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  1. Posted by Zig

    Ferries are cool and make sense in many places but without better land use planning this is not going to help many people and ridership will be low
    Like most planning in the Bay Area its piecemeal and ineffectual

  2. Posted by anon1

    I heard on good authority that Google is considering running a ferry from SF to Mountain View. Crazy!

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    Ferries are so San Francisco–slow and prehistoric!

  4. Posted by San fronzischeme

    Ferries are so San Francisco–slow and prehistoric!
    What is fast and modern? Driving? Getting stuck in traffic wasting 1-hour+ not being able to accomplish actual work is soooo much better.
    At least you can use your laptop on a Ferry. Someone else is doing the driving for you.

  5. Posted by Boo

    Everyone always focuses on the cost/time analysis when considering public vs. driving your own vehicle. But I take public and one thing I always think about while I’m looking out the window on Caltrain at the traffic on the highway is that no reckless driver is going to cause and accident and get me killed. Same goes with a ferry and BART. Much safer statistically. Staying alive is about the most important thing I can do for my family so I’m all for more public transportation options. Even if they are prehistoric and a little slower.

  6. Posted by thamsenman

    Yay for ferries! This is a coastal city, we should use our beautiful bay to move people around. If the transit time is comparable, it is by FAR less energetically wasteful. I’m all for it.
    Let’s promote more public transit options of all kinds and stop being intensely critical about everything that can adds character and vitality to the city.

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    The good news is that ferries are public transportation. The bad news is that the technology is at least 150 years old. San Francisco should scrap the ferries and the cable cars now, but add streetcars, light rail, subways and 24-hour BART. Ferries are not necessarily quaint. Haven’t you heard of the Staten Island Ferry?
    Then, to make it even better, we can ask the great and noble champion of the people, Aaron Peskin, to get the Board of Supervisors to permanently ban private automobiles from The City. (And that includes the one parked in the permanent free lifetime parking space in front of your drafty, creaky, drafty old energy-sucking Victorian house.)

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