Esprit Park: Elevation
Esprit Park: Map
While the sales office isn’t scheduled to open its doors until “late this summer,” the website for Esprit Park (900 Minnesota) is up and running featuring exterior elevations, floor plans, and neighborhood history. Unfortunately no additional insight into pricing (still advertising “ranging from the $600,000s to high one millions”). And yes, “3-D interiors illustrations coming soon.”
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by SFSal

    Didn’t realize that it’s only a block or two from both Caltrain and the new light rail. Commuter friendly without the sterile feel of Mission Bay. Not bad at all. Keeping my fingers crossed that they didn’t screw up the interiors and that prices are reasonable.

  2. Posted by kc

    Does anyone have the inside scoop on pricing? 600s to high 1m is a big range. Some of those floor plans (i.e., the ones around the stairwells) look impossibly small and awkward, but I’d love to know what a nice-sized 1+ would go for.

  3. Posted by PotreroResident

    I don’t know the prices but I have rode my bike around the new development. I think it’s going to be great for the neighborhood and will look awesome.
    How many “true” brick buildings are there around to live in? I love brick. Now whether or not these places will sell will depend on how much the units are priced. But my guess is that they will sell at a premium due to its brick facade.

  4. Posted by BuyerBeware

    What does “W.H.” stand for? They’re all over the floor plans. Thanks,

  5. Posted by BuyerBeware

    “What does “W.H.” stand for? They’re all over the floor plans. Thanks,”
    It just hit me…is it short for “water heater”? Does that mean each unit has their own water heater for hot water??

  6. Posted by jason

    Does anyone know what kind of foundation these units are being built on? Is this area prone to liquifaction when the next quake hits?

  7. Posted by Miles

    Yup – WH is the architecture abbreviation for water heater.

  8. Posted by dogpatch resident

    i live about a block away, and i’m 99% sure this is NOT in a liquefaction zone. the architectural/design team for this project is sagan-piechota, the same folks who did linden alley in hayes valley, post ranch inn, lots of other high end, cool stuff (loring sagan was profiled two weeks ago in NYT for his takes on urban planning and development). i’m excited about this project.

  9. Posted by garrett

    i believe/would imagine that area is deemed a liquifaction zone. i now for certain that the area just south (701 minnesota st.) is a liquifaction zone.

  10. Posted by jakeb210

    Check this map. I think it is just outside a liquification zone.

  11. Posted by onceandfuturerinconres

    These floorplans illustrate that some design teams are finally getting it! There are at least a couple of 1BR/1.5BA plans. These make so much sense in this market (and others). Most two person households do not need a 2BR/2BR and at our market’s prices, fewer and fewer can afford. An extra half bath goes a long way to making a unit more liveable and there are just way too few of these in new developments. The Infinity first phase has (had?) exactly ONE floorplan of this type and it is only on one floor! If my recall is correct, One Rincon had none. I hope Esprit Park does very well and that future developments learn from their success. Congrats!

  12. Posted by anonymous

    Apparently there are still many one bedroom units available at the Infinity, especially in the mid-rise buildings.

  13. Posted by Pam Hart

    I stopped in to chat with the guy running the job, apparently the entire site is on original soil/rock – with no liquefication issues whatsoever.
    They have placed new foundations under all of the brick buildings, as well as complete seismic upgrades to the brick itself.
    The developers clearly care about creating something special. Refreshing!

  14. Posted by jon

    I live near this monstrosity. It looks like a motel 6 at night from the side, with its narrow walkways and small units close together.
    I dont know if the architect is color blind, but its bright yellow, puke green and poop brown. I sure hope they are going to paint the poop building a different color.
    Also, you can practically reach out and touch the units from the 20th street overpass its so close to it, so dont be surprised if you wake up with a homeless guy sleeping on your porch one morning.
    and its taken almost 3 years to build this glamorized motel. they completely ruined the historical aesthetic of the Esprit building. the architects should be ashamed of themselves.

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