It was over a year ago that The Potrero (451 Kansas) began advertising “New homes in old San Francisco from the low $400,000s.” But this weekend (and roughly two months after we noted at least one official price reduction) the prices on a “new release” of studios slipped below $400,000 (okay, so $399,000). And two-bedrooms are now starting “under $700,000” (yes, $699,000).
The Potrero (451 Kansas): From The Low $400,000s [SocketSite]
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  1. I was just writing about one unit (a 2/2 priced- rebelliously- for $829,888 which makes the $699,000 seem like a better deal). This one has been on the market 236 days as of today. I’m thinking the price might be negotiable…

  2. Posted by mktwatcher

    Looks like one thing The Potrero and Whole Foods do not have in common is that WF finds alternate channels for its expired inventory instead of slashing prices. This project seems to have opened a bit too late. Living above a WF is now passe. So 2006.

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