3354 20th Street
Six new two and three bedroom “chic urban dwellings” (their words, not ours) have hit the market at 3354 20th Street in the Mission (at Shotwell).
3354 20th Street: An Interior
They’re big (ranging from 1,502 to 2,772 square feet); they feature “vast open floor plans” (but they’re not lofts); and they’re priced from $799,000 to $1,249,000.
∙ 3354 20Th Street #101 (2/3) 1,724 sqft – $979,000
∙ 3354 20Th Street #102 (2/2.5) 1,502 sqft – $859,000
∙ 3354 20Th Street #201 (2/2.5) 1,428 sqft – $799,000
∙ 3354 20Th Street #202 (2/2.5) 1,530 sqft – $899,000
∙ 3354 20Th Street #301 (3/3) 2,732 sqft – $1,249,000
∙ 3354 20Th Street #302 (3/3.5) 2,772 sqft – $1,249,000
And until we’ve taken a tour, and beyond what’s on the property website, that’s about all we can say (or know).
3354 20th Street [3354-20th.com]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by zzzzzz

    Is this where that funny Quonset hut used to be?

  2. Posted by joel

    any parking??

  3. Posted by Anna

    The website generically mentions parking but no details.

  4. Posted by Rusty

    Expect logs of tagging on your new chic urban dwelling, 20th is the border between 2 rival gangs and there is so much tagging there it’s a full time job to get rid of it. And hope you’ll like breathing lots of fumes from the body shop next door (and the other one around the corner).
    There used to be a quonset hut on this corner. They tore it down in a single day.
    By “close to mission food” they mean 4-8 blocks to good restaurants and nothing good within 2 blocks.
    I sound so mean… but I used to live around there and it’s amazing they’re going to get an average of $1 mil for those units.

  5. Posted by SurveyKid

    I’m amazed at what passes now for chic. This place is horrible and let me count the ways: The doors lack any humanity and are the kind fit for boiler rooms, not human beings. The windows are successfully devoid also of any charm and are a duplicate to those found at two storey, dingbat-style, airport motels. The ceilings are too low and the recessed lighting is awful. The Bay Area is about Light, and Air. You won’t get much of that in this Bunker masking as a Loft. Finally, the air cooling-heating grills looks like something in a low-rise office building next to a semi-divided highway.
    What people miss, in a place like this, is that it’s these very details that will control the feeling one has, living here. Contemplate sitting next to that air-vent grill, under that low ceiling, glancing over to that door, with the light coming in that window.
    It’s places like these that make the traditional SF Victorian look like a Nobel-Prize winning solution. Well, duh. If one has ever travelled to Italy, one immediately understands how the Italians put what it means to be human into the architecture itself. The scale of everything says it all.
    –The Kid

  6. Posted by john

    1 car parking each unit.
    I saw them and thought they are quite nice with good floor plans, nice size kitchens especially compared to other new construction projects, smaller building, reasonably nice finishes, outdoor space. Great price per square foot. Yes the windows are kind of cheesy sliding vinyl ones. But there are lots of them. Did not really notice the doors. I live in the Mission and like the location. There are some good food options within a couple blocks, especially on Mission. But the best are on Valencia or more eastern mission.
    The biggest issue for me would be the fire station a half block away. I used to live 5 blocks from that station and found it sometimes noisy when the trucks came my way. But they will always be in earshot here.

  7. Posted by Stan

    6 people shot in one day within a one mile area of the project 2 weeks ago! No way! Only an out of town sucker will buy one of these. I will NOT subject my wife and family to this type of violence. Better be safe than sorry. I don’t want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. My SFPD officer friend said car thefts, muders, robberies and violent crimes are very high in the Mission area. Inside info is the best info to determine where you live.

  8. Posted by Zig

    I have no problem with these units and think its a fine example of urban in-fill from glancing at them
    I am somewhat surprised at the prices but have lived a few blocks from here. I am sure that tech workers in the Silicon Valley will be buying these just like they did in the old building I lived in. You can dive your car right in and hit the freeway easily. They’re sort of like vertical gated communities
    Without the reverse commuting crowd I doubt there would be a market for these places

  9. Posted by Dan

    These condos are expensive, but mostly because they are so large– in the $500’s per square foot, the prices/SF seem in line with other new construction in the area, and considerably cheaper per square foot than new construction in other parts of town.
    (Stan/Spencer: Please keep your kevlar vest on at all times and stay out of the Mission, Bernal Heights, the Excelsior, SOMA, and Hayes Valley, since all of these neighborhoods apparently terrify you. Suburban commuters are much more likely to die in traffic accidents than urban residents are to be shot dead, so everyone makes their own calculation of risk. People weigh the pros and cons of a given neighborhood, and that is reflected in the price of housing in that neighborhood.)

  10. Posted by AMinSF

    glad this project joins the neighborhood. it will be interesting to see how well these rather pricy but large and upscale units do. hope the text msg comes out ok as i am composing and sending this from the new amazon kindle wireless portable device. its pretty cool technology.

