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Framework To Legalize, But Limit, Airbnb-ing In SF Approved

Supervisor Chiu’s proposed framework to legalize, but limit, short-term rentals in San Francisco has been amended and approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission.  The framework will now head to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to review. While the proposed limit of allowing a unit to be rented for no more than 90 days per year Read More »

Public Registry Of All Short-Term Rentals And Strict Limits Proposed

Supervisor David Chiu’s proposed law which would lift the existing outright ban on short-term rentals in San Francisco but establish a new set of rules and disclosures by which all hosts and “Hosting Platforms,” such as Airbnb, would have to adhere, or be subject to a penalty of up to $1,000 a day, will be reviewed by San Francisco’s Planning Read More »

Ballot Measure To Clampdown On Airbnb-ing Moves Ahead

The backers of the proposed ballot measure which would clampdown on illegal short-term rentals and Airbnb’s business in San Francisco by instituting the “Neighborhood Preservation and Public Revenue Recovery Ordinance” have amended the ordinance to eliminate the explicit threat of criminal prosecution and incarceration for scofflaws. The amendment, however, simply removes a bit of duplicative language from Read More »

Welcome to the Neighborhood Preservation and Public Revenue Recovery Ordinance

While Supervisor Chiu moves forward with a proposed amendment to regulate short-term rentals in San Francisco, a more onerous ballot measure designed to greatly limit the “illegal use of housing for tourist accommodations” in San Francisco has been filed with the Department of Elections. The preamble to the proposed measure which would establish the Neighborhood Preservation and Read More »

Law To Restrict Airbnb Rentals In San Francisco Filed

The language for San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu’s proposed law which would lift the outright ban on short-term rentals in San Francisco but establish a new set of rules by which hosts and “Hosting Platforms,” such as Airbnb, would have to adhere or be subject to a penalty of up to $1,000 a day has been drafted Read More »

Behind The Ballot Measure To Restrict Airbnb’s Business In SF

As we first reported yesterday, a proposed ballot measure to further restrict, or in some cases ban, short-term rentals in San Francisco is expected to be submitted to San Francisco’s Department of Elections today. The proposed initiative would prohibit short-term rentals in neighborhoods which are not zoned for commercial use, would create a public registry Read More »

Ballot Measure To Further Limit Or Ban Short-Term Rentals In SF

According to an email from David Owen, Airbnb’s Regional Head of Public Policy, to a number of hosts, “a ballot initiative being drafted by opponents of home sharing that will be introduced tomorrow that would severely limit — and possibly ban — short-term rentals in San Francisco.” While details for the proposed initiative have yet Read More »

San Francisco’s City Attorney Sues Short-Term Rental Scofflaws

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has filed two lawsuits against landlords in San Francisco for illegally converting their apartments into short-term rentals, which the property owners then marketed through online platforms such as Airbnb, Homeway, and VRBO. “In the midst of a housing crisis of historic proportions, illegal short-term rental conversions of our scarce Read More »

Law Would Ban Full-Time Airbnb Rentals, Require Registration

Supervisor David Chiu is slated to introduce new legislation this afternoon which would lift the outright ban on short-term rentals in San Francisco but establish a new set of rules by which airbnb hosts and others would have to adhere. In multiunit buildings, the legislation would allow short-term rentals only in apartments where someone lives Read More »

How To Lose Up To $1,000 A Day (Or Your Lease) Using Airbnb

Supervisor Chiu’s proposed amendment to San Francisco’s Administrative Code Chapter 41A which allows for civil penalties of up to $1,000 a day for renting, or re-renting, an apartment in San Francisco for less than 30 days is back in front of San Francisco’s Land Use and Economic Development Committee this afternoon. Once again, Supervisor Chiu’s Read More »

Airbnb: A Potential Civil And Criminal Penalty Hit List?

According to San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 41A, it is “unlawful for any owner to offer an apartment unit for rent for tourist or transient use,” defined as “occupancy for less than a 30-day term of tenancy.” Any interested party may institute proceedings for injunctive and monetary relief for violation of this Chapter. In addition, Read More »