April 10, 2014

The Makeover And Return Of A Townsend Street Warehouse


The former warehouse building on the southwest corner of Townsend and 2nd Streets is preparing for a makeover which will remove the non-historic elements from its façade (fire escapes, ducts and pipes), replace the windows, and repaint with a new color scheme.


And if approved, a deck will be constructed on the roof, although the deck seems to have been rendered without the new building between 101 Townsend and the ballpark:


The 43,500 square foot building is slated to be available for occupancy at the beginning of June and will return to the market in warm shell condition following the makeover.

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September 12, 2013

San Francisco's Future Skyline And Transit Center Fully Animated

The latest animation for San Francisco's future Transbay Transit Center in which the Center is fully rendered, both inside and out, not only includes the 1,070-foot tall Transbay Tower to rise at the corner of First and Mission, but twenty-three other area developments and two parks which are either under construction, approved or slated to be built.

The full list, links and breakdown for all the new developments which make an appearance above:

1. 50 First Street (Office/Residential)
2. 201 Folsom Street (LUMINA) (Residential/Retail)
3. 530 Folsom Street (Rene Cazenave Apartments)
4. Foundry Square III (Office)
5. 181 Fremont Street (Office/Residential)
6. 325 Fremont Street (Residential)
7. 340 Fremont Street (Residential)
8. 399 Fremont Street (Residential)
9. 75 Howard Street (Residential)
10. 524 Howard Street (Residential)
11. 45 Lansing Street (Residential)
12. 350 Mission Street (Office)
13. 535 Mission Street (Office)
14. One Rincon Tower 2 (Residential)
15. Oscar Park (Park)
16. 222 Second Street (Office)
17. 41 Tehama Street (Residential)
18. Transbay Block 1 (Residential)
19. Transbay Blocks 2/3/4 (current Temporary Terminal) (Residential and Park)
20. Transbay Block 5 (TBD)
21. Transbay Block 6/7 (Residential/Retail)
23. Tranbay Block 8 (Residential)
24. Transbay Block 9 (Residential)

And yes, there are more to come.

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A Peek Inside The All-New Glen Park Pad At 30 Conrad


The undeveloped Glen Park lot at 30 Conrad was purchased for $310,000 in February of 2012 without any approvals to build, approvals which were judiciously secured.


And upon the lot, a contemporary three-story over garage home has since been built.


Designed by Felipe Rodriguez, a steel, glass and wood staircase connects the floors:


And while the Glen Park pad hasn't yet been listed, it has been priced at $2,749,000 with room for two cars in the garage below, a roof top deck above, and four bedrooms in-between.


∙ Listing: 30 Conrad (4/3.5) - $2,749,000 | Floor Plans []

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August 27, 2013

Coming Soon: Sixteen Modern Condos On 20th Street


The sales office gallery for the sixteen Stanley Saitowitz designed Dogpatch condos at 616 20th Street is slated to open its doors mid-October. Behind the sawtooth façade, the minimalist units will feature "ultra-modern" finishes and "open-concept" layouts:


A rooftop deck atop the five-story building will provide a communal entertaining area while eleven parking spaces and a commercial space will compose the ground floor.


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May 21, 2013

Rebroadcasting As "The Lofts At Seven" In The Tenderloin


The redevelopment of Channel 7’s old West Coast broadcasting building site at 277 Golden Gate Avenue is nearly complete with the Tenderloin development between Hyde and Leavenworth slated to hit the market as "The Lofts at Seven" this July.


With 88 rental units, The Lofts at Seven's offering will inlcude 31 studios, 12 junior one-bedrooms, and 45 split-level one-bedroom lofts with 18-foot ceilings:


Studios range from 275 square feet to 450 square feet, junior one bedrooms from 400 to 525 square feet, and one bedroom lofts from 400 square feet to 850 square feet. A 6,500-square-foot roof deck will be outfitted with an outdoor cinema, barbeques, and fire pit.

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March 15, 2013

Dogtown South Of Market Style

Soma Skate Park Site

On the agenda for San Francisco's Land Use Committee next week, the formal designation of the two Caltrans parcels underneath the Central Freeway between Valencia and Otis Streets for use as the SoMa West Skate Park and Dog Play Area:


With designs first drafted by Newline Skateparks in 2009, and a lease for the parcels finally secured, construction on the skate park between Otis and Stevenson Streets, and a dog play area between Stevenson and Valencia, is finally slated to commence this May.


Originally designed to include basketball courts and a small children's’ playground as well, in order to build a big enough area for dogs to run and play, the adjacent area set aside for the courts and playground will be used for parking City cars that will be displaced when the skate park is constructed rather than encroaching on the area for dogs.

In the words of the Department of Public Works: "It turns out that air quality concerns would have prevented a playground in that space anyway." Apparently the Department isn't as concerned for the skaters or dogs.

SoMa West - Skate Park and Dog Play Area []

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January 19, 2013

The 43,580 New Units In San Francisco's Current Housing Pipeline

San Francisco's Housing Pipeline: Q2 2012 (www.SocketSite,.com)

In 2011, less than a hundred market rate housing units came to the market in San Francisco. Including subsidized housing and accounting for units lost through demolition, merger or the like, a total of only 269 housing units were produced.

Today, there are over 3,930 new housing units under construction in San Francisco, most of which are market rate and a couple thousand of which will hit the market over the next year, numbers which shouldn't catch any plugged-in people by surprise.

Building permits for another 2,700 units having been approved with permits for 2,870 units requested, a total of over 5,500 mroe housing units which should start hitting the market in two to four years.

Another 28,010 housing units have been approved to be built by Planning which includes 10,500 units by Candlestick, 7,800 units on Treasure Island and 5,680 units in Park-Merced, projects which still have timelines measured in decades, not years.

With plans for an additional 6,080 housing units on the boards, San Francisco’s total Housing Pipeline currently totals 43,580 units. For context, a total of 10,438 housing units have been constructed in San Francisco since 2007, a total of 24,519 new units since 2000.

With respect to the pipeline of commercial development in San Francisco: 830,000 square feet are under construction; building permits for 963,000 square feet have been issued; building permits for another 2,546,000 square feet have been requested; and another 5,828,000 square feet of commercial development has been approved.

The latest San Francisco Pipeline Report which includes a breakdown of all the development by neighborhood:

San Francisco's Housing Pipeline: 4,200 New Units On The Way [SocketSite]
San Francisco’s Total Housing Inventory And Pipeline Report [SocketSite]
Is A Lack Of Density Cooking San Francisco's Golden Tech Goose? [SocketSite]
Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan For 10,500 New Units Approved! [SocketSite]
Treasure Island Redevelopment Plans Approved! (Appeal Rejected) [SocketSite]
The Parkmerced Thirty Year Plan: Public Scoping Meeting Tonight [SocketSite]

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January 17, 2013

The Public Art And Plaza To Adorn The Towers At Market And Tenth

1401 Market Rendering

Having been commissioned to fulfill the One Percent for Art requirement at 1411 Market Street, the two towers with 754 residential units rising at the corner of Market and Tenth Streets, artist Topher Delaney is scheduled to present her vision for two public art installations to San Francisco's Planning Commission this afternoon.

One installation will be located on the northerly façade of the southerly 19-story tower in the form of "a cast concrete weave inspired by the Japanese art of basketry."


The second installation, "cartographic etchings, sculptural stone pieces and sculptural vessel installations with planted materials" will be located in a grade-level plaza at the intersection of 10th and Market Streets, adjacent to the northerly 35-story tower:




While the final art concepts and locations are "required to be submitted for review by the Planning Director in consultation with the Planning Commission," and the Planning Department is "seeking comments from the Planning Commission as to the concept and location of the proposed public art installation at 1411 Market Street" this afternoon, keep in mind that the concrete weave upon 1411 Market Street has already started to be cast.

1401 Market Street: Redesigned And Cleared For Construction [SocketSite]
The 1% And Proposed Trust Fund Even Occupiers Should Support [SocketSite]

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September 12, 2012

San Francisco Water Taxi/Shuttle Services Set For October Launch

Piers 1½ to 5

Five years ago, San Francisco Waterfront Partners built San Francisco’s first water taxi launch at Pier 1½ on the Embarcadero in conjunction with their $55 million rehabilitation of Piers 1½, 3 and 5; a launch for which no water taxi service existed.

From Port Executive Director Monique Moyer when the first launch was unveiled in 2007:

"We look forward to the day when our waterfront is connected by a series of convenient and enjoyable water transit stops, and the Port is working with its private-sector partners to bring this vision to fruition."

Yesterday, San Francisco's Port Commission voted to approve both water taxi and shuttle services in San Francisco, starting as early as October 1. Pier 1½ will serve as the landing for the Ferry Building Waterfront Area.

Piers 1½ to 5

Landing rights have also been granted at the Hyde Street Harbor and South Beach Marina with others in the works.

San Francisco Water Taxi Service Take Two [SocketSite]

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September 11, 2012

A Sneak Peek Inside The Hidden NoPa Loft At 1830 McAllister

1830 McAllister

Hidden behind the single-story façade at 1830 McAllister, a dramatically designed one-bedroom NoPa loft has been constructed and rather creatively outfitted.

1830 McAllister Inside

Bookended by windows, and with two skylights over an eighteen foot ceiling between, the roughly 2,500 square foot space boasts a surprising amount of natural light:

1830 McAllister Kitchen.jpg

And while not yet official inventory, 1830 McAllister is about to be listed for $1,500,000.

1830 McAllister Bedroom

1830 McAllister Bath

∙ Listing: 1830 McAllister (1/1) - $1,500,000 []

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August 2, 2012

Modern On Montezuma

16 Montezuma

Purchased for $650,000 as a two-bedroom in 2000, in 2003 the north Bernal Victorian at 16 Montezuma underwent a modern remodeling and expansion designed by Ross Levy.

16 Montezuma Schematic

The project, a single family residence located on a steep up-sloping lot in Bernal Heights, is a remodel and addition to the original Victorian house capturing views of the city while also providing access to the backyard.
The third floor addition of a Master Bedroom Suite is designed with a lounge area that extends to a new roof deck.
Existing interior rooms were reconfigured to create an open plan connecting the Living, Dining, and Kitchen areas together and allowing light to travel through the space.

16 Montezuma Kitchen

Next week, the now three-bedroom home will return to the market listed for $1,275,000.

∙ 16 Montezuma Street []
∙ Coming Soon: 16 Montezuma (3/3) - $1,275,000 []

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July 18, 2012

Armistead Maupin's Storied San Francisco Home Hitting The Market

27 Belmont Avenue (

From Armistead Maupin's novel "The Night Listener":

Out of habit, I approached the house from the sidewalk across the street, where I could see it in context: three narrow stories notched into the wooded slope. Its new cedar shingles were still too pallid for its dark green trim, but another season or two of rain would turn them into tarnished silver. I’d been eagerly awaiting that. I’d wanted the place to look ancestral, as if we had lived there forever.

The house was 27 Belmont Avenue, which Maupin has owned since 1993, the year in which Maupin’s "Tales of the City" miniseries was first broadcast in America.

Tomorrow, the Parnassus Heights property at 27 Belmont will hit the market priced by Bernie Katzmann at $1,198,000 as Maupin and his husband are leaving his storied San Francisco behind and heading to Santa Fe.

And yes, the shingles have since tarnished.

UPDATE: 27 Belmont has officially hit the market, listed at 1,606 square feet and looking a lot less tarnished on the inside.

