151 Alice B. Toklas #702

In terms of overall design and space we remain partial to Lighthouse Lofts #308, but in terms of a Hollywood-esque story we present the Marquee #702.

Another multi-unit combo (#701 and #702), the interior of the 2,300 square foot loft was designed by Stanley Saitowitz; it features a “custom designed steel audio cabinet” by sculptor Kyle Reicher (and wenge wood bookshelf by Robert Croutier); and it was Keanu Reeves’ character’s apartment in the 2001 movie “Sweet November.”

We’re digging the steel pocket doors, big windows, and easy access to the theaters below. And in keeping with the Hollywood theme, there’s a “sneak preview” tonight (3/26).

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Perhaps a bit off topic; but Sweet November was a horrible movie, IMO. I like how the listing doesn’t mention Reeves.
    I too like the Lighthouse Loft; and prefer its location as well.

  2. Posted by redseca2

    “The massive concrete columns were original to the building”
    I was wondering about that…

  3. Posted by scurvy

    Seems pricey for that side of California and so close to Van Ness. Upside is that you’re close to Koko’s and a ton of other booze spots. Cherry on top if you’re into tranny drag shows. No, I’m not bashing that area, I love it.

  4. Posted by flaneur

    scurvy – You’re also close to the Symphony. Heard of it?

  5. Posted by gabriel

    i’ve been in that loft many times — years back — it’s quite the space.

  6. Posted by DZinerSf

    This will be interesting to watch. When the Marquee first opened it was one of the “it” places to be, but now….. units are sitting FOREVER. Two units on the top floor have been languishing on the market for over a year.

  7. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 151 Alice B. Toklas Place #702 has been reduced to $1,575,000.

  8. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 151 Alice B. Toklas Place #702 has been reduced to $1,475,000.

  9. Posted by jd

    I’m going to go look at the less fabulous, but much less expensive 802 this weekend.

  10. Posted by Trip

    #702 is now down to $1,365,000. $35,000 under the November ’04 selling price (per redfin). With the soft market and $1500/mo HOAs for a place in the ‘loin, I think they’ll need to go back a few more years in price.

  11. Posted by eddy

    #702 closed for 1.330. Not a bad deal.

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