2458 Great Highway Living
A plugged-in tipster reports with respect to 2458-2460 Great Highway:

Sold in December 2007 for $1.160m as a pocket listing. Did work to kitchen and backyard [complete with fire pit and shower]. Now on the market at $1.125M but looks WAY better than in 2007.

The “potential for fast-track condo conversion” duplex also sold on the open market for $1,045,000 in September 2006. Ah, the good old days of (unsustainable) near “double digit annual appreciation” into which some were sold (and bought).
∙ Listing: 2458-2460 Great Hwy (2/1 + 2/1) – $1,125,000 [2458-2460greathwy.com] [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by toadie

    I didn’t know Jack Johnson lived in SF.

  2. Posted by Lori

    WTF is going on with those kitchens? Note the dishwasher placement in one of them and the large gaping hole next to the refrigerator in another shot.

  3. Posted by Outsider

    This is beyond cool… I remember riding in my friend’s red De Tomaso Pantera going 140 mph down the sand covered Great Highway. With the Cleveland 351 roaring behind my head, I didn’t even notice how hard my buddy was struggling to keep the car going straight. Oh those were the young and fearless days. I would have mortgaged my soul to live in house like this back then. But now – probably not. Too foggy. Everything including cars rusted away under the salty air. You are right. It’s a lifestyle.

  4. Posted by RH

    BTW, if anyone is thinking “wow I love that turqoise, Mid-century sofa/sectional, where can I get one?”, the answer is Funky Furniture. We made that one and delivered to that address a few months back.

  5. Posted by surfdude

    I’m biased since I live just a few blocks down the Great Highway, but being right on the beach makes up for the sometimes foggy days and the wear and tear of the salty air.
    And truth be told, there’s something magical about the beach when the City is foggy. For one, not all foggy days in SF=foggy days on Great Highway. It’s a secret that only the people that live here know.
    Of course, it’s also true that there are many days when it’s foggy here, the Mission is bathed in sunshine, but those are the days that the Outer Sunset residents own the beach. We walk, we run, we bike, we surf, we talk to our neighbors, we let our dogs play together. We drink coffee at Java Beach or grab a cocktail at the Riptide.
    It’s seriously one of the last REAL communities in San Francisco. Many neighbors know each other by name. Noriega Produce isn’t just a grocery store but a place to catch up with friends.
    And as newer businesses like Trouble Coffee and Outerlands pop up, we get more and more places where we can gather with our neighbors and truly enjoy each others company and enjoy the things we have in common – our love of the beach and of the neighborhood.
    Oh, and as someone that stumbled on the property on a weekday showing – the property isn’t staged, so the big gaping hole Lori noted in the kitchen is where the litter box lives. The dishwasher placement in the upstairs unit could be better, but it HAS a dishwasher and creates a little extra counter space. I don’t think either issue is a deal killer for the right buyers. Especially once they see the views!

  6. Posted by Outsider

    Funny thing is that my daughter, who is about to graduate from college back east, would spend nights with friends bundled up at the Ocean Beach listening to the waves while visiting home…

  7. Posted by kthnxybe

    I like it out there with its nice neighborhoody non-yuppie-scum atmosphere and it’s relatively affordable. Haven’t made up my mind about whether I want to *live* there though. Working in the far outer Richmond is isolating enough, and the Sunset side is foggier and even less convenient.

  8. Posted by kthnxybe

    I do like this place though, I’d rather have that kitchen and figure out what to put in the space next to the fridge than some granite and cherrywood monstrosity.

  9. Posted by steve

    RH, thanks. I was wondering that. very florence knoll influenced.

  10. Posted by OB

    This place isn’t near Trouble Cafe or Outerlands. There really isn’t much (other than surf) happening right here. I really like Outer Sunset too, near Judah, where the shops and restaurants you mentioned are located.

  11. Posted by EBGuy

    This place isn’t near Trouble Cafe or Outerlands.
    Perhaps these are: 1358 48th Ave. and 1961 48th Avenue. They were both foreclosed within the past month for $726,059 (bought in 2006 for $640k) and $503,800 (bought in 1997 for $232.5k), respectively. “Just a block to beach”, coming soon to an MLS near you…

  12. Posted by joh

    Ahhh, poor man’s Malibu… 1.1m seems pricey for this duplex.

  13. Posted by Billy

    The total Dude moment is the first pic of the garage. I know surf shops in Leucadia that carry less inventory.

  14. Posted by steve

    good call, billy. the drum set is a nice touch too.

  15. Posted by Johnson

    Who cares about the house…did you see the wave in the last pictures. Perfection.

  16. Posted by dane

    Folks are silly and green with envy…
    Let’s put on our thinking caps: “Gaping hole” in a kitchen = trash receptacles.
    Florence Knoll? More like keen sense of edited eclecticism – someone went to art school.
    Trouble, Outerlands and Mollusk *are* nearby – the last 5 blocks in the Sunset are about surfers and their non-conforming ilk. No hills so all bikable, skatable. Judah’s not fun to live near – too many transients, daytrippers and apartments. The south end of the beach has easy freeway access and the L makes downtown more convenient than elsewhere including the Richmond and its packed busses. Then there’s the ‘Tide, Taraval St Fairs, Aqua events, bonfires, Johns and Java Beach.
    Many surfboards means many surfers, dude, plus looks like a shaping bay/ding repair in the back.
    Thinking caps, would-be yelpers. This place is the realization of the SF dream.

  17. Posted by surfdude

    Dane – High five! From Taraval to Judah is a mere 10 city blocks. WALKABLE, BIKABLE, SKATABLE, etc. All easy access without the transients outside of your house you’d find at Judah – but still close enough to enjoy all that the southern part of the hood has to offer. If I was in the market, I’d buy the place for the yard and the view alone – the house would just be an added bonus. If my kids were a little older, I’d buy the place and have them in the downstairs unit and me and the Mrs. would live upstairs. It would be perfect – too bad they weren’t selling in just a few more years, I’d have already made an offer. Someone is going to be lucky to snatch this place. “SF dream” for sure.

  18. Posted by wow

    I love the Great Highway. Nice ocean view when you’re high enough. How hard is it to set up a deck on this type of roof? What about permits?

  19. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “Nice ocean view when you’re high enough.”
    I’ve taken three bong hits so far and still cannot see the ocean. Am I doing something wrong ?

  20. Posted by surfdude

    wow – This place has stairs to the roof (I think unpermitted?) and they had laid down some sort of wooden tiles on the roof to walk on. It’s a tar & gravel roof, so my initial thought is that you definitely shouldn’t be walking directly on the roof itself or you’ll wear it out. Those wooden tiles make the view accessible, but I’m not sure about the roof deck situation. Probably would need to check with the Department of Building Inspection to see what they’d require. I had some neighbors build a roof deck, but don’t know if they got permits or not so I guess it’s doable, just not sure whether it’s totally legit or not.

  21. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for the duplex at 2458-2460 Great Highway has been reduced $60,000 (5%) to $1,065,000. Once again, sold in December 2007 for $1,160,000 but improvements have been made (kitchen and back yard) since then.

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