74 New Montgomery: Penthouse Level Floor Plan
After three months of flying their “Now Selling” flags, and staffing a sales office that wasn’t actually selling, The Montgomery will hold their “Grand Opening Event” on June 14th along with a “VIP sales release, which will not be open to the public.”
Once again, The Montgomery will consist of 107 condos ranging from studios to two-bedrooms plus dens. And according to a tipster, only fifteen parking spaces in the building (allocated to the largest units).
74 New Montgomery: Sales Office (Almost?) Open [SocketSite]
New Developments: The Montgomery (74 New Montgomery) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by [SF Bubble]

    Any hints to what the penthouse unit pricing will be?

  2. Posted by Observer

    Attractive layout 2 bed layout, pity the actually 2 bed layout isn’t as generous, will be interesting to hear pricing info.

  3. Posted by Damion

    So far I’ve been underwhelmed by the conversion projects I’ve seen. The good thing about this is that the interior has been totally gutted. Too often that’s not the case, and the places still feel like offices. But the location is good. Too bad there’s no views, and limited parking. Seems like the prices will be high.

  4. Posted by Grrrrr

    I got a peak at the display models under construction and I can tell you that the windows are huge and loft-like. And when you look out the windows, there ARE VIEWS (some better than others, but…). And they’re not of some far off bridge or mountain, but of the urban scene that surrounds you. And like The Montgomery itself, the buildings around you (The Palace, 140 New Montgomery, etc.) are vintage, with ornate edges and decorations. It’s really cool, actually.

  5. Posted by AnonN

    Since you mentioned the windows . . . . Do they have any plans to replace them? The existing windows are single-pane and beyond their service life. The only way I would consider a unit there is if they replaced the windows with a least a dual pane acoustically rated product. Think about it, there is a fire station within two blocks, bus routes, and a huge amount of pedistrian traffic generated by the first floor restaurant retail. They are spending lavishly on the baths and kitchens but if you can’t sleep at night because of the noise, you’re going to wish you’d bought at 199 New Montgomery when it was new (I had planned to but it was too near the peak of the craziest market — the sales folks were making up/marking up the prices at will). So any chance of new windows at the old The Montgomery?

  6. Posted by grrr

    They might be new windows, I dunno. However, when I was there there was no noticeable noise even around noontime. How do you know the windows are past their prime? Many of your assumptions are way off. For example, at night, there are actually few cars, buses (I don;t think MUNI even goes on New Montgomery, do they?) and the restaurants below the homes are closed at 8 or so. The fire station is on hawthorne, a pretty good distance (and where do you live that there is no fire station within blocks?) I’d be more worried about being near a touristy bar in North Beach or the castro or near a house with high-school age teenagers (THEY make noise at night).
    I liked the Mint Collection alot, too. And that’s nearer to Union Sq. which is likely busier, later. I’m interested to see where the prices fall for the montgomery. Much cooler than a typical SOMA condo and like what friends have in chicago, etc. vs. what they have in say, dallas or another city without history

  7. Posted by Miles

    Good point about the fire trucks – it’s actually kind of an issue in the surrounding blocks. I worked in an office across the street from the 4 Seasons on Market Street and would be surprised by the regularity of the fire sirens 24/7 (and how loud they were through the old single pane windows in the building I was in). The Fire Station is on Howard between New Montgomery and 3rd, and they typically go out Howard and right onto Third, so yeah, they’ll probably pass near 74 New Montgomery occassionally when they take a right on Mission (though I think they go straight on 3rd or then left on Market more frequently). The fire trucks usually go on at least a few calls every night super late/early and were the loudest thing late at night in the neighborhood when I worked late nights. As far as the windows though – single pane commercial windows are different than single pane residential windows – they are thicker and more sound proof. I don’t think it’s necessary to have double pane windows for good sound proofing (though obviously it wouldn’t hurt), but it would definitely be a good idea to go in there and see how the sound levels are in the final product.

  8. Posted by haathi

    I inquired about the prices last tuesday. After much pressing, the lady reluctantly threw a ball-park rate of almost 1000$ per sq.ft for the studio style apartments. Seems a little overpriced, considering parking is most likely not included with the studios !

  9. Posted by deimos

    meh. And you call yourselves city dwellers. I live on 18th in the castro. I get fire engines and police cars going by at all hours of the day and night. Schizophrenic homeless ladies arguing with the voices in their heads outside my window all night long. The bar crowd heading home at 2AM.
    I sleep like a baby through it all.

  10. Posted by AnonN

    Noise or no you just gotta hand it to the architect on this floor plan. This is quite the pad! I’m so sick of “den” plans (short for workstation location) tucked in right at the entry without any prospect for natural light or view. But this one is located at least diagonally across from a window wall to one of the terraces. And it looks like you can hide your messy workstation from arriving guests with two sliding doors — brillant!

  11. Posted by cd

    The June 14th Opening – hmm – A little late to comment, but it was nice – lamb loillpops and nice cocktail that floored my MasterNegoitator. Oops.
    You could only get pricing if you spoke with an agent. Maybe that’s why there isn’t much fanfare – anyone feel saving me an hour of sales talk and leaking? Its hard to comment on the features without knowing the price.

  12. Posted by anon

    I’d also be interested to hear about pricing and sales (if any). The location would be great for me but I’m a little concerned that construction seems to be a bit behind – I’d heard earlier in the summer that all units would be ready for occupancy in the fall, now it’s just first phase units by fall..who knows what will really be ready by when. Also, although the windows are large, the Ambrose Bierce side esp seems dark. Any tipsters here?

  13. Posted by SocketSite

    We’ll have some additional pricing and sales information on the site tomorrow…

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