27 Belmont Avenue Living

∙ Listing: 27 Belmont (3/2) 1,606 sqft - $1,198,000 []
Armistead Maupin []
Have You Heard The One About The House With Over 50 Offers? [SocketSite]

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February 3, 2012

Are You Feeling Lucky Bowlers? Well, Are You?

Lucky Strike Construction (

While currently a construction zone, according to a plugged-in tipster, Lucky Strike is aiming to open their doors at 200 King Street by the end of the month, filling a rather large retail hole in South Beach which was Mission Bay when Borders vacated back in 2010.

The Incredible Shrinking Mission Bay (And Expanding South Beach) [SocketSite]
Mission Bay South Beach Borders Closing Its Doors October 16 [SocketSite]

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September 9, 2011

2020 Jackson’s Storied Past (And Currently Staging)

2020 Jackson (

Designed by Julius Kraft and built in 1902 by Wells Fargo Bank President Isaias Hellman as a wedding gift for his daughter, 2020 Jackson Street served as the makeshift headquarters of Wells Fargo following San Francisco's great quake and fire in 1906.

A 1991 Decorator Showcase home, details from which remain in the formal dining room and throughout, in 2004 the 10,900 square foot property was purchased for $22,500,000 by the Catherine Schwab Revocable Trust.

Recently emptied, it’s a plugged-in tipster that catches the Arthur McLaughlin trucks coming and going as the property quietly prepares to publicly hit the market with a splash, most likely in a week or two.

UPDATE: It's a plugged-in reader that gets the credit for discovering a treasure trove of photos from when the property was last on the market. Get 'em while you can.

2020 Jackson: Stairs

2020 Jackson: Dining

Isaias W. Hellman []

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June 10, 2011

121 9th Street Unwrapped And 20 New Condos A Few Weeks Away

Plugged-in people have known what was rising, and what had been, at 121 9th Street. And they now know the building, having recently been unwrapped, should be construction complete in two or three weeks and 20 new residential condos are coming soon.

121 9th Street Rising (And From Diptych To Triptych If You'll Please) [SocketSite]

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June 2, 2011

Ellison Report Kicked To The Curb

2840 Broadway Aerial

We took some offline heat from various readers for not jumping on a report by Curbed that Larry Ellison was buying 2840 Broadway (center above) for $40,000,000, a report that was republished on Yahoo! and picked up by others without apparently being fact checked.

So why didn’t we run with it? Quite simply, we couldn’t confirm the story which contradicted our earlier report that Malin and Max would soon be bringing the property to market.

From Ellison today:

"All of the newspaper stories reporting that I am buying the house next-door to my San Francisco home [Editor’s Note: to the right of 2840 Broadway above] for $40 million are untrue," said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "No one has ever offered to sell me the house next-door for $40 million or any other price. If someone does offer to sell me the house next-door for $40 million or an amount anywhere near $40 million I will not buy it."

That's not to say Ellison won't be the eventual buyer, but it is to say that he's not in contract for $40 million as misreported.

Another Big Billionaire's Row Home Coming Soon: 2840 Broadway [SocketSite]

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May 25, 2011

Another Big Billionaire's Row Home Coming Soon: 2840 Broadway

2840 Broadway (

As a plugged-in tipster notes, Arthur McLaughlin's red trucks have been coming and going from the late Dodie Rosenkrans’ Pacific Heights mansion at 2840 Broadway, a Willis Polk designed home adjacent to Ellison’s modern manse on San Francisco’s Billionaire's Row.

While Sotheby’s is handing the sale of the bulk of the estate’s rather impressive art, jewelry and antiquities collection, let us be the first to tell you it’s Malin who will soon be bringing the Pacific Heights mansion of 17,286 square feet (per tax records) to market.

With 2808 Broadway still on the market for $25,000,000, 2701 Broadway for $32,000,000, 2905 Broadway for $33,900,000, 2901 Broadway for $45,000,000, and 2845 Broadway for $47,000,000, it’s safe to assume the list price for 2840 Broadway will be a bit more than the current tax assessed value of $2,666,615 (purchased for $1.6 million in 1979).

In fact, last year’s tax bill of $30,990 for 2840 Broadway will likely be closer to the monthly tax bill for the property once it changes hands.

UPDATE: Another perspective on the property (dead center below) which looks deceptively "little" from the façade, at least relative to its 17,000 square feet.


The Collection of Dodie Rosenkrans []
Friday Fun: Name This House [SocketSite]
2808 Broadway Becomes Official Gold Coast Inventory At $25M [SocketSite]
2701 Broadway: Despite The SFPD A Plugged-In Reader Reports [SocketSite]
Belli Would Be Fired Up As 2950 Broadway Is Reduced By $5,600,000 [SocketSite]
A $3,000,000 Reduction (That Might Not Seem Like So Much To Some) [SocketSite]
2845 Broadway Is Withdrawn In 2010 After 1400 DOM At $65,000,000 [SocketSite]
Save A Collective $21,700,000 On Hyde And Upper Broadway [SocketSite]

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April 21, 2011

A Plugged-In Sneak Peek Inside "Everson Grove" (2 Everson)

2 Everson at Night

The property hasn’t yet been listed, and interior shots have yet to be uploaded to its website, but we’ve got a couple of sneak peaks inside 2 Everson, the latest project from NOVA Designs+Builds.

2 Everson Entrance

Purchased for $1,350,000 this past July as a "contractors special short sale of a concept house shell under reconstruction," the roughly 5,000 square foot finished home dubbed "Everson Grove" is about to hit the market listed for $3,800,000.

2 Everson Living

That's the interior living room above, the covered outdoor living room/deck below.

2 Everson Terrace

UPDATE: Interior photos, including the kitchen, are now available online.

2 Everson Kitchen

UPDATE (4/22): Now officially listed as well.

∙ Listing: 2 Everson (4/5) - $3,800,000 [] [Floor Plans] [MLS]

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April 6, 2011

399 Fremont: April Showers (And Site Prep) Will Bring...Wildflowers

399 Fremont Flowers

As we wrote last June:

Approved for development in 2006 with a performance period set to expire in June 2008, Fifield started clearing the site for the proposed Californian at 399 Freemont in November of 2007. In August of 2008 the Planning Commission granted a 12 month extension of the performance period to June 2009, and then again in June 2009 to June 15, 2010.
On Thursday the Planning Commission is expected to grant another 12 month extension for the now 452 unit (and 238 parking spot) project which would expire on June 15, 2011. The site will be planted and bloom with wildflowers in the interim.

And while one curious tipster is hopeful that this weekend’s site work is a sign that the Californian is on the rise, as Jamie Whitaker reports, it’s actually the Fifield folks prepping the Fremont lot for the aforementioned wildflower meadow ten months into the interim.

Once again, a rough rendering of what’s expected to eventually rise on the site:

399 Fremont Rendering

399 Fremont: Interim Plans Set To Bloom For The Californian Site [SocketSite]
The Californian on Rincon Hill: 375 Fremont St. [SocketSite]
Are They Clearing The Way For Someone's Californian On Rincon Hill? [SocketSite]
The Californian on Rincon Hill (375 Fremont): Website And Renderings [SocketSite]
The Californian On Rincon Hill: No Longer Coming Soon (If At All) [SocketSite]
Native California Wildflower Meadow Interim Use at 399 Fremont []

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April 5, 2011

San Francisco's First Fresh & Easy Should Open Second Week In May

Fresh & Easy Outer Richmond: 4/5/11 (

According to a plugged-in reader and a construction worker on site, the first Fresh & Easy in San Francisco should open its doors in the Outer Richmond the second week in May at the corner of Clement and 32nd Avenue.

Fresh & Easy San Francisco In The Outer Richmond By Early Next Year [SocketSite]

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March 28, 2011

1840 Washington: Rendering, Timeline And Floor Plan Scoop

1840 Washington Rendering (

It was two and a half years ago that we first plugged you in to the plans for 26 new units at 1840 Washington and a year ago when construction commenced. And while we managed some rough renderings last year, we now have the inside scoop on the latest rendering above and most of the floor plans below (click to enlarge).

The building is expected to be construction complete mid-September and will yield eighteen (18) two-bedrooms, six (6) one-bedrooms, and two (2) three-bedroom penthouses with private 600 square foot terraces.

One car parking and same-floor storage for each unit while a rooftop terrace with built-in BBQ will be shared. Prices have yet to be set, you'll be the first to know when they are.

The SocketSite Scoop On 1840 Washington: Demo And 26 New Condos [SocketSite]
1840 Washington: Construction Commences (And Calling All Tipsters) [SocketSite]
1840 Washington: The Design (By Way Of A Plugged-In Tipster) [SocketSite]

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The Smitten Ice Cream Scoop: T-Minus Two-ish Weeks

Smitten Ice Cream: 3/28/11 (

It was a plugged-in reader that first caught the first few Proxy containers in transit with Smitten Ice Cream’s two leading the charge.

Smitten 3/28/11 (

Since anchored with systems and three of four "Kelvin's" in place, it should be two-ish weeks before Smitten’s walk-up instant ice cream bar opens its roll-up door for the public.

The Containers Are Coming! The Containers Are Coming! [SocketSite]
The Evolution Of EnvelopeA+D’s Proxy Project For Parcels K+L [SocketSite]

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March 24, 2011

It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas In Hayes Valley

It’s not yet listed and its website is still coming soon, but we have the inside scoop on the music video that's been produced to showcase 457 Oak Street #1.

Purchased for $425,000 in October 2008, the one-bedroom TIC is returning to the market asking $429,000 with a new gas line run to the kitchen and to which a gas range with convection oven is now attached.

Consider the market (and background music) bar officially raised.

∙ Coming Soon: 457 Oak Street #1 (1/1) - $429,000 (TIC) []

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March 1, 2011

The Containers Are Coming! The Containers Are Coming!

Hayes Valley Parcels K+L Containers

A plugged-in tipster reports: "Looks like they're hauling the containers to the site of the [Proxy Project For Parcels K+L] at Hayes and Octavia today." Mmm…biergarten.

The Evolution Of EnvelopeA+D’s Proxy Project For Parcels K+L [SocketSite]
Mmm…Beer (Garden) In The Works For Parcel L (424 Octavia) [SocketSite]

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January 31, 2011

3953 Sacramento Returns Anew Again

3953 Sacramento Kitchen

As we wrote this past August:

Purchased out of probate as a vacant two-unit building in need of TLC and sold "as-is" with "no further responsibility/liability implied or expressed whatsoever" this past January, 3953 Sacramento has returned to the market asking $3,525,000 as a "renovated to the studs" single-family home with "au pair" unit below.
Permits would suggest that the two-bedroom on the third floor was relocated to the first while the one-bedroom on the second floor was combined with the third, although the new listing notes three bedrooms on the third floor and only one on the first.

Withdrawn from the market in December without a reported sale, according to a plugged-in tipster the property should return to the market this week with new photography, new floor plans, and a new lower list price of $3,200,000.

∙ Listing: 3953-3955 Sacramento (4/4.5) - $3,200,000 []
3953 Sacramento Returns As A Single-Family Home Plus "Au Pair" [SocketSite]

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January 21, 2011

Tehama Grasshopper (431 Tehama) Comes Hopping Back

431 Tehama #2 Living

According to a plugged-in tipster, the 5,000 square foot Fougeron Architecture designed "Tehama Grasshopper" loft also known as 431 Tehama #2 is hopping back on the market. Listed in August 2009 asking $4,128,000, the 2007 AIA Tour home was withdrawn from the market in February 2010 and will be listed for $3,995,000 in 2011.

