525 Golden Gate Avenue Renderings
Put on hold in 2008 due to rising costs and lower than expected efficiencies, earlier this year a plugged-in tipster caught the crews laying the foundation for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s new “Ultra-Green” headquarters at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.
Yesterday the ceremonial “ground breaking” took place. Expect an opening early 2012.
When Being Green Costs Too Much: 525 Golden Gate Avenue On Hold [SocketSite]
Laying The Foundation For An “Ultra-Green” 525 Golden Gate Avenue [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by D

    I hope this houses more than just the SFPUC. They can’t have that many employees. If they do, my tax dollars are massively misspent.

  2. Posted by Mole Man

    We had better hope they have enough people to finish planning and executing the rebuilding of our water supply. Public utilities is more than just a few simple responsibilities.

  3. Posted by B

    I work at the PUC and last time I checked there are around 2000 employees. They are spread out in the East Bay, the Penninsula, Hetch Hetchy, etc.

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