33 Dashiell Hammett
A single-family Edwardian “tucked away on quiet street between Nob Hill and Downtown neighborhoods,” 33 Dashiell Hammett sold for $1,275,000 in January of 2007.
According to our tipster, it “looks like the current owner did minimal work on the house” since it’s last sale, but did do a bit of repainting and “updated” the kitchen with new appliances.
Listed for $1,795,000 earlier this year and then $1,595,000 (with photos), the single-family home is now seeking $1,095,000 as a short sale.
∙ Listing: 33 Dashiell Hammett (3/2) – $1,095,000 [MLS] [Previous Listing with Photos]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by ex SF-er

    am I the only one who has no idea where this place is?
    I tried googlemapping it but it just puts a pin where there is no street.
    am I that dumb?
    that said, although I think all SF prices are insane, $1.1M for a 3br/2ba with almost 2,200 sq feet SFH that is only 3 blocks from Union Square seems like a pretty good deal, even though it does clearly need a lot of renovation
    (a lot of “work” needs to be undone on that place)
    but I get the feeling that this place isn’t where googlemaps is putting it.

  2. Posted by Anthony Randolph

    It’s actually a really nice street. 2 blocks away from the Ritz.

  3. Posted by corntrollio

    ex SF-er, try this:
    It looks like the alley this is on is also called “Monroe” and the block is bounded by Powell and Stockton, and Bush and Pine. Is “Dashiell Hammett” is just a fancy alias for Monroe? See also: http://streets.metrobot.com/US/CA/06075/San-Francisco-Map-Dashiell-Hammett-St-060750006081M2.html
    If the satellite map is accurate, this picture must be pretty old because it appears that the buildings next to it have been replaced and that this place is sandwiched between the Marilyn Inn and a big condo building, instead of what looks like two SFRs.

  4. Posted by Fishchum

    I love the location and the exterior (it’s painted a different color on Mapjack) but the details of the interior just don’t do it for me. The outdoor space is nice, and if I was a writer (albeit successful) it’d be worth it for the address.

  5. Posted by Lurker

    I love, love, love this vibrant nabe! Lived there from 1994 – 2002 and it has only improved since we left. (Hey…what the…?!) I miss it.
    You do have your opportunist-type crimes (i.e. burglary if you leave a ladder under your window -cough, cough, cough) and building fires on a regular basis, but those annoyances are offset by [fire alarms and renters’ insurance] proximity to FiDi and the enclaves of Polk Street, North Beach and Chinatown. Not to mention great shopping in Union Square. You can walk everywhere and we did! Also in this hood live the famous twins, Vivian and Marion, who we used to see at Uncle Vitos every Monday night at their reserved table in the window.
    The longtime residents have always called this area “Downtown” or “Lower Nob.”
    This is not the Tenderloin, which, IMO, starts at Sutter heading South and Mason heading West, because that’s where the neighborhood feel changes tremendously. You have more of a transient and rough feeling (and the residential hotels start a couple streets south of there).
    If I had the money – I’d love to buy this place.

  6. Posted by corntrollio

    Looked at Mapjack — the picture is accurate, but the perspective makes it look like 2 SFRs, even though they’re very much not.

  7. Posted by Drew

    This used to be called Monroe St. Marilyn is duly snubbed, but at least she got a hotel name out of it.

  8. Posted by ex SF-er

    Thanks guys.
    so it is where the mapping sites says it is.
    I think that’s a pretty cool and VERY convenient neighborhood. You can be anywhere in downtown in just a few minute’s walk.
    the interior needs a lot of help to undo previous renovations, and a few cans of paint… but again 2200 sq SFH for $1.1M seems better than a lot of the stuff that I’ve seen on here. (not saying it’s worth it or not, just that it seems competitive)

  9. Posted by Deshard

    I live not too far from here, too…and agree with all the gushing about the area with the exception of decent grocery shopping unless you don’t mind paying $20 for a bottle of Turning Leaf Chardonnay at the corner markets.
    And if you have a pooch, Huntington Park, though small, is a magnet for the Nob Hill dog lovers and the most Manhattan-like spot I can think of in SF.

  10. Posted by sunny

    Ummmm. Nice house, but the fact that it is directly adjacent to a crack motel is a major draw back to say the least.

  11. Posted by mow

    For over $1M I’d expect some kind of view.

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