430 Main / 429 Beale Rendering (Image Source: AB Design Studios)
Approved by Planning with a 6-1 vote in May, according to a plugged-in reader the Board of Supervisors voted 10-2 10-0 in favor of an appeal of the 430 Main/429 Beale project.
430 Main / 429 Beale: Aerial Rendering (Image Source: AB Design Studios)
As such, the proposed six-story and 113-unit building will now require an Environment Impact Report (EIR) to move forward with development.
From our reader, “Look for a lawsuit against the city to follow.”
UPDATE: While one reader notes there are only 11 supervisors, another thinks that a focused rather than full blown EIR might suffice (which would reduced the delay and dollars involved). We’ll see if we can’t clarify on both points.
113 New Apartments at 430 Main/429 Beale Approved By Planning [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Louis

    The only developer who will sue the city is the one who will never need anything from the city again.
    If this is really a viable project (??) and the developer is capitalized he will not sue the city.
    If it is a marginal project in the first place and/or developer is not in a position to build finance etc anyway, and he is not from San Fran, then he might sue on the way out of town.
    It has been a very hollow threat, historically.

  2. Posted by Fish

    Only in SF, you get to pay ~$1m to live under a bridge.

  3. Posted by The Dude

    A 10-2 vote huh?
    I thought by now Socketsite would know that there is only 11 Supervisors.
    [Editor’s Note: Good point, let’s see if we can’t clarify.]

  4. Posted by Rillion

    Heh, I now have the image in my mind of a supervisor holding up both hands to vote twice.

  5. Posted by sparky-b

    They are to be rental units. They got into that at the meeting and I thought it might go through because of that.
    Per the hearing, I though they voted to do a focused review of the bay bridge polution. Daly cleary said that he didn’t want to decide on how that would be done and leave it open. A focused EIR, a neg.-dec., or whatever is worked out with planning and the parties.
    [Editor’s Note: Condo mapped but with an agreement to be rentals for at least 20 years.]

  6. Posted by The Dude

    It was 10-0. Supervisor Alioto-Pier was absent.
    [Editor’s Note: Cheers. Now on to the EIR…]

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