This time, however, the 3,000 square foot commercial condo below the Grasshopper also known as 431 Tehama #1 (or Fougeron Architecture’s HQ) is hitting the market at the same time asking $1,500,000 (mini not included but we bet it could be negotiated).

431 Tehama (Image Source:

Call it $5,495,000 for 8,000 designer square feet.

Fougeron's "Tehama Grasshopper" (431 Tehama #2) Hits The Market [SocketSite]
San Francisco Living: Home Tours (A Chance To Comment In General) [SocketSite]
Fougeron Architecture []

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January 11, 2011

From 100% Financing To 100% Bank-Owned For 2312 Gough

2312 Gough

"Extensively remodeled" and expaned in early 2000, the "sophisticated Victorian three-story home" at 2312 Gough ("conveniently located within just two blocks from Lafayette Park") was listed for $2,580,000 and sold for $3,000,000 that May.

Returned to the market four years later listed for $2,500,000 and likely expecting a similar result, the 3,986 square foot property sold for $2,600,000 with 100 percent financing in July 2004, subsequently refinanced in September 2006 with a $2,630,000 note.

Listed for sale at $2,595,000 this past February but then withdrawn in May, by August the borrower owner had fallen $76,878 past due and the property returned to the MLS at $2,595,000 in October. In November a notice of trustee sale was filed.

With no open market buyers at its 2004 price nor any bidders at its opening bid of $2,100,000 on the courthouse steps, 2312 Gough was returned to the bank last week.

Apples To Apples To Apples (And 100% Financing) For 2312 Gough [SocketSite]

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The Full 2209 9th Avenue Scoop: Sold And...Coming Back Soon

As we confirmed yesterday, our tipster was correct and the Henry Hill designed District 4 home at 2209 9th Avenue sold to a private party on the courthouse steps in December.

So here’s the full plugged-in scoop, while the bank’s published bid for the foreclosure auction of 2209 9th on December 3rd was $977,367, the opening bid was actually $556,488, and the winning bid $687,900 cash (or rather cashier's checks).

The buyer has since reconfigured the kitchen with new cabinets and counters tops, refinished the floors, and repainted. And the property will be back on the market by the end of the month with an expected list price under $900,000.

Once again, the Forest Hill home last sold on the open market for $1,126,000 in 2005 with a $900,800 loan ($225,200 down) and has now been remodeled twice since.

Oh Henry! As 2209 9th Avenue Is Handed Back To The Bank Sold! [SocketSite]
Two Well Designed Data Points We Wouldn't Dismiss Out Of Hand [SocketSite]
Mid-Century Modern That’s Been Remodeled: 2209 9th Avenue [SocketSite]
Another Mid-Century Modern Casualty: A Shift In Tastes Or Appetites? [SocketSite]
A Well Designed District 4 Data Point Is Withdrawn (2209 9th Ave) [SocketSite]

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November 10, 2010

Whole Foods Concerned About Market (Street), Delaying On Haight

2001 Market Street Whole Foods

The parking and traffic concerns that are being blamed for torpedoing a Trader Joe's in the Castro are now front and center with respect to the planned Whole Foods at 2001 Market.

"They have a potential queuing problem," said Bill Wycko, the department's environmental review officer, referring to concerns that cars will be backed up and blocking traffic while waiting to get into the store's planned 60-space parking lot off Dolores Street.
"If they can't manage the queuing issue, paid parking would become a tool," he said.
"The issue is definitely something we're concerned about, especially as it can impose an unfair competitive burden on us compared to other stores in the area," said Adam Smith, Whole Foods' design and construction coordinator.

The 2001 Market Street project is scheduled to be presented to the Planning Commission next month. Assuming approval, the Prado Group plans to start construction on the development next fall which would enable the grocery store to open in 2012 and residential units fall 2012.

And while originally expected to open in time for the December holidays, it appears as though its opening of the Whole Foods at the corner of Stanyan and Haight has been pushed back to February 2011 as construction on the Cala conversion continues on.

Trader Joe’s Reportedly "Outed" From The Castro Over Traffic [SocketSite]
Drawings And Details For The Proposed Development Of 2001 Market [SocketSite]
Parking threatens to curb Whole Foods in Castro [SFGate]
Whole Foods Here By End Of The Year As Cala Gutting Commences [SocketSite]

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November 4, 2010

Lucky Number Slevin Seven: The Penthouse Atop 1001 California

1001 California #7 Living

The highest full-floor unit atop the William Randolph Hearst built Beaux Arts building at 1001 California is poised to publicly hit the market. Purchased for $2,972,500 in June 2006, new lighting, integrated A/V, and a new kitchen have all been added to the 2,731 square foot number seven since (i.e., the sale won't be perfectly "apples-to-apples").

1001 California #7 Kitchen

Asking $3,500,000. A few more photos and listing details should hit the web soon.

1001 California #7 Bedroom Terrace

As plugged-in people know, the 1,500 square foot one-bedroom number eight at 1001 California which is currently being overhauled closed escrow in August 2009 for $1,185,000 having been listed for $2,495,000 and purchased for $1,460,000 in June 2000, while the 3,640 square foot full-floor and fully renovated number three was withdrawn from the market without a sale in October 2009 last asking $6,300,000 (down from $7,500,000).

And as we first reported last year by way of a plugged-in reader: "Plans are afoot to convert the empty ground floor restaurant space, which has had multiple failed attempts, most recently Beaucoup in 2002, into two multi-level noted Pac Heights architect Butler-Armsden." Having stalled out for a few months, construction on the two units has recommenced.

UPDATE (11/5): Additional photos and details are now online and linked to below.

[Full Disclosure: The listing agent for 1001 California #7 advertises on SocketSite and provided images upon our request (but no compensation) for this post.]

∙ Listing: 1001 California #7 (2/2.5) 2,731 sqft - $3,500,000 [penthouseonnobhill] [MLS]
One Expensive One-Bedroom In A Beaux Arts Building We Love [SocketSite]
A Full 1001 California Floor Which Would Have Made Vincent Friia Flip [SocketSite]
From Reduced To Closed In Fourteen Days For 1001 California #8 [SocketSite]

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October 29, 2010

Another San Francisco Landmark Facing Foreclosure

Ghirardelli Square Aerial

In what would appear to be a spat over the terms of a loan extension, the Royal Bank of Scotland is moving forward with foreclosure proceedings on the retail portion of the landmark and recently renovated Ghirardelli Square.

As we first reported two weeks ago, the landmark Cannery At Del Monte Square down the street was recently taken back by the bank following a "calculated default" earlier this year.

Ghirardelli retail nears foreclosure [Business Times]
Ghirardelli Square & Fairmont Heritage Place: Overview And Sales [SocketSite]
SF's Landmark Cannery At Del Monte Square Taken Back By The Bank [SocketSite]
A "Calculated" Default For The Cannery At Del Monte Square [SocketSite]

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October 28, 2010

5800 Third Street Scoop: Sales, Restaurants, And Fresh & Easy Soon

5800 Third Street Fresh & Easy Site

San Francisco’s first Fresh & Easy should be open by April (if not March) 2011 and a Bayview outpost of Limon and a Crossroads Café should soon follow along with a third (possibly a Brown Sugar Kitchen), all at the base of 5800 Third Street.

As plugged-in people know, the "coming soon" flags started flying at 5800 Third in May, and the sales office has been open for a little over a month with 20 of the 137 Phase One condos in contract and the first closings in just a few weeks.

One bedrooms are listed from $339,000 with two-bedrooms (75 of the 137 units, all with two baths) starting at $383,000 for a little over a thousand square feet and three bedroom townhomes with three baths and 1,564 square feet from $539,000 (three-bedroom flats with two baths are priced from $479,000).

All units come with a deeded parking space in the garage. And the finishes and amenities (dog washing station with hot water anyone?) are nicer than many might expect (although the flooring is laminate).

5800 Third Street Lets Its For Sale Flag Fly [SocketSite]
5800 Third Street: Floor Plans | Gallery []

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October 27, 2010

T-Minus Two Days (And A Decade In The Making) For Lowe’s In SF

After an eight year battle to build a Home Depot on the former Goodman Lumber site, Lowe’s swooped in and signed a lease. And now a year and a half later, it’s just T-minus two days until the Lowe’s on San Francisco’s Bayshore Boulevard opens its doors on Friday.

Home Depot Bayshore (San Francisco): Let’s Get Ready To Rubble! [SocketSite]
Home Depot "You Can Do It We Can Help" Irony: Lowe’s Now In Line [SocketSite]
Let’s Build Something (On Bayshore) Together: Lowe’s Signs A Lease [SocketSite]

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October 20, 2010

140 Saint Germain: Rendered Meat On The Bones And Coming Soon

140 Saint Germain Living Room Rendering

The last time we featured 140 Saint Germain it was a 2,266 square foot fixer with three bedrooms, monkey laden wall paper, and an old stove. And as we saw it at the time, "requisite bones, big city views, and two atriums (not to mention decks and parking)."

Now a 5,600 square foot work in progress with five (plus) bedrooms and five (plus) baths, 140 Saint Germain is coming soon and "estimated to be ready after the holidays."

140 St. Germain View Rendering

We’ll keep you plugged-in.

∙ Coming Soon: 140 Saint Germain [] [Floor Plans]
A Fixer With Big Views And The Requisite Bones: 140 St. Germain [SocketSite]

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October 8, 2010

One Ecker Take Two (Or Three)

One Ecker Lobby

As we wrote in July:

One Ecker Place has officially changed hands. And as a plugged-in tipster noted earlier this week, the sales office is positioning for a September grand (re)opening.
Asking $450,000 to $1,400,000 for the 475 to 1270 square foot units in 2008, the 51 condos are expected to be priced "in the $650 a-square-foot range, with the largest two-bedroom corner units priced about $800,000" in 2010 (i.e., reductions of around 40 percent).
The new owner paid $14 million for the building and is planning on spending another $5 million to finish construction and market the property. The previous owner had purchased the building for $13 million and invested the proceeds of a $15 million note converting the building to residential before losing the building to the bank.

Make that next week for the opening (or this weekend for the plugged-in people who are already on the interest list). And the junior ones with alcoves (which fit a queen sized bed) will start at $299,000; the one-bedrooms will start at $439,000; and the two-bedrooms will start at $599,000.

Our pick of the building is number 403, a top-floor corner two-bedroom with the view below, it's expected to be priced in "the upper $800’s" where prices top out.

One Ecker Window

For those who have previously toured the building (or been in escrow), the interior of the units will look the same. The lobby, hallways and other common areas, however, have been redone with a bit more designer flair. Still no doorman or parking if either are musts.

Full Disclosure: The sales team which was selected to represent One Ecker advertises on SocketSite but provided no compensation for this post.

As One Ecker Turns (Back On): September Grand Re-Opening Planned [SocketSite]
A Heller Manus Renovation Of 1 Ecker Place [SocketSite]
One (1) Ecker Place Update: Sales Office Open (And A Few Details) [SocketSite]
The SocketSite Scoop On One (1) Ecker Place: Going Condo Rental [SocketSite]
The Scoop On One (1) Ecker Place Redux: Going Condo Rental Condo [SocketSite]
As One Ecker Turns (Our Fourth Update): Selling In Receivership [SocketSite]
As One Ecker Turns (Over): Lender Forecloses As Nobody Bids [SocketSite]

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September 23, 2010

Will The Presidio Belles Toll For Thee?