  11. Posted by spencer

    “Stan/Spencer: Please keep your kevlar vest on at all times and stay out of the Mission, Bernal Heights, the Excelsior, SOMA, and Hayes Valley, since all of these neighborhoods apparently terrify you.”
    There are parts of each of these neighborhoods that I ind to be safe. however, 20th and shotwell doesn’t fit the safe category in my mind.
    I enjoy shopping in these neighborhoods. i jsut wouldn’t want to live in them and expose myself to uncessary violence, stress or noise. SF is very small. If I can find a place that is quiet and safe to rest my head, then that works for me. I really only sleep in my apt, but i want a place to lay my head and have friends visit where it is safe and quiet.

  12. Posted by Ed

    First of all, comparing the crime stats within a mile of this project and a mile of, say, California and Fillmore, you learn that CA and Fillmore had twice as many rapes and only 13% fewer aggrevated assaults (homicide data isn’t available at the moment). And most of this violence is not “random.” Hardly a meaningful difference.
    Move to the suburbs if you crime scares you; the interesting, retail/restaurant areas of the city all have some.
    Also, I find Shotwell to be one of the prettiest streets in the Mission. Great trees and nice houses. I bike/walk down the street all the time (no lights) and, south of 17th, find it quite safe and pleasant. North of 17th, some homeless and drug addicts, but not violent types.

  13. Posted by spencer

    i prefer to move the criminal element out as opposed to law abiding citizens like myself… but thanks for the advice.

  14. Posted by Hannah

    If you’re not truly familiar with the Mission, you might not know how the environment really changes from block(s) to block. 20th is different from 18th and from 22nd. A few blocks west to Valencia is very different from Folsom.
    It’s interesting to see how these recent new constructions will do. I think so much in the Mission is, as usual, about EXACT location, and not just style. The new units at 22nd and Valencia were in a much better location, with better surrounding businesses, etc., and we’re only talking a few blocks away. The new City College addition on Valencia should also be interesting.

  15. Posted by emmett_brown

    Agree with Ed about Shotwell. My absolute favorite bicycle commute street. Excellent long term potential. For a family, though, I would rent in the area first before committing. I thought this up-market would have lifted up Shotwell a bit more, but the next will undoubtedly. The next Fair Oaks?

  16. Posted by kaya

    I think the biggest long-term downside to this property might be the fire station. This area is changing big time with all the new construction going on east of mission between 18th and 22nd streets. Shotwell is a beautiful street in these parts. I used to ride my bike through this hood at night a lot, but don’t know if I would’ve traversed to Valencia on foot alone. I hope I would no longer feel that way today.
    Stan and Spencer, either you need to join a support group, or I need to in order not be annoyed by your predictable whining.

  17. Posted by Betty

    I’ve lived a block away on a much nicer block of Shotwell for 18 years. This block/corner is by no means a bad area. Not at all. It’s great! That whole corner has trendy salons and studios across the street. Very artsy. Close distance from all the best parts of the Mission/Atlas/Universal/Bruno’s/Foreign Cinema. An extremely quiet residential area most the time, with the exception of the firehouse, for sure, which isn’t all that bad really. You get used to it. I dislike these ignoamuses who post on this site and trash the Mission. There are bad parts of the Mission, sure, but hey, this ain’t it. This is a great corridor, Shotwell between 19th and 23rd. And yes, I saw the units, and yes, they are quite nice. I prefer Victorians, but these are really quite above average.

  18. Posted by Lisa

    This area is terrific! Anybody who says different doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And if the prices seem high, which they do, you have to consider the big square footage. These units are really big. Graffiti is a problem near that area, but it always is when there isn’t anybody around to clean it. All the buildings are well maintained in this neighborhood once owner/occupants move in. Duh.

  19. Posted by D Gordon

    Agreed. If the mission in general scares, don’t venture and go somewhere else. Are there really that many places in “the city” that aren’t loud for one reason or another? I have lived at 20th and Harrison for 3 of the last 5 years (just moved back there) and yes the fire trucks are heard a lot, but aren’t sirens and trucks and traffic part of the city?
    Regarding the building, it is a nice building for the most part but the 2 penthouses stand out. Big spaces, private-feeling rooms/windows (unlike the lower 4 units) and a much better price/sq ft. The lower 4 units are just average spaces with average pricing. Go see the penthouses. Nice floorplans and finishes.

  20. Posted by Hannah

    Well, the one penthouse (#301) and #101 just went into escrow. They didn’t last long.

  21. Posted by Hanna

    Well, the one penthouse (#301) and #101 just went into escrow. They didn’t last long.

  22. Posted by a neighbor

    I live on this block. The balcony’s will double as excellent prostitute viewing platforms. There is a LOT of pimp and prostitute activity on this block — it’s cyclical though. Not here this month, I’m sure it will be back next month. Your new neighbors think it’s hilarious that you’d spend that much money to live here. Fools!

  23. Posted by anon

    @ a neighbor – wow! What great advice and words of wisdom from you – thanks so much for sharing your opinion. Not as if it matters, anyway …

  24. Posted by MagicJS

    Scanned socketsite thinking there’d be a legacy post about this building. Unit 301 is back up asking for $1,599,000, up 28% from list in 4.5yrs. Mind you this was after one of the largest real estate collapses in recent memory. Pretty amazing. At $615 a sqft even in this neighborhood (I’m on the Valencia corridor between 17th and 19th) this property no longer looks expensive. Funny to look back on these posts today…

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