More photos are on the way, but here’s a sneak peek inside One Hawthorne for the plugged-in crowd. Both images from the 7th floor model units, the one above is from #7H (a two-bedroom) looking west down Howard. The one below is from #7D (a one-bedroom) for a feel of the finishes (click to enlarge).

Once again, brokers will first tour the building on April 19 with the first contracts being written (or rather accepted) on the 21st.
One Hawthorne: The SocketSite Straight Scoop (And Sales Update) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by SFRE

    This will undoubtably be a great looking building/units. The question will be the pricing, and how fast they will sell given the $800/month [parking + HOA] fees.

  2. Posted by joh

    Not a fan of the lamp with the mirrored disco ball effect.
    And what’s with the smallish gap between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling?

  3. Posted by Mole man

    Classy! The windows on the lower levels might even be more desirable than glass curtain wall higher up because of the way they moderate light while still taking up most of the wall. The big still life painting in the living room of the one bedroom looks like something from local artist John Arbuckle.

  4. Posted by SFRE

    @Moleman: Can you explain what you mean by ‘moderate light’?

  5. Posted by Armando


  6. Posted by SFRE

    Just as an aside the Museum Parc condo for sale now, will be a good barometer for how fast these sell and the pricing. Its in a similar location, similar sized, and has leased parking (similar HOA fees).
    Before everyone says “no way”, I know that the building is 20 years old, and that its not the same ‘exact’ building. I said “barometer” not “photo copy”.

  7. Posted by Rocco

    @SFRE: Moleman appears to be away from his desk. LOL
    But I suspect he’s using “moderate” as a verb. As in “to moderate the effects of light exposure” rather than “even a moderate amount of sun can be harmful”.

  8. Posted by steve

    wow, the staging is very nice. any plugged in readers know who did it?

  9. Posted by flaneur

    Are we looking at staging, or computer renderings? I guess the chopped pillows indicate staging…

  10. Posted by ex SF-er

    Funny you say that. I also thought these were computer renderings.
    These units are nothing special, but count me in as one of the people who like this location. It’s pretty central, fairly lively, and easier to get to places than ORH or Infinity imo.
    as always, I’m sure they’ll cost an arm and a leg. That’s typical of SF. Charge tons of money for an average building. The big question is will they charge more than the typical arm and leg for this building?

  11. Posted by bgelldawg

    In other words, no view.

  12. Posted by tipster

    You’re looking at very carefully stretched photos. Portions of the photos have been stretched to prevent you from noticing. You can see in the 1bd photos, the dining table chair on the left is about 25% wider than the dining room chair on the right.
    In the 2bd photo, the window on the left and sofa cushion on the left is about 5% wider than the window on the right and the two other sofa cushions.
    So I take away the fact that:
    1. they look like typical Soma condos.
    2. you’ll discover when you get there that they are a little on the small side.
    3. The marketing for these places is very slick.
    4. Either no one watches TV any more, or the developer has determined that their target market for these places are as pieds-a-terre, because they are a little too small to be liveable.
    5. Kitchen designers have spent WAY too much of their childhood years in their doctor’s offices, and unlike me, determined that spending all that time at the doctor’s office was a positive experience.
    6. If we all weren’t so cheap, and we just threw away our furniture and started over every couple of years, our homes could look a LOT better.

  13. Posted by GoodBuyBadTimes

    “wow, the staging is very nice. any plugged in readers know who did it?”
    dunno, but these places better sell quick or they’re going to wish they had made some different choices. The white shag? area rug for one is really going to track up quickly. And the white or near white sofa probably not a good choice either. But really think they came close to nailing the lamps and lighting for the market – very innovative and effectively boosts perception of amount of space. Not that many folks are going to actually want the disco ball effect for themselves, but it adds interest and certainly recall for the shopping crowd.
    Hopefully at least one of the models will have a balcony. From a design standpoint, the building is more attractive in elevation as built. From a sales standpoint, the team is going to wish they had more inventory with even a modest amount of outdoor space.