Belles Townhomes

In conjunction with Forest City’s Presidio Landmark redevelopment, the seven three-bedroom, three-bath, and three-story new construction Belles Townhomes are about to hit the rental market.

Belles Kitchen

Specific rents have yet to be revealed, but "local executive Alexa Arena said they will be comparable to what you might pay in Nob Hill or Russian Hill for a three-bedroom home with private decks, views, and parking."

Each unit is connected to a solar panel array to reduce electric bills and its carbon footprint that will cut home energy greenhouse gas impacts by 36 percent. In addition, the Belles homes are equipped with a “energy saving dashboard” that keeps track of electricity, water, and gas usage in real time over the internet or on a LCD screen.

A representative floor plan and a few more interior shots are available online.

UPDATE: In response to a plugged-in reader's inquiry, the leasing office is targeting $7,500 to $9,000 per month for the townhomes.

UPDATE (9/24): The Green Grand Opening Event this Saturday is for the re-opening of the Presidio's Public Health Service District in general, the Belles Townhomes won't yet be open to the general public and likely won't be for another few weeks.

Presidio Landmark Building 1801 Recovering Nicely From Wingectomy [SocketSite]
The Presidio Landmark: The Belles Townhomes []
Forest City's Belles of the Presidio [San Francisco Business Times]

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August 6, 2010

Transbay Terminal Walking...Into The Sunset Tonight

At midnight tonight San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Terminal permanently closes its doors to the public and becomes an official hardhat zone in order to be razed and make way for the rise of San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center.

Transbay Center Revised Design

While most eyes are on the terminal, however, we turn our attention to the big patch of green rendered above where the building that once housed Varnish, the lofts in which Boom Dizzle (AKA Baron Davis) once lived, and Zebulon all currently stand.

All Aboard As San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal Nears Its Close [SocketSite]
Transbay Center Plans: Revised, Refined, And Unveiled Today [SocketSite]
As The Sun Sets Over San Francisco's Transbay Terminal... [SocketSite]
Boom Dizzle (AKA Baron Davis) Is In The His House (And SoMa) [SocketSite]

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July 27, 2010

Temporary Transbay Terminal "Sneak Peek" Next Week

Transbay Terminal Contruction Cam: 7/27/10

While the Temporary Transbay Terminal officially opens (and the existing Terminal closes) on August 7, your first chance to explore the new Terminal and familiarize yourself with its operations is next Tuesday.

A special open house featuring "tours, refreshments, giveaways and more" will be held at the new terminal on August 3 from 4 to 7 PM. No word on the "more." And not to be confused with the historical tours of the existing terminal this Friday.

Transbay Temporary Terminal To Open (Existing To Close) August 7 [SocketSite]
Transbay Terminal Historians (And Futurists) Take Note [SocketSite]

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July 22, 2010

YIMBY's Set Their Sights On A Target At Geary And Masonic

Geary and Masonic Target Conceptual Drawing

San Francisco Citizen provides a synopsis of yesterday’s community meeting and a couple of conceptual drawings for the proposed Target at Geary and Masonic. The line of the piece, "at least a couple certified San Francisco NIMBYs had steam coming out of their ears after seeing the warm reception the Target Team [received]."

Geary and Masonic Target Conceptual Drawing

san-francisco-hearts-target-nimbys-thwarted... []
One Word: Target. Okay, Five: Target At Geary And Masonic? [SocketSite]

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Apples To Apples On A Pacific Heights Tree Lined Street

2416 Gough

Purchased for $3,025,000 two years ago (July 2008), according to a plugged-in tipster 2416 Gough is back on the market, but not yet the MLS, and asking $2,995,000.

2416 Gough Floor Plans

It's six bedrooms with three and one-half baths across 3,435 square feet.

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July 21, 2010

723 Taylor Unwrapped And Coming Soon

723 Taylor (7/21/10)

Rising last October, it’s a plugged-in tipster that first catches the scaffolding around 723 Taylor between Bush and Sutter coming down. Once again, it’s twelve new units of urban infill coming soon with a website that appears to be in the works.

UPDATE (7/22): Another tipster, another perspective:

723 Taylor

And once again, as the lot once looked:

723 Taylor Before (Image Source:

723 Taylor Rising: Urban Infill In Action And Twelve Units On The Way [SocketSite]

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July 16, 2010

As One Ecker Turns (Back On): September Grand Re-Opening Planned

One Ecker: Exterior (Image Source:

One Ecker Place has officially changed hands. And as a plugged-in tipster noted earlier this week, the sales office is positioning for a September grand (re)opening.

Asking $450,000 to $1,400,000 for the 475 to 1270 square foot units in 2008, the 51 condos are expected to be priced "in the $650 a-square-foot range, with the largest two-bedroom corner units priced about $800,000" in 2010 (i.e., reductions of around 40 percent).

The new owner paid $14 million for the building and is planning on spending another $5 million to finish construction and market the property. The previous owner had purchased the building for $13 million and invested the proceeds of a $15 million note converting the building to residential before losing the building to the bank.

The history in headlines and links:

A Heller Manus Renovation Of 1 Ecker Place [SocketSite]
One (1) Ecker Place Update: Sales Office Open (And A Few Details) [SocketSite]
The SocketSite Scoop On One (1) Ecker Place: Going Condo Rental [SocketSite]
The Scoop On One (1) Ecker Place Redux: Going Condo Rental Condo [SocketSite]
As One Ecker Turns (Our Fourth Update): Selling In Receivership [SocketSite]
As One Ecker Turns (Over): Lender Forecloses As Nobody Bids [SocketSite]
Pauls scoops up SoMa condo site [San Francisco Business Times]

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July 8, 2010

Presidio Landmark Opening Its Doors Next Week

Presidio Landmark Open House

As a plugged-in tipster notes, the Presidio Landmark will hold its first open house next week for Presidio employees, expect an announcement targeting the general public soon.

Presidio Landmark Priced And On Track For An Opening In July [SocketSite]
Presidio Landmark Building 1801 Recovering Nicely From Wingectomy [SocketSite]

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June 22, 2010

This Ought To Be Interesting On An Apples-To-Apples Basis

2542 Fillmore: Hall

As we wrote in August 2008 when 2542 Fillmore ended up selling for $5,000,000:

As you might recall, the reconstructed 2542 Fillmore hit the market two months ago with a list price of $4,995,000 and buzz, received a pre-emptive offer of $5,500,000 cash with a five day close (which was refused), raised its list price to $5,250,000, and then failed to received an offer on its designated offer date.

And now as a plugged-in tipster notes, 2542 Fillmore is "coming soon" which ought to be interesting on an apples-to-apples and bids-to-bids basis.

2542 Fillmore Closes Escrow: Still A Big Win (But Still A Whoops) [SocketSite]
The SocketSite Scoop On 2542 Fillmore: In A Word, Whoops. [SocketSite]
Built In 1904 (But "Reconstructed" A Century Later): 2542 Fillmore [SocketSite]

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June 15, 2010

The Five Thousand Square Foot "Extension" Of 485 Elizabeth

485 Elizabeth circa 2008

Officially it’s a $1,750,000 "horizontal and vertical extension" of 485 Elizabeth, a 1,098 square foot single-family home that’s on its way to becoming two foot single-family dwellings (numbers 485 and 489) over four parking spaces in total.

485 Elizabeth 2010

The property was purchased for $1,400,000 in April 2008 with the stipulation that the seller deliver 311 approval to build two 3,000 square foot units on the lot. The seller had purchased the property in November 2005 for $860,000 with no such stipulation in place.

We’re assuming it’s speculative development and the two homes will be coming soon. Would any plugged-in readers care to claim and share the inside scoop?

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May 24, 2010

Presidio Landmark Priced And On Track For An Opening In July

The newly converted Presidio Landmark (landmark Building 1801 previously known as the Public Health Service Hospital) is on track for an opening in July. With respect to pricing:

...asking rates on junior one-bedrooms, which weigh in at 500 square feet, will be $2,125 a month. Full one-bedrooms, most of which are about 850 square feet, will average $2,875 a month. And two-bedrooms, which range in size from 1,000 square feet to 1,500 square feet, will average $4,325 a month. Parking will be $150 a month for an outdoor spot, and $200 a month for a space in the underground garage.

Once again, 154 units with floor plans online (and a rather big backyard).

Presidio Landmark Building 1801 Recovering Nicely From Wingectomy [SocketSite]
Forest City rises in Presidio [San Francisco Business Times]
From Graffiti Canvas To Apartment Campus: PHSH Breaking Ground [SocketSite]

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May 17, 2010

5800 Third Street Lets Its For Sale Flag Fly

5800 Third Street (

A plugged-in tipster reports:

This weekend a giant banner went up at 5800 Third Street (former Coca Cola Bottling Plant) in the Bayview with a link to their website. It has some general information about the landscape design firm, floor plans, amenities, retail tenants, but no photos of the units yet.
Also, much of the fencing [has come] down and awnings [are] being added. Some trees have begun to go in, and the plants appear ready to be planted.

137 new 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes now "starting in the $300,000’s" (as opposed to the mid-$500,000s as envisioned in 2007). And a Fresh & Easy is still front and center.

5800 Third Street: Floor Plans []
5800 Third Street: Development Starting Back Up (Delivery In 2010) [SocketSite]
Speaking Of 5800 Third Street (A Development/Developer Update) [SocketSite]
Not Quite So Easy (And A Little Less Fresh For Now) [SocketSite]

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May 13, 2010

Temporary Transbay Terminal Watch (And Pool?)

Temporary Transbay Terminal (

San Francisco’s Temporary Transbay Terminal has five weeks to open before its "Opening Spring 2010" signs (which replaced its "Opening Fall 2009" signs) will need to be changed to "Opening Summer 2010."

The timeline for the opening of the Transit Center is later than earlier projections. This is not a result of delays in the construction of the Temporary Terminal, but is driven by the pursuit of federal stimulus funding for the underground train box for the Transbay Transit Center.
Because the inclusion of the train box will affect the first elements of construction and it is not necessary to activate the Temporary Terminal until we are ready to begin construction of the Transit Center, the schedule for opening the Temporary Terminal has been extended pending the FRA's stimulus funding decision. Once the decisions are made and Transit Center construction plans can be firmed up, TJPA will be able to set a move-in date for the Temporary Terminal.

While the train box question has since been answered, and the Transit Center start has been slated for August or September, we’re still waiting for that move-in date with respect to the Temporary Terminal. Perhaps we’ll start a pool.

And San Francisco's Transbay Joint Powers Authority Rolls…A Seven! [SocketSite]
Transbay Terminal Plans: Revised, Refined, And Unveiled Today [SocketSite]

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April 22, 2010

Warfield Theater Building (988 Market): Condos With A Twist

The Warfield Building: 988 Market (

Don’t panic, The Warfield itself isn’t going condo (or away). But seven of the eight adjacent floors of the Gustav Albert Lansburgh designed Warfield Theater Building (988 Market) are about to return to the market as commercial condos with a twist.

Zoned C3G with an allowance for Accessory Use Housing, up to a quarter of each floor of the building could be converted to full-time residential use. And while floors 2-5 which share a wall with The Warfield auditorium (i.e., they’re likely to remain 100 percent commercial), the top three floors will be marketed with the residential component in mind.

