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It’s a Ross Levy renovation of a “1960’s Hollywood Hills style view home” up in Glen Park.

195 Beacon: Living

Did we mention the courtyard pool? If only we shared that Hollywood Hills styled weather.

195 Beacon: Courtyard Pool

And if it looks familiar, to plugged-in people it should (especially if your name’s Dave). Asking $6,000 a month in rent in May, purchased for $1,650,000 in October of 2007.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by 94114

    Purchased two years ago for the same price. Was the work done before or after? Anyone know?

  2. Posted by Chad

    Stunning ! Thanks for the beautiful picture. I especially love the floor to ceiling windows. Natural lighting is the best.
    Awww, if only Glen Park weren’t sooooooo faaaaarrrrr awaaaaayyyyyy 🙁

  3. Posted by steve

    interesting house, but are there buyers for this price point in glen park? also, is SF so green now that linoleum tile squares are ok for $1.5M+ property? finally, I hate that there isn’t sq ft info.

  4. Posted by luigimail

    Steve, its cork tile flooring not linoleum. Very “green”, comfortable to walk on, and period specific for mid-century architecture.

  5. Posted by Willow

    “Awww, if only Glen Park weren’t sooooooo faaaaarrrrr awaaaaayyyyyy :(”
    I have to disagree. Not far away from anything in the Bay Area really. Actually this place is pretty close to the Diamond Heights border yet is only a 10-15 min walk to GP BART. (Going downhill is obviously better than going back up!) Another 10 min train ride and your downtown. Mission/Noe/Castro/Potrero/DogPatch are all accessible relatively easily by Muni. 280/101 access to the Peninsula is also there. GP is a very central location. The only drawback I see is it can get foggy the closer you are to Diamond Heights/Sunnyside. If you’re more in the flats and closer to Bernal the weather is pretty good.

  6. Posted by DD

    If only that pool could be converted into a hot tub……
    (insert generic porno music here)

  7. I also don’t understand why they don’t show square footage on these listings. Very annoying. However I like the house and the open look to it. If someone can get this for $1.4-1.5M, it may be a decent deal. However assumes that the house is at lease 2000 square feet and the bedrooms aren’t the size of shoe boxes.
    However given that the owner bought it for the same price he’s selling, he may just be trying to find someone to take it off his hands since he knows he can’t refinance. So if someone offers under asking by a significant amount, then they may not sell. In this area, $1.2-1.4 is the better value, perhaps more if this house is one of the nicer ones in the area.

  8. Posted by anoanon

    The kid in me is dying to do a cannonball off the upstairs railing into the pool below.

  9. Posted by Fishchum

    anoanon – When I saw the pictures of the pool the first thing that popped into my mind was “I can see myself or one of my buddies getting drunk and doing a cannonball into the pool from the deck above”.
    Anyone know how deep the pool is?

  10. Posted by Geo

    The shark shows it as 2,255 ft², so the ask is $732/ft² a bit steep, but it has a pool…
    a lot of times, they dont list the ft² as there is more actual living space than “legal” space. other times, just to hide how overpriced the house actually is…

  11. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    How did this listing slip past Howard Reinstein ? I thought he sold everything in this section of GP. Doesn’t he even live near this place ?

  12. Posted by anonn

    Two big ticket GP properties sold on the same day about a month ago, 6/19/09, for around 700 a foot. One was 66 Everson and it went for 1.849M and was 2600 feet. The other was 23 Laidley and it sold for 2.3M and was 3304 feet. They were probably looking pretty squarely at those two when they priced this one.

  13. Posted by Geo

    Anonn: true. As I buyer, I would also add in 50 Hiliritas to the comps..$560/ft² 😉

  14. Posted by Howard

    Anyone know if the pool is heated? That would make a big +++++
    I actually think they might get their price, how many homes in SF have a pool?
    [Editor’s Note: Let’s use those links people: “The pool was recently resurfaced and new decking was installed. The pool is heated. New pool equipment in 2007.”]

  15. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Cool place.. kind of in the sticks though.
    That pool setup makes me thing one thing:
    “Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen. Cannonball!

  16. Posted by Stu

    I think showing 24th street shops is a bit of a stretch for neighborhood photos. It’s a over a mile with some major elevation changes in between.

