767 Bryant
767 Bryant is a 20 unit building on Bryant near 6th which was apparently converted from apartment use to condominiums. The first “phase” of eight units hit the market this week with units ranging in size from about 900 to 3,500 sq.ft., and prices ranging from $676,920 to $1,850,000. The full “Phase I” rundown:
∙ 767 Bryant #409 (1/2) – $676,920
∙ 767 Bryant #410 (1/2) – $856,000
∙ 767 Bryant #207 (2/3) – $933,000
∙ 767 Bryant #202 (2/3) – $1,092,000
∙ 767 Bryant #403 (1/2) – $1,100,000
∙ 767 Bryant #210 (2/3) – $1,200,000
∙ 767 Bryant #201 (2/3) – $1,013,500
∙ 767 Bryant #203 (2/3) – $1,850,000
The Grand Opening celebration for 767 Bryant was originally advertised for August 11 & 12 (we have no idea if it ever happened), but up until yesterday, the 767 Bryant website was advertising a “Grand Opening” event for this evening (the link has since been removed).
According to Damion, tonight’s event is still a go. And we’ll reserve judgment on the building until we’ve had a chance to do a walk-through.
767 Bryant [767bryant.com]
767 Bryant [SFCONDO]

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by Dan

    There were commercials on cable TV last night for these condos. My partner looked up the website from the commercial, but the website works only in IE, not in Firefox. Not smart, especially since potential buyers are tech savvy types, who are more likely to be using Firefox.

  2. Posted by Sexy & Sassy in SF

    Only one cool mil to live a syringe’s throw away from Crackville? Hmmm …

  3. Posted by Subodh

    Lets say one wants to buy 676920 condo. Assume you can put down 20% that is $132000 of downpayment. Now assume you go for 30 year fixed at 6.00%. Your monthly payment is 3250.00. Plus you have HOA of $450. So at minimum you are looking at $3700 per month for this loft. One has to be insane to pay that kind of money or you must have some free money from some stock options….

  4. Posted by SocketSite

    Subodh – Based on a quick scan of the floor plans, we’d guess the photo above is from unit #403 which is listed at $1.1M. So with 20% down ($220K), and a 30 year fixed ($880K Jumbo at 6.8%), you’re actually looking at a $5,8000 monthly mortgage payment (and a monthly HOA fee of $618) for *this* one.

  5. Posted by Annonymous

    Don’t forget property taxes on $1.1 million add about $1,045 to your monthly cost….

  6. Posted by Khajagoogoo

    “One has to be insane to pay that kind of money…”
    You see, realtors believe that a sucker is born every minute!

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    yeah but dont forget to factor in the “pride of ownership”…

  8. Posted by heather

    how come you don’t have any up to date information about the lofts at 767 bryant? Everything is dated from August of LAST YEAR. It is now April of 2007, developers have changed direction.
    new website is:
    lowered prices, updated ammenities, and fantastic buyer incentives.
    [Editor’s Note: We published an update two weeks ago.]

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