In fact, the roughly 5,000 square foot penthouse floor has already been built-out as such, with a quarter of the floor turned into a one-bedroom, one-bath with a loft-like living area and wall of windows. The other three-quarters of the penthouse floor has been remodeled for commercial use (albeit with a wet bar and full bath). The penthouse also boasts a private 5,000 square foot roof deck.

And speaking of that penthouse floor, we've been told that at one time it housed the offices of Al Capone. No word on whether or not Geraldo already knows.

∙ Coming Soon (and not yet live): Warfield Condos []

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April 2, 2010

SocketSite Sneak Peek: Inside One Hawthorne


More photos are on the way, but here’s a sneak peek inside One Hawthorne for the plugged-in crowd. Both images from the 7th floor model units, the one above is from #7H (a two-bedroom) looking west down Howard. The one below is from #7D (a one-bedroom) for a feel of the finishes (click to enlarge).

Once again, brokers will first tour the building on April 19 with the first contracts being written (or rather accepted) on the 21st.

One Hawthorne: The SocketSite Straight Scoop (And Sales Update) [SocketSite]

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March 30, 2010

One Hawthorne: The SocketSite Straight Scoop (And Sales Update)

One Hawthorne Aerial (

While One Hawthorne's website has been live since last October (to which floor plans for the first seven floors have since been added), and the onsite sales office has been "open" for a few months, pricing has yet to be finalized and tours still aren’t being offered.

The disconnect between an "open" sales office and lack of information has led to a slew of One Hawthorne related readers' tips like the following:

I've toured the One Hawthorne sales office 3 times over the past 2 months now and I find it a bit unsettling that the building still does not have pricing or models and DOES NOT anticipate pricing and tours until "late Spring" without further specifics….I'm a highly interested and qualified buyer looking to downsize from my home in Marin but I feel like this developer must not have their act together if the sales office have been open for almost 3 months (the office opened on January 4th) with no idea of pricing or when people will begin to write contracts.

So here’s the inside brokers will be getting their first tours of the building on April 19 at which time pricing will be released. Brokers will also tour on the 20th and the sales office will start writting contracts on April 21.

Once again, One Hawthorne consists of 165 units (26 junior one's, 74 one-bedrooms, 59 two-bedrooms, and 6 three-bedroom penthouses) with 124 non-deeded parking spaces which will be valet and are expected to run around $300 per month.

With a $120 million construction loan, whether or not the developer of One Hawthorne will end up underwater on the development, and what role that’s played in any delay to date, is open for debate.

We'll wait for actual pricing and early sales figures before we join the fray.

One Hawthorne: A Couple Of Renderings To Accompany Our Reality [SocketSite]
One Hawthorne: Close To Being Closed In But Without Its Crown? [SocketSite]

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March 23, 2010

The Newest 23 On Nob Hill (1355 Pacific) Coming Soon

1355 Pacific (

It’s not yet listed, and its placeholder site doesn’t yet feature any interior photography, but as a plugged-in tipster notes, the 23 new construction Nob Hill condominiums with parking for all at 1355 Pacific are about to hit the market with prices starting at $799,000.

Designed by Sternberg Benjamin Architects (as plugged-in people have known for two years), official showings have started will start next week, and additional details (and photos) are coming soon.

1355 Pacific []
Sternberg Benjamin Architects []
The Proposed Design For 1355 Pacific (And Request For That Of 1536) [SocketSite]

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March 8, 2010

Presidio Landmark Building 1801 Recovering Nicely From Wingectomy

Presidio Landmark Building 1801 (

The non-historic wings have been removed and Forest City’s redevelopment of Building 1801 (soon to be known as "Presidio Landmark," previously known as the rather less inviting and marketable Public Health Service Hospital) into 154 studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments continues to make great strides.

Where possible, the historic wood windows and brick and stone facades [have been] refurbished...A three-story addition is being added added at the rear of the building...[and] Seven small townhomes are being added totaling about 16,000 square feet.

A smattering of floor plans for the marble, granite and stainless steel adorned units are online but rates have yet to be set. First occupancy is slated for this summer.

From Graffiti Canvas To Apartment Campus: PHSH Breaking Ground [SocketSite]
The Public Health Service Hospital Through A Reader's Eyes And Lens [SocketSite]
Public Health Service Hospital Project []
Presidio Landmark []

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March 3, 2010

Spoiler Alert: The 2010 "San Francisco Dream House" Is…

815 Alvarado

While the official unveiling isn’t until noon, and we were doing our best to wait, banner ads for the 2010 San Francisco Dream House Raffle have started running with pictures of the house so it’s game on and time to name that house as...815 Alvarado.

On the market for four months at $2,965,000 in the second half of 2009, the four bedroom home with three and one-half baths and a legal apartment down was withdrawn from the market in December without a sale.

As noted yesterday, the grand prize winner of the raffle will have the choice of this "$3 Million Dream House" or $1.5 million in cash versus last year's "$2.4 million Dream House" or $1.8 million in cash (which was chosen).

UPDATE: And as a plugged-in reader notes, the raffle website is now live as well with photos and floor plans. And once again, what was there before.

Noe Valley Dreaming (And Raffle House Unveiled Tomorrow) [SocketSite]
An Arts & Crafts 815 Alvarado By The Numbers In Noe [SocketSite]
2010 San Francisco Dream House Raffle []
815 Alvarado As Was In 1997 (Prior To Prevalent Digital Photography) [SocketSite]
Can’t Sell? Raffle! 1240 5th Avenue: The "San Francisco Dream House" [SocketSite]
1240 5th Avenue: Raffle Winner Chooses Reality Over The Dream [SocketSite]

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March 2, 2010

Noe Valley Dreaming (And Raffle House Unveiled Tomorrow)

2010 Dream House Raffle

Last year the San Francisco Dream House Raffle to benefit Yerba Buena Center for the Arts offered a grand prize of a "$2.4 million San Francisco dream home or $1.8 million in cash," this year it’s a "$3 Million San Francisco ‘Dream House’ or $1.5 Million in Cash."

Last year the winner chose the cash. Note the change in spread(s).

And while we do know which house it is (and plugged-in people probably saw it coming), we’ll play along with the "closely guarded secret" and respect its grand unveiling tomorrow.

That being said, keep an eye out for "blind-folded" supervisors, supporters, and members of the press rolling into Noe Valley on a motorized cable car tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE (3/3): Spoiler Alert: The 2010 "San Francisco Dream House" Is…

2010 San Francisco Dream House Raffle []
Can’t Sell? Raffle! 1240 5th Avenue: The "San Francisco Dream House" [SocketSite]
1240 5th Avenue: Raffle Winner Chooses Reality Over The Dream [SocketSite]

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February 3, 2010

A New Flag Flying For 638 Nineteenth Street At Third

638 19th Street Flag

A plugged-in tipster catches the new "New City Homes" flag flying for 638 19th Street at Third (along with a placeholder property site). As was noted in November, nearing re-completion with 19 residential units averaging 1,400 square feet and 2-3 commercial units coming soon.

The Re-Redevelopment On The Corner Of 3rd And 19th Streets [SocketSite]
638 Nineteenth []
The Corner Of 3rd And 19th Streets: A Reader Asks (And So Do We) [SocketSite]

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January 29, 2010

Artani (818 Van Ness) Scoop Redux: Unsuspending Sales

818 Van Ness: 8/11/08 (

It was a little over a year ago we broke the news about Artani (818 Van Ness) suspending sales and going the rental route. Today, we break the news that they’re about to dust off the sales center and suspend their rental program.

Current residents of the building (the 54 units of which are nearly all rented) will be given the first right of refusal to purchase their units at a discount to 2010 "market rates." Unclaimed units will be made available to the public in April.

And while we (nor they) have exact pricing, according to a plugged-in source the 2010 market rate is expected be set at a discount of around 20-25 percent from 2008 prices.

The SocketSite Scoop And Rumor Confirmed: Artani Suspending Sales [SocketSite]
The Artani (818 Van Ness) Opens And A Plugged-In Reader Reports [SocketSite]

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January 25, 2010

2010 Decorator Showcase Site Scoop: 3450 Washington Gets The Nod

3450 Washington (Image Source:

According to a plugged-in tipster, 3450 Washington will be San Francisco’s 2010 Decorator Showcase home. The 1929 Georgian Revival Presidio Heights mansion was purchased for $18,000,000* in 2001 by the Sperling’s (think 2845 Broadway).

In the words of our tipster: "Posthumously attributed to Architect Willis Polk…[seems] to have been on and off the market ever since." And while it’s currently not official inventory on the MLS, it is active on agent Joel Goodrich’s website with a "price upon request."

You might want to take your before tour now (before it's too late).

UPDATE (5/3): Never mind that $18,000,000 number (perhaps that was asking). Tax records actually support a 2001 sale around $16,750,000 for 3450 Washington while a reader suggests the price was actually $15,800,000.

∙ Listing: 3450 Washington (8/5.5) – "Price Upon Request" [Joel Goodrich] [Map]
San Francisco Decorator Showcase []
2845 Broadway Is Withdrawn In 2010 After 1400 DOM At $65,000,000 [SocketSite]

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Cesar Chavez Reconfiguration Update (And Some Objections)

Cesar Chavez Street with rendered 14-foot median

An update on the redesign of Cesar Chavez Street via Mission Loc@l:

The first phase, which is likely to start this summer, involves redoing the sewage system to reduce flooding.
Above ground, the second phase will involve planting more trees, using energy-efficient street lights and converting the three lanes of traffic in each direction to two lanes. With concerns over safety, a 14-foot tree-lined median and widened curbs will be paved to decrease the time needed for pedestrians to cross the intersection. Bicyclists will also be able to enjoy the additional street space through permanent bike lanes.
The redesign has brought attention to the day laborers along Cesar Chavez Street, most of whom object to the city’s plans to relocate them at a new site on Bayshore Boulevard.

It’s about time for Cesar Chavez (Army) to break out of its amber. And it's another piece of the bigger picture Mission Streetscape Plan.

The Reconfiguration Of Cesar Chavez: It’s All About The Pedestrians [SocketSite]
Cesar Chavez Redesign [Mission Loc@l]
Like A Bug In Amber And Not Just On Bernal (Via Laughing Squid) [SocketSite]
Mission Streetscape Plan []

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January 22, 2010

The Future Fourth Street And Envisoned Hub Of Mission Bay

Fourth Street In Mission Bay: 11/5/09 (

While the opening of Mission Bay’s Fourth Street extension still doesn’t have a hard date, fingers are crossed that it should be open by spring (albeit not built out).

Envisioned to become the Chestnut, Union or Fillmore of Mission Bay, the blocks between the Fourth Street Bridge and Mission Bay Boulevard North (think southern border of the Radiance site) will one day be lined with restaurants, retail and strolling pedestrians if (or when) all goes as planned.

An Overview Of Mission Bay [SocketSite]
Radiance: Positioning For Phase II (And To Close Out Phase I) [SocketSite]

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December 23, 2009

An Absolutely Unbelievable Foreclosure As Well? (And Coming Soon)

214 Arguello: Living

As we wrote about 214 Arguello Boulevard a year ago and almost to the day:

Purchased for $1,600,000 [in December 2007] when they were asking $1,675,000, 214 Arguello Boulevard returned to the market nine months later (September 2008) asking $1,595,000. The list price was lowered to $1,495,000 six weeks later. And for the past three they've been asking $1,395,000.
A sale at the current asking for this four bedroom, two and one-half bath, completely renovated and District 7 (albeit on a busy block, as it was before) condo would represent depreciation of 12.8% over the past year.
From the listing: "This price is [absolutely] unbelievable…" Only if you're not plugged-in.

