The Green Building Exchange
“[Michael] Schaeffer, a longtime California home builder who started using more-efficient methods before “eco-friendly” was a catchphrase, has started the Green Building Exchange in Redwood City, a kind of year-round trade show, education center and retail shop designed to steer builders away from natural resources and low-efficiency items and toward cabinets made from reclaimed sorghum straw and non-electrical glow-in-the-dark “exit” signs.” (Getting Green Under One Roof)
The Green Building Exchange [Redwood City]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Miles

    I came across something in the same vein a few months ago as they were moving in to their space on Polk Street…
    Sounds like another green building source.

  2. Posted by cindy@staged4more

    Very cool! Eco Design Resources (originally in San Carlos) just moved into the Exchange. That’s a great store to get all sorts of stuff! I love their American clay paint and various lines of eco-friendly floor selection. I love bamboo but it’s too high maintenance. I once staged a home with bamboo floors and by the time we got done, there were black tennis shoe marks all over. Ack imagining moping the floor at the end of a very long day…

  3. Posted by aaron lee

    yeahhh… GREAT company… great group of people…. Too bad that I’m totally f***ing kidding.
    I did a job for them for 350 bucks four months ago, and they HAVE YET TO PAY ME….
    VENDORS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    G.B.E. NOT paying it’s bills….
    really classy group of people

  4. Posted by Scott

    Warning!!! I have done business with Michael Schaeffer and his company, MGS Construction, Inc and he abandoned my job site after not paying his contractors and leaving the site 65% completed. He now refuses to pay money to have the same job completed by another contractor. — And I have email that he has done this to several other clients. Do NOT do business with this man, he will steal your money!

  5. Posted by Scott

    If anyone wants to contact me, I am putting together very detailed notes and email exchanges from people that have been ripped off by MGS Construction, Inc and Michael Schaeffer. I have submitted the paperwork to the DA so if anyone wants to add to it, let me know!

  6. Posted by Ripped Off

    Michael Schaeffer never paid for the services my business performed, totaling thousands of dollars. I know several former employees of his who were good, reputable people, which were ripped off as well.

  7. Posted by Alicia Peche

    I am the previous owner of Eco Design Resources in San Carlos. I was completely snowed over by Mike Schaeffer. He owes me and my family for the entire sale of the business, which within months he ruined our good reputation and family business. I am so sorry for everyone that has come in contact with him. We are trying to rebuild Eco with grass root new owners in South San Francisco (NOT AFFILIATED WITH MIKE). Hopefully not all will be lost in our commitment for good, local green businesses.

  8. Posted by Scammed!

    DO NOT EVER do business with Michael Schaeffer (contractor / entrepreneur MGS Construction, Green Building Exchange). He has a long history of stealing, cheating, and lying to everyone that comes across his path. And he does it all with a smile and lots of charm – don’t let him scam you!

  9. Posted by SadToPayMichael

    Mike is a con artist. He has been doing this for his whole life. He seeks a customer, who has no clue about construction projects and how a project MUST be managed. He then makes the customer pay deposits VERY AGGRESSIVELY. Simultaneously, he hires sub-contractors and employees ( many of them without proper licensing and/or status to work in the US legally ). If the sub-contractor does not follow the proper rules of the construction to get paid, he does not pay the sub-contractors at all. He definitely does not pay the employees who work for him properly. Before they know it, he dissolves his company by declaring bankrupcy and moves on without paying anybody. MGS Construction Inc. and Green Building Exchange are some of the companies under the umbrella of which he collected millions of dollars and seldom paid his employees, sub-contractors etc. The projects that he worked upon were had their buildings put on lien by the the sub-contractors.

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