741 Natoma
It’s the top floor (which was the first thing to catch our attention).
741 Natoma #3: Loft
We have reason to believe there’s a closet behind that door (which was the second).
741 Natoma: Roof Deck
And we couldn’t resist the funky little roof deck (which was the third). Okay, and we rather liked the wooden floors as well.
UPDATE: Another thing that should have caught our attention but we missed:

[Y]ou, of all blogs should have caught the fact that this unit was withdrawn from the market in June when it was actively listed for $635K and sat there for 71 days and was originally $669K!

Agreed, it happens, and luckily our readers are plugged-in and on the ball.
∙ Listing: 741 Natoma #3 (1/1.5) – $599,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by brian(2)

    What does “Art use w/Lic. Req’d” mean?
    Oh, and I love the place. I’d like it more at 549k though.

  2. Posted by Garrett

    socketsite! you, of all blogs should have caught the fact that this unit was withdrawn from the market in June when it was actively listed for $635K and sat there for 71 days and was originally $669K! you guys slippin’ over there?
    [Editor’s Note: Agreed. And as always, thanks for plugging in.]

  3. Posted by Garrett

    to purchase, you must have a biz license. they are not hard to get. if you’ve taken photo’s and your great aunt’s wedding, you could be a “photographer”

  4. Posted by SFLooking

    Am I the only one that cringes at the sight of the over the top topiary rooftop nightmare? Screams ghetto… trashcans?

  5. Posted by tipster

    Art use w/Lic. Req’d means it is a live work space limited to Artists, which was how the city allowed housing in an industrial area that wasn’t zoned for it.
    So you have to get a business license to sell your artistic works and pretend you are an artist or you’ll be in violation of the use.
    Three things caught my attention about this space as well:
    1. Location;
    2. Location; and
    3. Location.
    Which is why it didn’t sell when it was listed previously.

  6. Posted by brian(2)

    So out of the available 890 sq ft, I wonder how many sq ft the city wants me to use to produce art. I am all for “live/work” places, but usually the “work” portion of that equation is usually at least its own room.
    I’m also assuming the roof deck is shared, although the listing doesn’t specify. I’d love to live here but $599k for SoMa one bedroom is still a hard sell.

  7. Posted by San FronziScheme

    Something that cracked me up about the pics on the MLS. Some photos that show “trendy” neighborhood staples are taken from a car.
    3% cut * 600K = 18K.
    Yeah, I wouldn’t walk around in the neighborhood for a meager 18K. Not worth it.

  8. Posted by Damion

    This is a beautiful unit — especially for the loft market — so I am shocked that it hasn’t sold yet. I’ve been up to the roof garden and it’s delightful — if you’ve been to any other loft-building rooftop, you know this is one of the better ones because it actually has greenery isn’t just roof-stuff and wiring.
    As for the location — is there a great location for a SOMA loft? I don’t know of one. If you want tree-lined streets and coffee shops on every corner, you don’t do SOMA. But for someone who isn’t driving and needs to be near Civic Center or Financial District, this location is very good because it’s just a block or two from Market St. BART and Muni.
    And no, I’m not representing the Seller.

  9. Posted by lolcat_94123

    lol@”Evening Ambiance”
    I also love how they show a picture of AsiaSF – classic.

  10. Posted by snark

    I like the aquarium in the kitchen– good for keeping your crab fresh.
    Is there an elevator or is this a walk-up?

  11. Posted by Foolio

    Cool bedroom, but the main floor is pretty standard. Still seems expensive to me for a 1 BR.
    Re location, there is an appreciable difference between this place at approx. 9th @ Mission and somewhere like the Oriental lofts, where you can walk to much more. But maybe that’s just me.

  12. Posted by Jake

    I think that Starbucks pic is “edited” because it’s in the gas station right across from Asia SF. Not the kind of Starbucks you can expect to add to neighborhood ambience, lol.

  13. Posted by Mole Man

    Typical rented art studio spaces are in the 200+ square foot range, so that is the kind of space one might expect to be allocated to work. Original artists spaces in NYC lofts were often much smaller, including the tiny nook that Franz Kline used which could barely hold his art. When actually used for business the usual thing is to fill the main floor with work stations and storage to the point of risking a fire hazard. Fortunately all loft construction is new enough to have sprinklers.
    This unit is kind of nice because the space is larger than some and has quite a bit of light. It is also on an alley instead of a main street which means more potential security issues, but usually less noise as well.
    The correction has barely started here. This is probably worth a floor of $350k, but even $599k is pushing it. Offer $549k and they might take it, but that might mean being under water or nearly so for a while.
    Skylights like that leak if they aren’t installed correctly, so that angled top window should get a thorought inspection for any seepage or such like.

  14. Posted by brian(2)

    Thanks for the insight, Mole Man. Despite my “e-tone-of-voice” I was legitimately curious. 🙂

  15. Posted by spencer

    price it under $500K and i think it will move fat.

  16. Posted by SFBlueCollar

    The roof deck is shared and the result of countless hours of work by the downstairs neighbor (a friend of mine). I always find it funny albeit sleazy for a seller/agent to capitalize on someone elses hard work.

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