As a plugged-in reader notes early this morning, 214 Arguello was taken back by Wells Fargo on December 10 with no bidders at $1,259,306, the balance on the first of two mortgages owed.

Perhaps It’s The Market That’s More Unbelievable To Some... [SocketSite]
Latest San Francisco Listing Euphemism: "Unfinished" Versus Stripped [SocketSite]

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November 10, 2009

The Re-Redevelopment On The Corner Of 3rd And 19th Streets

Corner of 3rd and 19th Streets (

A year ago we brought you a few chapters in the long story for the development on the northwest corner of Third and 19th Streets.

This property has been in construction for 4 years and has seen 2 shoddy contractors come and go. 2 months ago a reputable builder was brought on board and indeed the whole building must be redone, including all the rough electrical and rough plumbing. Much of this has been done over the last 2 months. Fortunately only about 5% of the sheetrock was hung.
The roof is coming off and the ENTIRE stucco too. Scaffold will be erected in the next few weeks so there will be a more visible sign of activity. This project will be rented out and there is no question of foreclosure. Lots of litigation though! Completion late Summer '09.

As it looked at the time (versus as it currently looks above):

Corner of 3rd and 19th Streets (

Nearing re-completion and as a plugged-in reader notes, "19 units residential [averaging 1,400 square feet], and 2-3 unit[s] commercial" coming soon. Catercorner to 2255 Third.

The Corner Of 3rd And 19th Streets: A Reader Asks (And So Do We) [SocketSite]
From "Would" To "Will" And Moving Dirt At 2255 Third Street (A Recap) [SocketSite]

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November 9, 2009

Commercial Comp (And Art Gallery Coming) On Union Street

2120 Union Street

A plugged-in tipster reports that the sale of the commercial retail condo at 2120 Union Street closed escrow on Friday with a reported contract price of $843,700 ($623 per square foot), asking $1,199,000 in June. According to our tipster it took five counter offers to get the deal done with no other parties competing.

In terms of what’s coming, the buyer "will be turning this space into an art gallery with rotating exhibits from independent artists so this space will help infuse more creativity into Cow Hollow. It will open sometime early next year after the space is remodeled."

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The Grove Heading To Hayes Valley

231 Franklin at the corner of Hayes (

As the scaffolding is stripped from the mixed-use development at the corner of Franklin and Hayes (231 Franklin), a plugged-in reader delivers the scoop on what’s heading into that corner retail space: "The Grove" (currently of Chestnut and Fillmore fame).

231 Franklin Starts To Strip Its Scaffolding [SocketSite]

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November 5, 2009

231 Franklin Starts To Strip Its Scaffolding

231 Franklin (

231 Franklin, the mixed-use development (32 residential condos over 6,000+ square feet of retail and 36 parking spaces) at the corner of Hayes has started to strip its scaffolding. They’re hoping to be construction complete by the middle of February.

Once again, what was there before:

Corner of Hayes and Franklin

And the pre-reality rendering with hints of retail to be:

Hayes and Franklin: Design

UPDATE: By "hints of retail to be" we weren’t being literal in terms of the types of stores, but a plugged-in reader hints at the scoop:

That hint in the rendering for a gallery/furniture store is a bad hint. According to my sources, a "well known" restaurant operator was in negotiation to take the space, and design changes were being made to place the entry in the corner.

Now come on, spill the beans. Or throw us a bone. (Or something else food related.)

Okay, So Maybe Not So Soon For The Corner Of Hayes And Franklin [SocketSite]
32 Condos Coming "Soon" To The Corner Of Hayes And Franklin [SocketSite]

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October 14, 2009

Another Bank-Owned Multi-Million Dollar (In 2005) Noe Valley House

111 Hoffman

Purchased for $2,100,000 at the end of August 2005, a plugged-in reader noted 111 Hoffman over in Noe Valley was scheduled to hit the courthouse steps last month.

In a follow-up comment yesterday, said reader also notes that 111 Hoffman was in fact taken back by the bank (officially on September 28).

June S&P/Case-Shiller: San Francisco MSA Up MOM Across All Tiers [SocketSite]

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October 6, 2009

723 Taylor Rising: Urban Infill In Action And Twelve Units On The Way

723 Taylor Before (Image Source:

A plugged-in tipster snaps a picture of 723 Taylor rising, a bit of urban infill on its way.

723 Taylor Rising (

Eight (8) stories and twelve (12) units when complete. And while we believe that it has been condo mapped it should be rentals at first. Now who has a line on its design?

Zillow Is A Lot Catchier [SocketSite]

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September 30, 2009

Kirk Hammett’s Pacific Heights Monster Is Back (2505 Divisadero)

2505 Divisadero

As we wrote in October of 2008:

After an effective 1000+ days on the market, a few reductions [originally asking $12,500,000], and a remodeling, the listing for Kirk Hammett’s Pacific Heights mansion at 2505 Divisadero has been withdrawn from the market.

As we added in December:

Last listed for sale at $9,500,000 before being withdrawn, Kirk Hammett’s recently remodeled mansion atop Pacific Heights (2505 Divisadero) is now being offered for rent at $14,000 a month. Yes, that’s only $1,550 per bedroom (there are nine). [Editor's Note: Hmm...]

It never rented (in fact within an hour of our publishing the Craigslist post for 2505 Divisadero was quickly "deleted by its author"). And now as plugged-in readers and tipsters alike noted late last night (cheers), 2505 Divisadero is once again coming soon.

A new agent and a new new new asking price: $8,995,000. Floor plans via the old listing for those who just can't wait.

The Monster Meets A Magnetic Death? (2505 Divisadero Withdrawn) [SocketSite]
Some Kind Of Monster In This Kind Of Market (2505 Divisadero) [SocketSite]
The Monster Comes Roaring Back (2505 Divisadero) [SocketSite]
This Isn't Exactly How Mr. Hammett Used To Roll (2505 Divisadero) [SocketSite]
Rent Kirk Hammett’s Mansion For $1,555 A Month (Split Nine Ways) [SocketSite]

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September 21, 2009

The "Citadine" Flags Are Flying At 1299 Bush

The for sale flags are now flying, and a placeholder website is now up, for the 26 units of "Citadine," previously known and chronicled as 1299 Bush. Touting "3.5% Down Available" which would seem to suggest FHA approved, but would also require at least 50% of the units to close prior to funding if so.

Citadine (1299 Bush Street) []
Twenty-Six In The Bush At 1299 Rising (And A Reality Check) [SocketSite]

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September 2, 2009

Going Up: St. Regis Penthouse Construction Nearly Complete

St. Regis Penthouse: Living

As we wrote about the St. Regis penthouse in July:

According to a plugged-in source…construction should be finished in a couple of months and the renderings will give way to reality.

As a plugged-in tipster adds today:

The St. Regis service elevators have been working overtime for weeks shuttling men and material up to the top. I would expect this to return very soon...and very finished. Now let's see what Victor (MacFarlane) does with the price.

Once again, purchased as a shell for roughly $30,000,000 in 2005 with a small army of craftsmen working on its roughly 20,000 square feet ever since (more or less).

Full Disclosure: The co-listing agent for the penthouse atop the San Francisco St. Regis advertises on SocketSite but had no prior knowledge of this post.

St. Regis Penthouse Animation, Reality A Couple Months Out [SocketSite]
Inside The St. Regis Penthouse: The Rendering Scoop And Details [SocketSite]
St. Regis Penthouse Now $21,000,000 Off (And No, That’s Not A Typo) [SocketSite]
St. Regis Penthouse Asking $70M: Is San Francisco All Growns Up? [SocketSite]

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"Party Of Five" House (2311 Broadway) Coming Soon

2311 Broadway (Image Source:

From a plugged-in tipster with respect to 2311 Broadway:

Seems the "Party of Five" house [at 2311 Broadway] is about to make it's debut on the MLS. Great house, great address, apparently GREAT for an acting career - Neve Cambell, Jeniffer Love Hewitt, Matthew Fox.
It's unfortunate that after all those stairs there is no view to speak of.... But maybe you can hear the 'ghost whisper' of TweenDrama's past.

Purchased for $5,400,000 in October 1999, no word as of yet of what they’ll be asking ten years later. And unfortunately nobody over here ever watched the "Party," so we’re struggling with an appropriately themed headline. Readers?

Party of Five []

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August 27, 2009

What Are 412-416 Bosworth: Full Pricing And Two Open This Weekend

412-416 Bosworth (

From what was and will be at 412-416 Bosworth last month, to what are today and a grand opening this weekend for two of the eight condos.

From the agent in charge:

One thing that people will ask about…is how much road noise there is from San Jose, which runs behind the property. I was initially concerned about that myself, but now that the window installation is in I feel comfortable challenging anyone to come and sit in the rear bedrooms so they can hear for themselves how quiet it is. The assembly consists of a dual paned window, then an air gap, followed by another single paned window that opens separately….Living in an urban area road noise is such a common issue, and I think a lot of other buildings in the city could have taken a cue from the way these windows were done.

And of course, the full pricing scoop to go with the plans:

A Upper (1/1.5) 1 parking - $650,000
A Lower (3/2.5) 1 parking - $855,000
B Upper (3/2.5) 1 parking - $960,000
B Lower (3/2.5) 2 parking - $1,099,000
C Upper (3/2.5) 2 parking - $1,099,000
C Lower (3/3.5) 2 parking - $1,149,000
D Upper (5/4.5) 2 parking - $1,275,000
D Lower (5/4.5) 2 parking - $1,299,000

412-416 Bosworth: What Recently Was And What Will Soon Be [SocketSite]
412-416 Bosworth []

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August 24, 2009

Twenty-Six In The Bush At 1299 Rising (And A Reality Check)

1299 Bush Street: Rendering

1299 Bush at the corner of Larkin as envisoned above and the reality to date below.

1299 Bush: 8/21/09 (

Once again, 26 units over ground floor retail (and 20 parking spaces) coming soon.

Another Plugged-In Reader Responds With A Rendering For 1299 Bush [SocketSite]
A Reader Asks, We Respond, You Embellish (Hopefully): 1299 Bush [SocketSite]

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August 20, 2009

Another Ex-Mayor’s Landmark Mansion Coming Soon (1772 Vallejo)

1772 Vallejo (

As a plugged-in tipster points out, the Landmark Burr Mansion (1772 Vallejo) is coming soon. A bit of history on the house and Burr:

The Italianate mansion on Vallejo Street, with slanted bays and a Mansard roof, was designed by Edmund M. Wharff and built in 1875 as [Captain Ephraim Burr’s] wedding gift to his son, Edmund. During the 1906 earthquake, the house slipped off its foundations and ninety-three jacks were required to lift it back. As one of the best preserved residences of the period, it is a fine example of the transition of style in the later 1870's
In 1856, Captain Burr won the San Francisco mayoral election; legend has it that it took a thousand armed men and a police wagon at each polling station to purify the election. Burr had a reputation for honesty--indeed, for penny-pinching--that appealed to voters. He established the San Francisco Accumulating Fund, commonly known as the Clay Street Bank, California's first savings and loan company. As mayor, Burr was foresighted enough to back Andrew Hallidie's invention of the cable car with $30,000 in 1873.

Last sold for in 1995 for $1,300,000 with an interior, but non-structural, demolition permit approved soon thereafter. No word on where it will be priced or what has been done inside.

