338 Holladay Statement
One Green house sells within days for nearly two million dollars (520 Clipper). The other Green house languishes on the market, is reduced twice, and is still available for about a million (338 Holladay).
The owner/builder of the second house draws the conclusion that people could “care less” about being green (despite the success of the first). But we suggest that it might be the design, location, and fact that based on the marketing materials (above) and positioning, we didn’t have a clue that this was supposed to be a “Green” house (unlike the first).
We believe that most people in San Francisco want to be “Green.” But that very few are willing to do so at the expense of good design, quality, or utility location. And we really can’t blame them.
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Sexy & Sassy in SF

    Maybe this home is just “Green” with envy.

  2. Posted by Garrett

    the house may be “green” but with a highway roaring so close by, there may be a layer of soot that settles. green and black make what??

  3. Posted by Ray

    It’s a cute place, some interesting (read “quirky”) design choices, but definitely a custom home with the original homeowners design choices, making you sometimes scratch your head. The agent mentioned that the owner decided to wash her hands of the place before ever moving in because she couldn’t get approved to build a koi pond in the back yard. The sound of the highway noise was pretty constant, though relatively quiet in the back. But there were very few straight walls on which to hang a picture… most were canted inwards. Very odd. But somebody will love it, eventually.

  4. Posted by Justin

    Being that my wife and I are not only on the market to buy a house in San Francisco but gravitate toward buildings that utilize clean tech, I would say the seller is dillusional about buyers not caring whether a place is green or not. However, that being said, who the f$!k wants to pay over $1mill to live ON THE FREEWAY (http://maps.google.com/maps?q=338+Holladay,+San+Francisco,+CA)?!

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