Architects run wild with Presidio museum ideas [SFGate]
MARK HORTON /ARCHITECTURE: Current Show (CAMP: Reconsidered) []
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  1. Posted by vonT

    Mark Horton’s seems to be the most interesting and the one that best preserves the views, historical aspects etc.
    Although..I think it could show itself a bit more and not hide completely underground.

  2. Posted by Joe

    Ugh, development in SF has come to this has it – put buildings underground?
    F*ck the NIMBYS. Build a 40 story museum on the spot!

  3. Posted by spencer

    i like the bunker idea.

  4. Posted by Alexei

    For a museum, underground makes sense to me. That would be pretty damn cool, actually.

  5. Posted by Gregg

    It’s a national park people, not a playground for rich narcissists and developers.

  6. Posted by jlasf

    This is a much better solution if Fisher is determined to be in this location. This design does require refinement, but it was just a conceptual idea. At the moment, it looks like a moat surrounding the museum. Although perhaps it could be interpreted as a gap, which would be poetic justice.

  7. Posted by Jane Mellner

    I dont care what super pretentious drivel this old man is offering – you arent going to build this monstrosity in MY city.

  8. Posted by citicritter

    Gregg, the St Louis Arch by Eero Saarinaan is also a National Park — and who can say this was not forward-looking (perhaps timeless) design?
    And Jane, please get over your self-righteous pompousness, suggesting this city can only look backward in time for new architecture. What do you mean “MY city”? Because I don’t want the progress of MY CITY to be dictated by ‘fake old’ building attitudes, retrograde aesthetics, and a generally historicist fear of anything new, as espoused by all the anti-change nimby’s run rampant, with nothing better to do but resist change… Face the facts: its the 21st century, not the 19th any more!
    What we certainly don’t need is disingenuous conservative crap like George Lucas’ faux army barracks on steroids built in the Presidio. Look at Europe, there are great works of very contemporary architecture integrated cheek and jowl with centuries old buildings (of far more substance than the crappy old wooden military buildings of the Presidio).

  9. Posted by Lori

    This city is for the world. I have had it with people like you and your phony sentiment. I don’t care about a decrepit bowling alley. I care about art, education, and culture. I care about San Francisco. Stop hiding under your covers afraid of everything that is new. Old and new co-exist beautifully as long as their is quality and care. The Presidio has to completely support it’s self in just a few short years. If it is unable to do so funding for our treasure will be lost and then what? Use your brain and heart all else is not needed when considering the future of this great city. Thank god there were fewer of your kind decades ago, other wise the Golden Gate Bridge would not be here and the Presidio would be a big ball of sand.

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