One Hawthorne: Rendering
The rendering above, the early One Hawthorne reality check below. Once again, 24 stories and 165 units with February 2008 expectations of pricing from $500,000 for a 550 square foot junior one-bedroom to $3 million for a 2,200 square foot penthouse.
One Hawthorne Rising: 3/29/09 (
One Hawthorne: The Design (And Some Details) Of What’s On The Way [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by condoshopper

    500K+ for 550 sqft studio, seriously?

  2. Posted by flaneur

    Different indeed. And why not? A rendering is not a contract.

  3. Posted by notsexy

    Don’t forget you are paying a premium for the location…Right across the street from Gold Club…I heard they have a great lunch buffet.

  4. Posted by Joe

    What’s the reality check? The bottom facade looks just like the render….

  5. Posted by scurvy

    “Seems like good timing to start construction. In 18-24 months the market will be robust.” -anon
    Love the cheerleaders on SS. They warm my cockles.

  6. Posted by tipster

    I like how they broke up the bulk and height of the building using two completely different styles.
    1400 psft is so last year, but I’m sure the developer will enjoy looking at his new penthouse for many years.

  7. Posted by flaneur

    They do not look exactly alike. The windows and spandrels on alternate floors look more deeply recessed in the render, suggesting a facade with more interesting shadow plays.

  8. Posted by alex

    Sort of off topic, but a good story nonetheless. I put a For Sale sign in the window of a condo I have listed at 199 New Montgomery #1105 (very close to this building) and a few mornings back the crane operator of that there crane busted out his binoculars, dialed my number, and we had a nice chat about real estate, being a crane operator, how they raise that crane up, how he operated the crane on Millennium Tower, St. Regis, and how many properties he has accumulated throughout the country. Nice guy.

  9. Posted by chuckie

    Ha! So the guy is up there with a pair of binoculars… nice guy indeed!
    I bet he has stories to tell though… too bad if he’s not “plugged in”

  10. Posted by Rincon Hill Billy

    Does this building have amenities?

  11. Posted by David

    Not too bad, but it looks like the love child of Fox Plaza and Soma Grand. Question for the pundits out there re:support posts in the corner units: would you rather see the posts or lose some windows and not have a big concrete post in the middle of the view? I’ve sold a lot of units in buildings like this and buyers always hate to see them. Yet they still keep building them like this. Thoughts?

  12. Posted by Flaming Flanure

    Kvetch kvetch. Wonder what kind of trees they will put out front. Anyone know – I need something new to hate on.

  13. Posted by missiondweller

    I cannot believe people are still building in this market.

  14. Posted by Delancey

    @David —
    I expect highrises are built with pillars in the corner because it is the cheapest way to meet the engineering requirements. Probably the same motivation for so much glass slabbing these past few years. At least One Hawthorne will have different textures in its slabbing, if it is somewhat true to the rendering.

  15. Posted by Turin

    I work right down the street. The actual building looks as much like the rendering as can be expected. The stone work that has gone up actually looks better than I expected. The small balconies on the Hawthorne side look nice too. I thus have high hopes for the mostly glass section.

  16. Posted by sf THE CITY

    I don’t get it, it looks exactly the same.

  17. Posted by noearch

    Actually…with regard to corner columns (they’re not called posts or pillars, btw).
    Cantilevered corners are not generally more expensive than a corner column..just different engineering principles..and the open corner does give you the opportunity for an all glass corner..that can usually translate into a higher selling price.
    I’m just saying.

  18. Posted by viewlover

    At least these poles are in the corners, Watermark had some units where the damned pole was smack in the middle of the room! But still, I hate them. 140 South Van Ness had some structure supports but they were built so that they are part of the walls, so it can be done.

  19. Posted by noearch

    never heard of em called “poles” before…maybe that’s what theyre called in less developed countries..dont know.

  20. Posted by flaneur

    “I cannot believe people are still building in this market.” I believe it. Assuming the construction loans are not secured, there is no downside. Just a potential upside if the market turns around within two years.

  21. Posted by viewlover

    noreach, what do you call them when you sit on them?

  22. Posted by sf THE CITY

    I do believe viewlover has the touché on that one! [Removed by Editor]

  23. Posted by ag

    Hope the windows are soundproofed. Roe is closeby.

  24. Posted by somagrandlady

    Has One Hawthorne been topped off? If not, how many stories left to build? I am trying to figure out how it will fit into the skyline..Not hideous like the stand alone Intercontinental nor the poor Rincon (which I know will have neighbors someday…)

  25. Posted by jd

    Hmmmm…pretty much just a block from BLU.

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