708 Moscow: Exterior
The listing describes it as “Must See!” A reader writes that it left her “speechless.” And we…well, we’re just going with “original condition!”
∙ Listing: 708 Moscow (4/4) – $999,000 [MLS]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by redseca2

    I have not seen such a great example of a clear design concept so cleanly executed since Maya Lin did the Vietnam Memorial. Not one interior architectural design book or magazine was consulted – they merely knew what they wanted.
    200 years from now that would be the most popular exhibit if you could move it lock-stock and barrel to the Smithsonian.

  2. Posted by ablondon

    That could be the biggest “fixer upper” in a while. Looks like it belongs to a Miami Beach Retiree. Wow. Love the pink carpet. Wonder if there’s hardwood under the carpet and linoleum.

  3. Posted by missionbay res

    I’m speechless… (not in a good way)
    And what’s with the yellow/beige stove and fridge?? I haven’t seen something like that since my parent’s house in the 70’s…

  4. Posted by eddy

    Don’t know anything about the location; but this seems like an easy place to fix up and its on a park. I like it for the opportunity and 4 car parking!

  5. Posted by Lori

    Wow, I hurt my eyes looking at this one. Have they heard about staging? Or updating?

  6. Posted by Anon

    Don’t know anything about the location.
    The fact that the 16 foot high ceiling covers the former patio (they left the patio flood lights right where they were – they’re in the photo on the MLS) was probably used to protect the occupants from the bullets raining down.
    You could probably rent out the 4 car parking for use as a chop shop.

  7. Posted by cd

    I swear my parents had those same barstools – but in brown vinyl before I was born.

  8. Posted by Anon

    Easy there everyone. The reality is that remodeling a place is ridiculously expensive, time-consuming, and an overall pain in the butt on many levels. Most people do not have the means to make the inside of every property look like the brand new minimalist modern abodes that everyone drools over here. Additionally, a lot of people just aren’t that concerned about design and fashion to spend the large sums of money that are required to transform even a relatively young (35 years old) property like this to the current standard of modern chic. Anyway, if the location wasn’t iffy, this would be a great project for one of you to cut your teeth on to see the level of money, stress over decision making, and inconvenience of having your house uninhabitable during a renovation that goes into making the modern Dwell home.

  9. Posted by Willow

    “The reality is that remodeling a place is ridiculously expensive, time-consuming, and an overall pain in the butt on many levels.”
    True, but if you are asking for 1 million in this area you could bother to spend at least 6-7K to stage the place. The current “look” of the house is going to result in a lot lower sales price for the owner than otherwise would have been the case if they spent a few dollars to make some cosmetic changes to bring the place up to date.

  10. Posted by Damion

    Oh. My. God.
    There’s going to be tour buses of design students going to THIS open house (which, fittingly, is on April 1st!) It’s amazing. I mean, did you see the velvet painting of the naked woman in the master bedroom? Or the booze bottle art installation along the wall of the den?

  11. Posted by redseca2

    Just now, I suddenly remembered my “connection” with Moscow Street as an Architect.
    Years ago, back in the ’80’s when I was scrambling for residential projects, I went out to Moscow Street to look at a house for a potential client. Although the site was level in front, the house was on a down slope so that there was a huge, high ceiling basement space below the ground floor with good rear exposure. When I entered with the potential client, call him “Mr. Big”, I found a 1000 SF or so space with a steeply sloped earth floor. The space also contained several hundred well tended pot plants, all taller than me, as well as sophisticated lighting and irrigation systems.
    Mr. Big, it seems, wanted to convert his pot farm into a rental apartment. Even back then, when $250 per square foot could get you any house in SF you wanted, he could sense that the profits were bigger, the thrills more intense, to be a real estate developer in as compared to being a mere drug dealer, and he was ready to make the leap.

  12. Posted by blahhh

    How is this neighborhood in particular, and what would be a fair price for this house right now? Agents care to jump in the discussion?

  13. Posted by anonymon

    They should preserve this place and put it in a museum. We can’t let this be remodeled!

  14. Posted by kim

    I think this is where the interior shots for Boogie Nights were filmed.
    Truthfully, I love the old tv and bar area.

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