1374 Fulton
Well, the list price on 1374 Fulton has been reduced twice again (now $1,599,000 or $296,000 (15.6%) off the original list). And as a couple of readers note, it’s probably not the paint job that’s making this one a tough sell. Especially this week. (Somebody cue the Snow Miser…)
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∙ Listing: 1374 Fulton Street (6/2) – $1,599,000 [BJ Droubi]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by D_INC

    It actually does have heat, it just needs to be updated. I wish I had the $$$ for this place. It has a ton of potential and a $2500 a month legal unit down with the kind of tenants that are short term.

  2. Posted by C

    The earlier post’s comments about the white paint “mask” are spot on. I’ve watched the cosmetic reno. of this house over the last several months. Looked a lot more like the place next to it in the realtor photo when it started out. I didn’t get the impression there was a lot of structural renovation–just “let’s paint it up nice and get it sold so we can make a huge profit on this falling-down house”.
    Of course, it’s a pretty huge place so for the size the price probably isn’t too bad.

  3. Posted by Pac Heights Renter

    D_INC writes:
    > It has a ton of potential and a $2500
    > a month legal unit down with the kind
    > of tenants that are short term.
    This is still in a crappy neighborhood and they are asking what homes north of California Street sold for in 2000. There is no way anyone will pay $2,500 for a little rental under this place in this area…

  4. Posted by D_INC

    There already is, and it’s not crappy it’s a 3 bedroom. Have you even been to the property you are trashing?

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    it is a crappy neighborhood. Read the stats. Over the last 30 days, there were 33 crimes committed within a 1/4 mile radius of that address. No thanks. I would not pay $1.6M for a crime ridden neighborhood.

  6. Posted by Michael

    The neighborhood is definitely more “up and coming” than established, but it’s a far far cry from “crappy”. Great little restaurants and bars are opening up on Divisadero; it’s walking distance to Golden Gate park and the Haight; and it’s relatively easy access to the freeways (thanks to the Octavia street on/off ramp).
    As far as the house, it’s huge but in need of a significant amount of investment. If it was renovated/remodeled (or a fixer in Pac Heights) I could see $1.6M.

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