“This is a far cry from the struggle that ended eight months ago, when the Fisher family abandoned its proposal to erect a contemporary art museum near the spot where a Spanish expedition established an outpost in 1776. Instead of headline-grabbing battles over a major facility, bureaucrats and watchdogs now are chewing on details as small as whether a 50-square-foot shed should be razed.”
2 Presidio barracks fuel preservation debate [SFGate]
The Fishers Break CAMP With Respect To The Presidio’s Main Post [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by PresidioPal

    Hey, the point is that “chewing on details” is to prevent all of the story of the place from being “improved” by modernizing things. The Presidio Trust wants to build a 70,000 square foot hotel for the commercial Larkspur Hotel business in the center of the parade ground. They want to move the Flag from Pershing Square, which is located there to commemorate the fact that Pershing’s wife and kids died there in a fire while he was in Texas fighting Pancho Villa. There is a lot of history and good stories that are going to be lost if we do not sweat the “details”and keep the developers on the Trust BOard from doing what developers do.

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