San Francisco Landmark #31: Burr Mansion (1772 Vallejo) []
Burr House History (1772 Vallejo) []

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August 19, 2009

Cleaned Up And Coming Soon: 2849 Pacific

2849 Pacific

If our plugged-in tipster is correct, 2849 Pacific will be hitting the market in a couple of weeks after a "big money [but no designer] redo" and with an asking price of around $13,000,000 (give or take a million).

The last recorded transfer of the property was in 2007 with a value of $6,050,000, but that "sale" appears to be intratrust and anything but arms length as the trust’s namesake passed away that year.

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July 29, 2009

412-416 Bosworth: What Recently Was And What Will Soon Be


The MapJack photo above for 412-416 Bosworth is a bit old as much progress has been made and a plugged-in tipster notes, "these homes are being built around the corner from me on Bosworth St on the Glen Park / Bernal Heights border…Given the speed of construction I wouldn't expect move in until late 2009 / early 2010."


To be priced "from $650,000 to $1,299,000" for the eight condos that stretch across "four buildings" with floor plans for all four buildings currently available online.

412-416 Bosworth [] [Map]

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July 16, 2009

700 Valencia: Topped Off And Filling Out

700 Valencia: 7/15/09 (

700 Valencia has topped off and is filling out. And based on the framing, the fourth floor facade looks to have changed ever so slightly from its original design.

700 Valencia Street: The Details And Designs For Moving Forward [SocketSite]

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July 10, 2009

555 Barlett (A.K.A. 3400 Cesar Chavez) Positions For Sales

3400 Cesar Chavez Design

"The sales office [for 555 Bartlett Street (a.k.a. 3400 Cesar Chavez)] opens in the fall and...the units will target first-time home buyers. Prices will be in the $400,000s for one-bedroom units and mid $500,000s for the two bedrooms. A few larger units — there are a couple of three-bedrooms — may be priced over $600,000."

Seven Hills targets first-time condo buyers [San Francisco Business Times]
3400 Cesar Chavez: Approved But Opposed (By MAC) In The Mission [SocketSite]

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June 11, 2009

An Eco-Friendly "Baker Acres" Prepares Its Return (2201 Baker)

2201 Baker Street (

Built as a single-family home in 1904, converted to a boarding house known as "Baker Acres" in the 1940’s, and then Ellis Acted in 2002, an almost fully gutted and foreclosed upon 2201 Baker Street went on the market in November of 2007 asking $2,490,000.

Purchased for $2,538,000 and completely rebuilt as a single-family home by RBR Development (think Regina Callan), 2201 Baker Street is about to return to the market as the first "eco-friendly" Metropolitan Home Modern by Design Showhome.

This 7,700 square foot home, is outfitted with the latest green technologies [Regrid solar photovoltaic panels], building materials [high efficiency insulation, low u-value glazing, low VOC paints, recycled brick], mechanical systems [two high efficiency furnaces with air purification system]...and spectacular cutting-edge modern design on 4-levels of impressive living space and outdoor spaces including a large walk-out garden and roof garden to accommodate the lifestyle of a modern San Francisco family.

As a plugged-in eddy correctly surmised (and stole a bit of our thunder), Barbabra and Robert Callan have the listing with a whisper price of $7.1 million. The first VIP tours are scheduled to start in a week with a month of public tours starting on June 20th ($25 tickets benefit the San Francisco Ballet).

And as it looked before:

2201 Baker Street

∙ Coming Soon: 2201 Baker Street (7/9) []
Prime Pacific Heights Single Family For Under Five Hundred A Square! [SocketSite]
Modern by Design Showhouse 2009 [Metropolitan Home]

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May 27, 2009

The Scoop On 147 Laidley: AIA Award Winner "Coming Soon"

147 Laidley (front and back)

According to a plugged-in tipster 147 Laidley, a 2008 San Francisco AIA tour home and recent AIA Design award winner, is being prepped for sale and is "coming soon."

147 Laidley: Kitchen

From the Wall Street Journal with respect to the Jim Zack and Lise de Vito (of Zack|de Vito Architecture) designed and owned home:

[The architects] designed their house with the environment in mind, using sustainably-harvested woods and solar panels to keep their average monthly energy bill to $80 a month. The couple also built much of the home's frame off-site, shaving nearly two months from the 15-month project and keeping total construction costs to $1.5 million, or $500 a square foot -- moderate, by San Francisco standards.

According to our tipster the asking price still hasn’t been set, but "it will be north of $3M." We’ll keep you plugged-in.

∙ Property Website: 147 Laidley – Price TBD []
2009 AIA Citation Award: Laidley Street Residence []
Winning Homes [Wall Street Journal]

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May 22, 2009

24 Karat Gold Coast Coming Soon (2950 Broadway)

2950 Broadway

It’s the outer Broadway mansion from which Melvin Belli ran naked "firing a pistol at his wife who hosted a real estate show for the highest priced properties on television."

It’s a Frederick Herman Meyer design, and an ex-Decorator Showcase home (Miss 1987 to be exact). And as a tipster notes, 2950 Broadway is in the process of getting prepped for sale and "coming soon" (asking $39,500,000).

Also noted, it's perhaps the only Gold Coast property with an outdoor pool.

2950 Broadway Aerial (Image Source:

∙ Coming Soon: 2950 Broadway - $39,500,000 []
When Friia Ruled San Francisco Real Estate (A Reader’s Recollection) [SocketSite]
Frederick Herman Meyer []

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May 6, 2009

54-58 South Park: The Inside Scoop (Both Literally And Figuratively)

54-58 South Park (

54-58 South Park has been in our sights since they started building and we finally have the scoop (and a peek). It’s two condos over commercial with the condos coming soon.


The middle unit #56 measures around 2,000 square feet with two bedrooms (plus study), two and one-half baths; fourteen foot ceilings in the dining room; two car parking; and a 1,000 square foot deck. Expected to be asking $2,695,000.

56 South Park: Kitchen

The three level top unit #54 measures over 3,000 square feet with three bedrooms, three full bathrooms (two halves); a retractable skylight over the kitchen; fifteen foot ceilings in the living area; two car parking; and over 1,500 square feet of deck. Asking $3,845,000.

56 South Park: Bedroom

The website is still but a placeholder, but in addition to the shots above (all from #56), we offer the floor plans below:

56 South Park: Floor Plan (click to enlarge)

54 South Park: Floor Plan

We’ll let you know when they're officially on the market (and additional photography is online). And yes, that’s 70 South Park to the left next door.

∙ Listing: 54-56 South Park []
The SocketSite Scoop On 70 South Park (A.K.A. “Gallery House”) [SocketSite]

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April 15, 2009

420 Bay Street: From What Was To What Is (And Coming Soon)


From an empty lot to three new units, 420 Bay Street should be listed soon.

420 Bay Street

One two and two three-bedroom condos ranging in size from 1,350 to 1,526 square feet and asking from $985,000 to $1,195,000. We’ve only toured the floor plans online.

420 Bay Street [] [Floor Plans] [Map]

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April 14, 2009

118 Cervantes: From Architecture Watch To (Almost) On The Market

118 Cervantes Boulevard: 4/14/09 (

In the words of a reader with regard to 118 Cervantes Boulevard:

For all of you wondering how this design managed to be approved by the neighbors... it wasn't.
I live a couple houses away on the same side of the street and we received no notification. We're not pleased.
And FWIW... a sale sign went up this weekend.

Listing to be (and Sotheby’s sign out front) by Rebecca Schumacher.

118 Cervantes Boulevard (

No word on whether or not it’s only one of the units heading to market or the two.

Editor's Note: Another plugged-in reader adds:

According to the online database the project went out for Section 311 Neighborhood notification and was signed off by planning back in 2004.

Architecture Watch: 118 Cervantes Boulevard Gone Green/Modern [SocketSite]

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April 9, 2009

141 Beaver: Let There Be Light And Air (And A Sweet Little Back Yard)

141 Beaver Street

According to a plugged-in tipster 141 Beaver Street will be hitting the market this weekend with an asking price of $1,850,000. Built in 1902 but redesigned by architect Bernardo Urquieta in 1986 with an emphasis on light and air.

141 Beaver Street: Kitchen

We’re digging the modern vibe and deconstructed flair.


And the country style garden and sweet little back yard.

141 Beaver: Back

A few more photos on the achitect's website ("Beaver" residence) for those who can't wait.

UPDATE: As a plugged-in reader notes, into the apple cart it goes (purchased for $1,650,000 in November of 2002).

UPDATE (4/10): 141 Beaver has been listed (and additional photos uploaded).

∙ Listing: 141 Beaver (2/2) - $1,850,000 [MLS]
Bernardo Urquieta Architects []

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April 1, 2009

The Toy Factory Lofts (1 Rausch) In General, Loft H In Specific

1 Rausch: Toy Factory Lofts

Constructed in 1909 and converted to residences in 1997, 1 Rausch (a.k.a. Toy Factory Lofts) is home to eight (8) loft condominiums with underground parking off of Howard.

1 Rausch: Loft H Living

At over 2,400 square feet and designed by James Magni, Loft H is the largest of the eight and features 25 foot ceilings with exposed wood rafters which quickly caught our eye.

1 Rausch: Loft H Living

Not yet listed, but as a tipster notes it should be coming soon and asking $1,695,000. Beware the website background beats.

∙ Listing: 1 Rausch (2/2) 2,400+ sqft - $1,695,000 []

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March 25, 2009

Coming Soon And An Überprime Data Point To Be: 2306 Broadway

2306 Broadway (

Coming soon and asking $6,495,000 according to Nina Hatvany, it’s a plugged-in tipster that suggests we keep an eye on 2306 Broadway which is currently being prepped for sale.

And while we don’t see a recorded sales price for its purchse in August of 2000, we do see a tax assessed value of $7,648,507 which would suggest a purchase price of roughly $7,000,000 for this big view prime Pacific Heights home eight years ago.

Do keep in mind, however, that the sale of 2306 Broadway won't yield a perfectly clean "apple" as the kitchen has been updated and the master bathroom remodeled since. But it might offer some interesting insight into what’s happening with property values high atop San Francisco as opposed to a throw-away observation like it's still expensive.

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March 18, 2009

We Gave You The Jump, Now Some New Renderings: 3119 Harrison

3119 Harrison: Rendering

The website for the Dawson&Clinton two-unit building rising at 3119 Harrison is live, and we’re digging what we see. Full-floor (or near full-floor) master suites with modern baths.

3119 Harrison: Third Floor Plan

Two other bedrooms and at least two other baths; 600 square foot roof-top decks with views and spas; and Bulthaup kitchens with islands and a folding wall that opens to green.

3119 Harrison: Kitchen/Dining Rendering

UPDATE (3/20): One of the two units at 3119 Harrison has hit the MLS. Asking $2,370,000 or $790 per square foot.

3119 Harrison []
Coming (Not So) Soon To An Empty Lot (3119 Harrison) Next Year [SocketSite]
We’ll Give You The Jump Once Again: 3119 Harrison On The Market [SocketSite]

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February 23, 2009

Coming Soon: The "Union" Of Bryant Commons And Coach House Lofts

Union on Bryant (

A "big pit" and un-renovated historic brick building for seven years when the development of a dotcom office park stalled out, in 2007 the calling to become condominiums came.

Originally known as Bryant Commons (76 new "family townhomes and flats" at 2125 Bryant) and Coach House Lofts (23 "highly-stylized lofts in a classic, historic building" at 2101 Bryant), the project is now simply know as "Union."