  14. Posted by Outsider

    I am absolutely convinced there is no possibility of designing interesting floor plan out of a shoebox space. I have looked at dozens of buildings and no one has come up with anything different out of a 28 x 15′ rectangular unit be it at ORH, BLU, Infinity, Millennium and now One Hawthorne. The worst is the fact that the developers all chose virtually identical layout, appliance and general type of cabinetry. Everyone wants to play it safe and as a result, if you just look at the photographs, you really can’t tell what building you are in other than via the scenery outside.
    Out of the different floor plans so far offered at One Hawthorne, H actually is somewhat unusual although the squarish living room is very narrow and short. The glass wall in the upper units, in my opinion, would help. The lower H units look similar to the corner 2/2 at 74 New Montgomery which is actually quite nice. The only 790 sf jr. 1/1 on the second floor is also unusual. The plan becomes 2/2 higher up and the back bedroom only has a small window through a light shaft which guarantee darkness and may suit only those that sleep with blinders on…
    The units facing the back end of the building at the lower floors all stare right into an adjacent structure a few feet away and are going to be extremely undesirable regardless of price.
    Looks like the huge patio on 8th will be part of the common area – sun deck as they call it. For a moment, I was dreaming of living in a new high rise with a large rooftop garden.
    Location is certainly convenient but I have to agree not the best. Not as bad as in the Millennium, mind you, but still too close to the dirty part of SOMA. I will trade the convenience for a little less foot traffic. Parking for visitors during the week would be tough and weekend may not be a whole lot better. Wonder if valet would serve visitors and what do they charge ?
    A lot of New York feel to it…

  15. Posted by ARMS

    (Obviously an) Outsider: WTF are you talking about? it is one block from Yerba Buena. Have you ever been there? And on a weekend? It’s one of the city’s best urban parks, with every activity you can imagine all around in an amazing setting, esp. for architecture. Museums, movie theaters shopping at Westfield/Union Square and restaurants, too. It has everything you need. And parking….there are garages EVERYWHERE. Best of all , if you want to escape the city, 280 and 101 is easy to get to, unlike north of market where everyone is trapped. BTW, the huge patio on 8th is not a common area, it’s my understanding it’s the patio of two units. the entire 25th floor roof is the common area.This building is in a great location. What i like most is the size less than 190 homes (vs the mega developments of the previous 4-5 years).

  16. Posted by Outsider

    Dear ARMS: Need to work on your reading comprehension. Where exactly did you see me say anything about the lack of activities in the area ? As a matter of fact, the location is full of things to do for just about everybody exactly as you said. Lots of eating places, Metreon in proximity, SFMOMA etc etc. Trouble is, living right in the middle of it may not always be desirable unless you are a visitor staying for a week in a hotel. There is simply too much going on most of the time. I would personally prefer to be a couple of blocks farther away. Still can easily get there on foot but not having to deal with the crowd on a daily basis and the inevitable debris left behind by visitors.
    There are indeed parking garages everywhere. Most close ones are expensive. The one across from Westfield Mall is large and reasonably priced but extremely crowded and many of the spaces are designed for Mini Coopers. As for the Union Square Garage, don’t you think it’s kind of silly to tell your friends visiting from Marin to park there and catch a cab over…

  17. Posted by ARMS

    Outsider. You are really reaching…
    For starters, it’s not “in the middle of it” and the “debris” you talk about in SoMa is no greater than in any other part of SF. It’s a urban setting and there’s wind. Duh. common in SF. Hawthorne is a block away from 3rd, which is key. “Crowds” are really at Mission/4th or market/4th; regardless, Don;t really understand your sheepishness over seeing people in the City?!?!? SF isn’t Mayberry. Plus, friends from all over the Bay Area can get to the Yerba Buena area via BART or Caltrains with ease. Except, of course, Marin-ers, who would have to drive. But then, don;t people who drive in from marin have to pay to park anywhere they go? and marin folk all of a sudden can;t afford to park??!?! Please. Also, there are parking lots and new spaces on Folsom, under I-80 (I walk by them daily) and a garage on 3rd near Howard. I’m amazed when people concoct the most ridiculous array of contradictory statements or dated, false info. in order to provide a snark review. And the tiresome SoMa bashing always describes the existing transbay terminal or 6th street which is hardly indicative of it. We bought a few years ago… love where we are (a few blocks away) but like the Hawthorne location even better. Based on the location (and what they’ve seen online), we have Vancouver friends so itching to see One Hawthorne they’ve planned a visit later this month when they can tour.

