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The Early Election Results in San Francisco

The Early Election Results in San Francisco

Based on a tally of 273,736 ballots cast, which is roughly half of the 513,623 potential votes in San Francisco, here are early results for the real estate related ballot measures we’re tracking: Proposition B (Parcel Tax to Fund City College): 80% YES / 20% NO Proposition C (Financing... Read More »

Over 20 Percent Of Votes Have Yet To Be Counted, But…

While we had estimated 40,000 or so mail-in and provisional ballots had yet to be counted after the early results were released on Election Day, the actual number appears to be closer to 50,000, or around 30 percent of all ballots cast. The uncounted votes could theoretically swing the... Read More »

San Francisco Election Results, No Real Surprises To Be Had

With 100 percent of San Francisco’s precincts reporting, but plenty of mail-in and provisional ballots yet to be counted, the early results for all the key measures below are holding. But the margin for the so-called Airbnb Measure F has narrowed (down to 55 percent No), as has the... Read More »

An Additional 16,732 Votes And The Outcome Remains The Same

An additional 16,732 vote-by-mail ballots which had not been counted by the end of Election Day have been added to the tally.  While the total voter turnout is now up to 26 percent, it’s still on track to set an all-time low.  And the results for Proposition B remain... Read More »

Proposition B To Limit Building Heights Passes: 59% Yes / 41% No

Proposition B To Limit Building Heights Passes: 59% Yes / 41% No

With 100 percent of precincts having reported, San Francisco Proposition B which will require voter approval for any increase in the existing height limits for property currently under control of the Port of San Francisco has passed with 59.4% of ballots marked YES versus 40.6% marked NO. Local Measure A which... Read More »

Don’t Let A Record Low Turnout Decide The Waterfront’s Fate

As of yesterday, 62,875 of the 236,054 vote-by-mail ballots which had been issued to voters in San Francisco for today’s election had been returned. And as such, with 435,757 registered voters in San Francisco, the “turnout” will be at least 14 percent.  And embarrassingly, it might not be too much... Read More »

San Francisco’s Certified 2013 Election Results

With late vote-by-mail and provisional ballots having been added over the past week, the San Francisco election results from November 5, 2013 have just been certified and the final count for the number of ballots cast is 128,937 which represents 29.3 percent of registered voters, 66 percent of which... Read More »

Early SF Election Results: Measures B And C Facing Defeat

Based only on the results of 56,131 mail-in ballots returned, a quarter of the 238,235 which were issued, San Francisco Ballot Measure B which would clear the way for the development of 8 Washington Street as approved is losing the dueling ballot measure fight with 55% of the mail-in... Read More »