  17. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “Anyone know if the pool is heated? “
    I don’t know, but if it is not then inserting a heater into the circulation loop is a pretty simple upgrade. The more important question however is how well the pool is insulated : that will have a big impact on the gas bill. You have to heat continuously : it takes a long time between when you flip the heater on to where the pool’s temperature rises significantly above the natural equilibrium of about 55F. Unless the heater is huge, expect several days to go from 55 to 75F.
    Not all buyers see a pool as an asset. To some it is a liability due to the monthly maintenance and heating costs as well as the lost space.

  18. Posted by Chad

    The heated Pool is the deal clincher !

  19. Posted by Chad

    Not all buyers see a pool as an asset. To some it is a liability due to the monthly maintenance and heating costs as well as the lost space
    “The Milkshake”, you really think someone who buys this kind of a place would really be worrying about monthly maintenance and heating costs ? I don’t think so.
    It’s like saying Donald Trump worries about keeping his many yachts clean. He has a fleet of people hired to do that for him.
    [Removed by Editor]

  20. Posted by enid

    I love this house.
    On a day like today — good ol’ summer fogginess — that heated pool sounds lovely.
    The stagers could have put a few more plants on the upper level of the courtyard, or make some semblance that humans actually use the kitchen.
    Just a renter who lurks on SocketSite, praying some day I’ll get my foot in the home ownership door.

  21. The photo’s of “nearby shops” are hilarious. They are far from “around the corner”. They should have added a couple pics of the Las Vegas strip and maybe one of Venice too!

  22. Posted by San FronziScheme

    Yeah, the first one is on 24th and Diamond. Used to hang out there a lot.
    I saw the exact same pics on another listing. Someone tell the agent. I think they’re generic for everything they want to market as Noe (which it is NOT). They should show some of the eateries on Church, but not further than 29th street. Chloe’s is a bit far. Of course they won’t show the eyesore that is the GP Muni station area.

  23. Posted by San FronziScheme

    Oops, I meant BART. Still an eyesore of a freeway mess.

  24. Posted by salarywoman

    Nifty. I have my quibbles but nothing that can’t be fixed. Except the climate. This would be a wonderful house in Hawaii.
    Being that it it is in SF, I dunno. The pool is not going to get much sun and it’s going to need a cover. Which makes the whole thing way less spectacular. I guess you could resign yourself to $1,000 a month gas bills, but that’s hardly “green.” Solar water heating might be an option, though.

  25. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Chad – I don’t think that this home is positioned for the ultra wealthy market. Perhaps upper middle class SF demographic would be a more likely buyer here.
    I don’t think that the seller should discount the buyer’s sensitivity to recurring costs. If this is an old pool it might cost several hundred per month to keep heated. That’s a noticable portion of the monthly costs.
    Now if this were a $10M home then I would agree that pool heating costs are just noise.

  26. Posted by D Wilson

    Nice overall but am I the only one that does not like single pane windows and sliders at this price point? Also image 10 has a serious water stain above the dining room light on the Douglas fir ceilings. Hope that was repaired…

  27. Posted by Geo

    am I the only one that does not like single pane windows and sliders at this price point
    probably. the house I rent still has all the original single panes from the 30’s… and the one I just bought does too…and most of the houses I have seen at openings had them too.

  28. Posted by steve

    the windows are fine, and the front ones have great views. it’s the floors that are the problem. there isn’t a level one anywhere in the house.
    2500 sq ft according to the plans; seems smaller. 2 original early 60’s baths (Ok, 1 might have been redone in the 70’s), 1 ikea bath and 1 ikea kithen (generously sized with a slick stove). $1.45 seems like a better price for this market.
    and luigimail, you are right about the cork. but, the lack of a level underlayment doesn’t make it look so good. I think hardwood would have been a much better choice. I also would have sanded the ceilings after sandblasting. the process left them too rough. smooth and waxed would be much more spectacular.

  29. Posted by tjg

    Agreed Steve. Saw it over the weekend and I generally liked it (dig this style & the old school pool), save for the cork floors (warping with the edges raised, feel too squishy, and look cheap) and the overall need for substantial finish work. You can see right through the spaces between the door frames and the sheetrock in the downstairs bedrooms. I think anything above 1.1 is a strech IMO.

  30. Posted by plantguy

    Cool pad, Daddy-O!

  31. Posted by 94114

    In escrow.

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