2104 24th Street
The list price on 2104 24th Street was reduced $105,000 in August, $100,000 in September, and $20,500 in November (now listed at 20.5% below the original asking). And considering the “[a]gent is related to owner,” we can only imagine the delicate conversation around the dinning room table this past Thanksgiving.
And while the interior sounds quite nice (“Renovated kitchen, teak floors and fireplace in living room…Mexican tile in kitchen and bath…2nd fireplace in front large bedroom, [and] hardwood floors.”), the lack of pictures in the listing leaves us only guessing (rather than actually inquiring).
And it also leaves us wondering if an early holiday present (in the form of a new camera) might be in order. After all, it is family (and it is Cyber Monday).
∙ Listing: 2104 24th Street (3/1.5) – $874,500 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by fluj

    Wow. They initially wanted $1.1M with no garage, on the south slope, on that block? Ouch. The new price seems about right.

  2. Posted by Craig

    How close is this to the projects?

  3. Posted by SocketSite

    How close is this to the projects?
    About 100 feet closer than this condo that sold for $965,000 a year ago or this condo that sold for $1,274,000 this past May.

  4. Posted by Sal

    SFHousePrices.net gives the great and gory price/slash history. Seems the property was contingent for a brief shining moment in September.

  5. Posted by Sabrina

    When there aren’t any pictures, it’s a really bad sign.

  6. Posted by Scott

    The agent’s email starts with DEADWOOD144….

  7. Posted by SPencer

    at least you don’t ahve to parallel park on a hill. D’OH!

  8. Posted by TheRobin

    [Removed by Editor] It’s been on the market for all this time and only one pic? Also, the MLS info shows 3BRs up and 2 BRs down, but the description shows a total of only 3BRs. This agent needs to get out of the biz. People, this is what you get when you let your slacker step-son try and sell your house. Do yourself a favor and hire a good agent.
    [Editor’s Note: Let’s watch those personal attacks. And we’ll note that the lower level is unwarranted (and as such those extra two bedrooms very well shouldn’t be listed in the summary description).]

  9. Posted by emmett_brown

    Is this near the liquor store the 48 goes by?

  10. Posted by jw2200

    Folks, you gotta start reading the Agent Remarks in the MLS: “Property is tenant occupied, so need 24 hours to show. Main house rent $2,350-Inlaw $625. Inlaw tenants claim protected status- quality people.” So you have protected tenants in an unwarranted (illegal) unit. Explains a lot. And, although properly admonished by the editor, I agree with TheRobin to the extent that using a relation for any kind of professional services frequently seems to end up being a bad idea. As always, you get what you pay for. Notice that there is a dual/variable commission on this property.

  11. Posted by diemos

    It would be nice if us peons could see the super-secret agent’s remarks.

  12. Posted by james

    that is hilarious!

  13. Posted by fluj

    Actually a two unit, both occupied, one protected tenant occupied, wrong side of Potrero Hill, near projects, mispriced from outset — nuff said.

  14. Posted by lizalu

    this house is just around the corner from where we live. We went to one of the open houses, and indeed, it is VERY tenant occupied. The house is interesting, with a bit of a funky layout, but great potential. The problem seems to be the tenants — there seem to be quite a few people living in the main unit, and they are definitely not motivated to do any tidying for open houses! When we went to take a peek, there were breakfast dishes on one of the futons in a bedroom.
    I believe they mentioned that the inlaw tenant has occupied the lower-level unit (which was not shown) for 20 years or so.
    Good luck to the sellers, but it looks like it’s not going anywhere soon!

  15. Posted by anon

    that is hilarious!”
    The last honest real estate broker in town.

  16. Posted by james

    oh contrare anon, it didn’t say ‘deadwood burning a hole in your pocket’

  17. Posted by Lori

    Hoo boy, I can just imagine the mess the tenants will leave for the new owner. What a nightmare for the seller.

  18. Hilarious. I think realtors should save themselves some time and pass out tenants’ rights info along with their property brochures with listings like these.

  19. Posted by fluj

    It is funny in a way. People ask a lot of wild questions at those sort of open houses. “How can I get the tenants out?” is common. It’s funny because it’s all about renter solidarity until there’s a good deal to be had on a property with tenants. Isn’t it? In those cases, people should really take the time to learn about the tenants rights that they themselves likely already enjoy in the first place.

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