2860 Pierce
Like there’s any chance we could pass up “grandeur & old world charm” or to sneak a peek inside. Unfortunately it’s not entirely “old” (or charming).
2860 Pierce: Dining.jpg
Designed by Albert Schroepfer (of Dunn & Schroepfer) circa 1931, it’s one parcel with two properties (a 7,000 square foot single-family (2860 Pierce) and four units adjoining (2383 Union)), garages for seven cars and a side lot to store eight (or play hoops).
∙ Listing: 2860 Pierce/2383 Union (4/4 + 4 units) – $16,950,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by curious

    Is that a “Ballroom” for real? It looks like my childhood elementary school auditorium in Santa Barbara.

  2. Posted by San FronziScheme

    I think the ceiling is a bit low for this style.

  3. Posted by eddy

    Rumor has it that Mid Evil Times is looking at it to open up a branch in the Marina.

  4. Posted by asiagoSF

    I’ve heard the Addams family may be interested

  5. Posted by mlw

    Now this would make one heck of a showcase house for 2009. The senseless over the top decor is already there.

  6. Posted by sleepiguy

    I agree with the Decorator’s Showcase house idea. Lol… However, will there even be a showcase 2009?
    Anyway, the owner?/tenant? passed away… He was pretty elderly.

  7. Posted by Old N. Charming

    This should be bought by Transylvania for use as their embassy.

  8. Posted by sparky-the-bear

    I would rent this place for an Octoberfest Polka-Extravaganza. A few Spaten and Bavaria flags and we’d be ready to go.

  9. Posted by redseca2

    I cannot believe that the disclosure docs do not include info on the tombs in the crypt.

  10. Posted by gh

    Cool property…but good luck getting anything above $10M on this property.

  11. Posted by sparky-the-bear

    Price would greatly depend on the units and the rent they get.

  12. Posted by Oceangoer

    Nine parking places and a dumbwaiter … its all good.

  13. Posted by Conifer

    Did this sell?

  14. Posted by Michael

    Still on the market. Cut to $12.5M.

  15. Posted by Conifer

    Probably still quite a way to go (down.)

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