“A long-standing and controversial plan to restore rusted piers and create a recreation and office center at the foot of Telegraph Hill could be abandoned for a new proposal that developers and port officials have been quietly discussing in recent weeks.
The new plan still would feature a state-of-the-art cruise ship terminal at Pier 27. But the office development used to pay for the terminal would instead shift south to Piers 30-32. A public recreation center – which at one time included a YMCA and a marine sports basin – would disappear altogether.”
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  1. Posted by SFhighrise

    I’d be ok with the office plan if it still would include restaurants and retail at ground level and some open park space.

  2. Posted by jamie

    If Piers 30/32 become purely office space with some patronizing benches at the end of the pier, I don’t believe that’s acceptable for Rincon Hill or South Beach neighbors. I don’t want Piers 30/32 to be dead space outside of 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. There should be benefits for businesses and residents in Rincon Hill and South Beach – not just using up the Piers 30/32 resource in order to invest in a cruise terminal in Telegraph Hill and help businesses and services fluorish on that side of the waterfront.
    Maybe the Port/Shorenstein can help pay for getting the Sailors Union of the Pacific up and ready to share their building as a community center for Rincon Hill as one benefit. I’d prefer recreational space though ….

  3. Posted by michiko

    If this goes through, wonder what they’re gonna do with the landmark tourtist attraction Red’s Java House that’s there on 30-32.

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