfrenegade

    FWIW, Google Maps says 23.9 miles and 31 mins to the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge @ Merchant Dr. But I’d probably concede that Google Maps probably says 30 mins to the sign that marks the SF border on the bridge.
    Needs some work, but maybe you don’t care in this price range. I wonder how well the house and the land have been maintained.

  11. Posted by duckie

    Architectural renderings at http://www.1650IndianValleyRoad.com/ArchitecturalRenderings.pdf
    More pics at http://www.1650IndianValleyRoad.com. This house has two vanity websites. I must have it!

  12. Posted by eddy

    Architectural renderings, complete with LEM Pistons. Classic.

  13. Posted by CSK

    Actually- its says 30 minutes to the SF AIRPORT…wtf? nice try.
    …but it is every mechanic’s dream house as it come with its own hydraulic lift in the garage…

  14. Posted by BobN

    Actually- its says 30 minutes to the SF AIRPORT…wtf?
    As the pigeon flies, perhaps…

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