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Oakland Adopts Emergency Rent Control

A whittled down 90-day moratorium on rent increases that surpass the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (which has been running around one percent per year) was adopted by Oakland’s City Council early this morning. A proposed provision which would have also prohibited evictions without cause was eliminated... Read More »

SF’s Bonus Height Program Amended to Limit Impact and ‘Abuse’

SF’s Bonus Height Program Amended to Limit Impact and ‘Abuse’

The terms of San Francisco’s proposed Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP), which would allow developers to build up to three stories higher than currently zoned, have been amended. And while a public hearing for the amended program will be held this week, the potential adoption of the AHBP has... Read More »

Developer Angelo Sangiacomo Dies at 91 Years of Age

Developer Angelo Sangiacomo, who founded Trinity Properties back in 1949, has passed away at 91 years of age. Known by some as “the father of rent control” in San Francisco, as Trinity’s dominance and practice of escalating rents in the 1970’s is widely regarded as leading to the passage... Read More »

City Seeks Injunction to Combat Predator Landlord

Accused of waging an ongoing war of  “harassment, intimidation, and retaliation” against dozens of rent-controlled tenants in an attempt to raise her rent-roll, City Attorney Dennis Herrera is now seeking an injunction to stop Anne Kihagi from continuing to harass and illegally evict tenants in the buildings which she now... Read More »

Evictions Are Up In San Francisco, As Are Reported Buyout Amounts

Over the past four months, tenants of 47 rent-controlled apartments in San Francisco have negotiated buyouts to vacate their units, with an average payout of $43,000.  The highest buyout was for $310,000. And in fact, the average buyout reported to the San Francisco Rent Board, as newly required by... Read More »

Affordable Housing Bond Report And Average Rent-Control Tenancy

Affordable Housing Bond Report And Average Rent-Control Tenancy

An interesting factoid with respect to rent control tenants in San Francisco from the City’s Economic Impact Report for the proposed $310 million General Obligation bond to support Affordable Housing in San Francisco which will appear on this November’s ballot: The average tenancy for a rent-controlled apartment in San... Read More »

Legislation To Close Eviction ‘Loophole’ Drafted

The merger or absorption of a non-permitted apartment back into the square footage of an existing house, a tactic which has been employed to re-establish properties as single-family homes in order to circumvent rent control and effectively evict tenants by raising their rents to market rates (or more) in... Read More »

Should Roommates Benefit From A Master Tenant’s Buyout?

Mid five-figure offers for tenants to vacate rent-controlled apartments are not uncommon in San Francisco.  And even six-figure offers have been made (and accepted). A couple of questions from a reader with respect to said buyouts, questions which we’d be willing to bet are based on more than idle... Read More »

Tenant Buyouts Are On The Rise In S.F., As Are The Dollars Involved

Tenant Buyouts Are On The Rise In S.F., As Are The Dollars Involved

The number of tenants in rent controlled apartments who received a buyout offer to vacate and sought counseling from the San Francisco Tenants Union has increased from 90 in 2007 to 175 in 2013. While the maximum offer reported to the Tenants Union was $80,000, the average offer was... Read More »