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Designed by William Wurster in 1949, renovated by Sandy Walker in 1996, and last sold on 1/13/2004 with a reported contract price of $3,383,500 (listed for $3,995,000), 27 Raycliff (previously known as 25 Raycliff) is once again coming soon.

27 Raycliff Terrace: Floor Plan

A great courtyard, “glimpses” of the Bay and Broadway homes, and one sweet front door.

27 Raycliff: Front Door

Now asking $4,250,000. And perhaps drafting a bit off of the sale of the house next door.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by sleepiguy

    Yeah, this is the house I mentioned in the previous post. I look forward to seeing if they did anything in the interior. It wasn’t in spectacular shape before and I can’t remember seeing any construction taking place (or maybe I was distracted by the major remodel at Gavin’s old pad a few doors down). I’m sure Malin will stage the home brilliantly. Anyway, nothing is a sure bet right now, but the location and price are too perfect to pass up. Apocalypse or no, this will sell within two weeks.

  2. Posted by paco

    admirably bold call.

  3. Posted by Ryan

    I agree with sleepiguy. This will be a quick sale. Heck may even be a 4.25MM tear down.

  4. Posted by San FronziScheme

    If they could call it 2799 1/2 Broadway it would sell for a few Mils more.

  5. Posted by Nicole

    probably can’t tear down a “Wurster,” even an uninspired one.

  6. Posted by Rocco

    The Walker renovation was not especially sympathetic to the Wurster original. Fanlights? I don’t think so. More endangered however, is the Gardner Dailey next door.

  7. Posted by eddy

    Whoever buys this place can have it. Has potential though…

  8. Posted by Anon

    it does look a little more like my dorm from college from this picture than a 4 million dollar trophy property. i hope Malin stages it with a scarface poster and a nerf basketball hoop on the back of the front door.

  9. Posted by kthnxybe

    I kind of like it, but there’s a lot out there I like better. It would be a good family home, you could contain the kid mess downstairs. I think it will sell, but that the people who would really like a house like that the most aren’t looking in that neighborhood.
    Looking at the 2003 listing, it’s clear that the right staging will make all the difference. I also have to wonder if they’ve opened up that claustrophobic kitchen. If they did, it would be tons better all around.

  10. Posted by Katy Dinner

    The door is amazing.

  11. Posted by kthnxybe

    It’s up on MLS now. They don’t seem to have done a whole lot with it, but the downstairs family room is beautiful.

  12. Posted by sleepiguy

    And I think it’s in contract…

  13. Posted by DZinerSF

    I heard this was in contract in 24 hours and closes escrow next week. Great staging to play up the mid-century contempo feel. Who did Malin use?

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