  18. Posted by SFRE

    That area is fine. Its extremely convenient, and there is a lot to do in that neighborhood. Parking is great in the area with 1-2 blocks, its walkable to union square and the embarcadero, and for those that work, its close to downtown, and mass transit.
    Knocking the area makes no sense. In fact, I like the location much better than ORH and the Infinity.

  19. Posted by AndrewW

    Cheap. They have “value-engineered” all the luxury and quality out of the project.
    I’ve followed this project for some time. The units are not finished in anything suggesting “luxury.” But, they are still asking +$800 Per square foot.
    The Bank will own this project by the Summer. The prices will drop to $600 per square foot.
    Go to the Opening, drink the wine, eat the finger sandwiches – but wait until July to buy.

  20. Posted by nottimhawko

    Hawthorne vs. BLU. Which would you buy?

  21. Posted by SFRE

    Blu. For essentially the same location, you at least get less expensive stacker parking. The B/C units are nice.

  22. Posted by walkman

    Re Hawthorne vs Blu
    I’ve heard numerous times that Blu are really inflexible on price – and I believe it as they are only ~50% sold. Other properties that opened around the same time as they did are way ahead.
    Its one thing finding a place you want – its
    another closing a deal. If Hawthorne are have their act together on the sales front they’ll do fine….and I’ll be surprised if they don’t…from what I hear they have some of the Infinity’s ex-sales folks on staff.
    It will be interesting to compare progress 🙂

  23. Posted by leland

    Easily, One Hawthorne!
    Even though they are close, Hawthorne has the better location. Blu is right on Folsom, a block before the freeway entrance.
    Hawthorne has more amenities and probably the HOA will be the same or less between the 2.
    Parking. I hate valet but I hate a stacker even more. There’s talk in the industry (my agent) that the stackers in the building are having problems, thus HOA will increase in the near future.
    Prestige. I know this sounds horrible but the image of the building is important. Look at the difference between The Brannan compared to 88 King or Palms to the Met. Blu is nice because it’s new but imagine in 3 years when all the buildings are old. Where do you think it will stand with other premier buildings South of Market? As mentioned in another socketsite thread, 829 Folsom is a good comp for Blu.
    Size Matters. I know how people love the idea of living in a smaller condo building but it doesn’t work out financially. It’s expensive to maintain a building and it’s better for the HOA to have more units to share the cost. -That’s why Blu has little amenities but high HOA. HOA fees only go up, not down.

  24. Posted by SFRE

    @leland: HOA + Parking at O.H. will be $300 more per month than at Blu. Location is essentially the same, its just a one block difference.
    And I don’t get where you are going with “prestige”, both are probably about the same in my book. Likely same appliance packages, similar cabinetry, and finishes.
    And 108 vs 165 units is not that big of difference in terms of size, especially since some of that 165 will be studios and 1BRs, whereas Blu is all 2BR.
    Honestly it will likely all come down to preference of the layout and price.

  25. Posted by Ivan

    The reputation of a building is very important. But no one knows which will stand out 5-10 years down the line. That’s one of the risks of buying a new condo. But I think it’s safe to say that the Brannan & Infinity are the top ones that come to mind. We’ll see about Blu & One Hawthorne.
    I only visited the sales office at One Hawthorne (they weren’t offering tours when I visited) and I really like the 2bd floor plans. Looking forward to see if I’ll like it when I actually see it in person. Wasn’t too impressed with Blu or 829 Folsom.

  26. Posted by Chris

    Well, many of you don’t realize, One Hawthorne is using stackers, only a valet is driving it to them! Yes, they have stackers, so you have a valet in your car, and then they drive it to the stacker, and “load” the car. Blu is better, as you drive your own car to the stacker. Either way, you can have mechanical problems, either way, HOA’s can go up. But with stackers, you have to be careful as they have steel side supports that are quite high (they can ding your doors. You care, it’s your car, the valet?? Ya right!

  27. Posted by Bluntcard

    If you walk into a shoe store and see an ugly pair of Jimmy Choo’s, do you stand there for an hour and berate them?
    I don’t understand people who waste time on things they don’t like. If you don’t like the product, keep walking.

  28. Posted by karen W

    Finally they put things on mls, i hear the owners are [mucking] up the sales of the building, finally they let people upstairs to buy at 1000/sf, (go mil instead). For the same price of a one bedroom here you can get a 1900 SF unit at 140SVanness with HOA of 400 – who is running this place?

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