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While the legal filing and plaintiffs tell one side of the Beacon’s story, a reader tells another (and reinforces an earlier anonymous comment):

I know that The Beacon had a couple of problems, but most had been fixed (the roof was repaired months ago and has been fine). The ownership held a meeting with the homeowners last week and vowed to fix any other problems and *apologized* (when did an owner ever do that) for the third party who did the warranty work. They also extended the warranty for *every* homeowner (even if their warranty had already expired) as a show of good faith.
Earlier this year, the owners of The Beacon (not the developer, that was Catellus who sold the building) committed over $400,000 to redo the courtyard from the old Catellus design. Right before work was supposed to get started, they got sued. Last week they said that they would continue with the project despite the lawsuit because they didn’t want to penalize the majority of residents for the action of a few.
I hope they don’t think that these few people speak for the majority of residents because they are a pretty good group of people who a very fair and reasonable. Not every building’s perfect, but at least The Beacon has a group that is committed to fix things without lawyers or years of court dates.

And while this obviously doesn’t address some of the larger design issues (e.g., ventilation and overheating), it does paint a much different picture of the building’s management and state of (dis)repair.
The Beacon Twenty-Two (And Their Dirty Laundry) [SocketSite]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by SF

    still sucks to be you at the “bacon.”

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    ‘The Bacon’!!! NIIIICE!!! That is the best and most appropriate nick name.
    Bacon is frying in liquefaction, and in an oversupply tier 3 location!

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    Did they just resell 5 units in the past 7 days?

  4. Posted by SFSal

    It’s *possible* the sales office closed on five new sales, but doesn’t look like there were any resales over the past 7 days. In 250 King it looks like there are 8 Active, none Contingent, and only 1 Pending; in 260 King it looks like 13 Active, none Contingent, and only 1 Pending. Are you sure that it’s not that five listings have been withdrawn over the past 7 days?

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    There were 18 listed for 260 king a few days ago. Were those withdrawn or sold?

  6. Posted by SecondOpinion

    Hate to burst your bubble Anon, but based on the numbers from SFSal, that would be *withdrawn*.

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    This is absolute nonsense. The management has no plan whatsoever to fix the largest problems – stifling heat and the lack of adequate ventilation.
    Who cares about $400K of new landscaping? All the dogs running around unleashed will ruin that in a few days anyway. A waste of money.

  8. Posted by MIke

    Earlier this year, the owners of The Beacon (not the developer, that was Catellus who sold the building) committed over $400,000 to redo the courtyard from the old Catellus design.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the “owners” of the Beacon, the HOA (the homeowners)? So it sounds like they’re spending 400K of their own money.

  9. Posted by Anonymous

    No. You ARE wrong. The person meant to say the Seller at the Beacon is kicking in the $400,000. My understaing is that the HOA is paying nothing.

  10. Posted by Anonymous

    [This comment was moved from: The Palms (555 4th Street) Update: 65% Sold]
    You should consider the Beacon, your dollar will go much farther there, especially now when the present lawsuit might perhaps be slowing down sales; this is a great opportunity. I have been living there for over a year, and I have been perfectly satisfied. My unit faces north; it has a great view and I don’t have any of the problems alleged in the lawsuit. The building is well built; I have never heard any noise, including plumbing, from any of my neighbors. Also, if you do go check out the units, go flush the toilets; I have never heard such quiet toilets before! The lawsuit will resolve itself eventually. In case you wonder, I am not selling mine, nor am I working for the seller. I am just a very satisfied Beacon owner.

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