Once again, it was almost a year ago that we wrote that “we’re struggling to rationalize the ‘value’” of the condos at 767 Bryant. Since then we’ve seen remodeling, reductions and even some mighty big incentives (e.g., free cars). And now, a craigslist plea by way of a plugged-in tipster:

Seller would like to move these units ASAP. Make an offer…any offer. We have been offering many incentives and the feedback is people would rather see a reduced purchase price. So instead of incentives bring us an offer of what you think the value is!

Keep in mind that after eleven months on the market, over half of the twenty (20) converted condos remain available for sale. Let us know if you make an offer (and don’t forget to invite us to the housewarming if it’s accepted).
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Orie

    I recently went to an open house at 767 Bryant and was shocked to find a building just a few years old (yet sold as “new”) but built with 1960’s econobox standards. The windows are cheap and flimsy, the floors wobble as you walk and oh my gawd, the walls are so thin you really do hear the neighbors whispering. The finishes are all commensurate with those of a trailer, though this can always be redone.
    How on earth does anyone imagine raking such high prices for these units is beyond me.

  2. Posted by blahhh

    wow, for that quality the 2/3s are asking $875k to over a million. Why would the developer think anyone will bring in a serious offer? This project really takes the cake…

  3. Posted by Bidder

    Does anyone out there find it maddening and somewhat funny that the terms “offer” and “bid” are used interchangeably in real estate?
    Agents would sound more intellignet if they used the terms correctly.
    In this case the seller is seeking “any offer” , but isn’t the seller really seeking bids? At an auction , for example, you don’t “offer” on an item, you bid on it. Buyers bid, and sellers ask.
    Maybe i’m the only one annoyed at this.

  4. Posted by stax

    Auction “bids” are “offers” for purposes of contracts law.

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