Once expected spring 2008, now available "mid 2009" with a placeholder site for the ninety-nine one, two and three bedroom homes online.

Bryant Commons (2125 Bryant) / Coach House Lofts (2101 Bryant) [SocketSite]
You Ask, We Answer, You Embellish: Big Developments In The Mission [SocketSite]

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January 29, 2009

Coming Soon: "Strata At Mission Bay" (A.K.A. 555 Mission Rock)

Strata at Mission Bay (

The Mission Bay new development previously known as 555 Mission Rock has been branded “Strata at Mission Bay.” The 192 new units of rental inventory will be coming online in March of 2009 with an interest list now forming.

555 Mission Rock: Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (And A Recap) [SocketSite]
Strata at Mission Bay []

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January 15, 2009

2646 Chestnut: Quietly Coming Soon (And Seeking $2,700,000)

2646 Chestnut (

It’s been a slow start (and end) to the year for real estate in District 7, but according to a plugged-in tipster 2646 Chestnut on the edge of Cow Hollow is being prepped to hit the market at the end of the month with a whisper price of $2,700,000.

The house is roughly 3,650 square feet with good bones and views from the high floors, but outdated kitchen and baths (again, according to our tipster). Expect Coldwell Banker to have the listing (and plugged-in people to have any head-start).

And yes, while not officially on the MLS (or counted in industry inventory reports), the 2,320 square foot house next door (2652 Chestnut) remains on the market and is currently asking $1,900,000, down from $2,195,000 six months ago.

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December 22, 2008

Name That House In Four Photos Or Less (Plus A Little Verbiage)

Name That House

It’s not quite as difficult as the single deck shot challenge a plugged-in tipster nailed a while back, but it’s a “name that house” challenge nonetheless. Four pictures above, a bit of verbiage below:

Boasting approximately 6,000 square feet of living space, this extraordinary Pacific Heights home is semi-detached and sits on an over sized 5,312 square foot lot…Once the home of US Senator Dianne Feinstein during her term as Mayor of San Francisco, this stunning home boasts superior architectural detail…[and a] Thomas Church designed landscaped garden.

Bonus points for estimating the "coming soon" price (five bedrooms, four full and two half baths, two car parking). Double bonus points for correctly calling when it lands in contract and for how much.

UPDATE: And we have a winner (2030 Lyon):

2030 Lyon (

The bonus points are still up for grabs.

Coming Soon In Cow Hollow (But We Want To Know Now) [SocketSite]

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October 29, 2008

Another Address Change And Listing On Raycliff Terrace: Number 27

27 Raycliff from Broderick (

Designed by William Wurster in 1949, renovated by Sandy Walker in 1996, and last sold on 1/13/2004 with a reported contract price of $3,383,500 (listed for $3,995,000), 27 Raycliff (previously known as 25 Raycliff) is once again coming soon.

27 Raycliff Terrace: Floor Plan

A great courtyard, “glimpses” of the Bay and Broadway homes, and one sweet front door.

27 Raycliff: Front Door

Now asking $4,250,000. And perhaps drafting a bit off of the sale of the house next door.

∙ Coming Soon: 27 Raycliff Terrace (4/4.5) - $4,250,000 []
Previous Listing (2003): 25 Raycliff Terrace - $3,995,000 []
William Wilson Wurster, Architect []
The SocketSite Scoop On 37 Raycliff Terrace (A.K.A. 2799 Broadway [SocketSite]

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October 9, 2008

Coming Soon: Victorians Gone Modern! (313 Duncan)

313 Duncan (

It’s not yet listed, and the website is still “offline,” but as a plugged-in reader notes a Vanguard sign has been firmly planted out front. Purchased for $725,000 in 2004, 313 Duncan has been completely transformed since (we're talking additions, new systems and structural upgrades, and an interior overhaul and modernization).

We like. And while we wait for the photos to share, would any readers care to dish the inside scoop (architect?) or their pre-listing impressions?

UPDATE: As two plugged-in reader's note (and MapJack serves up), the facade of 313 Duncan prior to its Owen Kennerly transformation:

313 Duncan: Original

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October 6, 2008

Noe Bagel's Days Might Be Numbered. Now About Next Door...

3933 24th Street (Image Source:

As a plugged-in reader notes, a notice has been hung on 3931-3933 24th Street (the Noe Bagel building). From our reader:

They are planning a 8,000 sqft 4 story mixed use building, near the indefinitely closed [“for renovation”] real food company store. Don't think Noe Bagel will survive this project.

And from the permit application:

Vertical and horizontal addition to existing building. Add 1 additional unit, 2 offices. Reconfigure and remodel alll e (sic) units. Top units to include 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, study, 2 full bath, 1 half bath. Lower unit: 1 bedroom, 1 bath. 1 office 2nd fl. Gr floor 1 office, 1 retail space.

Plans - or the inside scoop on the Real Food site - anyone?

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October 3, 2008

$700 Billion Bailout Bill Round Two: One Down, One To Go

The Senate loaded the bailout bill up with all sorts of goodies and gave it a pass. The House will vote again today. And even if the bill now passes (and we’d be surprised if it didn't), there’s one thing to keep in mind: as we wrote before they raised the confirming loan limits (you know, that $168 billion "stimulus" package that turned out to be - gasp! - more of a tease), this will be anything but a silver bullet.

UPDATE: The House has passed the bailout bill 263 to 171.

UPDATE: And the market closes down 157.

$700 Billion Bailout Breaking News: Round One Rejected By The House [SocketSite]
Once Again, We’ll Simply Go With The Worst (In Terms Of The Bailout) [SocketSite]
Conforming Loan Limits: A Placeholder For Discussion And Analysis [SocketSite]
If Lowering Rates Isn’t Working, Perhaps Increasing Limits Will [SocketSite]

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October 1, 2008

You’ve Seen One, But You Haven’t Seen Them All: 300 Beale #613

300 Beale #613

A bit more industrial (some might even say loft like) than Embarcadero Lofts #319, 300 Beale #613 should hit the MLS soon.

300 Beale #613: Kitchen, Bed, Bath, Patio

Penthouse, private corner patio, wood-burning fireplace, two beds, two baths, a decidedly modern kitchen with pear wood cabinetry, and all around 1,800 square feet.

∙ Listing: 300 Beale #613 - $1,649,500 []
Loft By Nature, Luxury By Design: Embarcadero Lofts (300 Beale) [SocketSite]

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September 19, 2008

AIA Tour (And Architect’s) Home Hitting The Market: 398 Eureka

398 Eureka: Exterior (Image Source:

From a plugged-in reader with a good eye (and memory):

Vanguard is listing the home of Phil Matthews, AIA. It says "call for price." I am not sure the exact address but it is at the NW corner of 21st and Eureka.
Nothing on Vanguard's website that I could find yet, but it’s a great house. It was on the AIA house tour 3 or 4 years ago.

In terms of the address, that would be 398 Eureka. In terms of the tour, that would have been 2003. And in terms of the design, we found a few more shots (and background) online.

398 Eureka

From the architect:

This is my own house, where I currently work and live with my partner, Ed Graziani, who contributed many ideas to the design of the house. We did an initial deconstructive design back in 1992, which was subject to criticisms by some neighbors. We then went on to build 700 Noe Street, in 1995-96. We then re-designed and built this project. A 180 degree turn from the mindless complexities of deconstruction to the simple, bold strength of Louis Sullivan’s Charnley House in Chicago, the so-called ‘first modern house,’ was part of the inspiration for the 1998 re-design.

The price? Let us know when you make the call.

UPDATE (9/26): Officially priced ($2,450,000) and added to the MLS as inventory.

AIA Profile: Philip Mathews Architect []
Philip Mathews Portfolio: 398 Eureka []
∙ Listing: 398 Eureka (3/4) - $2,450,000 [MLS]

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September 17, 2008

WYSIWYG And Coming Soon: 200 Brannan #506

200 Brannan #506: Living

While “are they marketing the home or the furnishings?” is an oft asked question, in this case the answer is yes. Or rather, soon to be asking $1,600,000 fully furnished (by the owners, not staged), art and all.

200 Brannan #506: Bed

One bedroom, one and one-half baths, two parking spaces (tandem). One thousand one hundred and twenty-five square feet on the penthouse floor of 200 Brannan. And bonus points (but not necessarily any discount) for naming any of the pieces (furniture or art).

200 Brannan #506: Entry

∙ Listing: 200 Brannan #506 (1/1.5) 1,125 square feet - $1,600,000 [MLS]

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September 10, 2008

1018-1020 Pine Street: Eight Contemporary Condos Coming Soon

1018-1020 Pine Street (

In response to a reader’s inquiry to our tip line ( we respond: As far as we know, 1018-1020 Pine Street is slated to be eight units (condos) with seven (possibly eight) parking spaces.

In terms of any other details, we don't know (readers?). But we will keep you plugged-in.

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September 9, 2008

Four Years Of District Four Equity Yet Pre-Foreclosure Foreclosed

10 Fernwood Drive

Last month 10 Fernwood Drive was listed as a “Pre-Foreclosure Opportunity” with an asking price of $1,650,000 (purchased for $1,750,000 in May of 2004). Today, the single-family Monterey Heights home is bank owned and “coming soon.” Would that be a fourclosure?

Four Years Of District 4 Equity Yet Pre-Foreclosure After Four Months [SocketSite]
Monterey Heights Single Family Home - Bank Foreclosure [Craigslist]

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August 18, 2008

Then And Now And Coming Soon: 1391 Clayton Street By The Numbers

1391 Clayton: Site (Image Source:

Not yet officially listed (nor inventory), but coming soon and testing the waters at a price of $2,795,000. The all new 1391 Clayton Street boasts one wine cellar, two decks and two master suites, a total of four bedrooms, and a four car garage.

1391 Clayton: Exterior (

UPDATE: Additional insight from a plugged-in reader:

I live two blocks above this place and have watched it from the start. About 3 weeks ago one of the guys doing the stone work on the lower exterior allowed me to look inside the house. They didnt have any cabinets up in the kitchen yet but I could see the hardwood floors and the house has been fully wired. The best part of this place are is the amazing views, and from every level of the home. There is also an elevator in the home so you dont have to take all the steps. The bathrooms were done nicely. The stonework is phenomenal and the main bedrooms had seperate shower, tub, double sinks and also wired for sound. I didnt see the sauna stated on realtors site but the house had a lot of space and it might not have been completed yet. The garage is bigger than 4 cars so either that is where the wine cellar will be going or maybe some sort of gym or workout room. I would say you can fit 6 cars in easy.

UPDATE: And even if you're not interested in the house, perhaps you'll be interested in a conversation about the siding.

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June 30, 2008

Coming Soon: A Noe Valley “Masterpiece In Progress” (625 Duncan)


According to its website, 625 Duncan is “a masterpiece in progress” and “estimated to be marketed in Fall 2008.” Four bedrooms, four and one-half baths, and a one bedroom apartment. And the anticipated asking price? $6,250,000 (only slightly below that of the record seeking 3816 22nd Street). We’ll keep you plugged in.

∙ Coming Soon: 625 Duncan [] [Map]
The Holy Hotness Of Firehouse 44 (3816 22nd Street) Hits The Market [SocketSite]

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June 18, 2008

The Scoop: "Sunny Jim’s" Mansion Atop Liberty Hill (3690 21st Street)

3690 21st Street (

It’s a French Chateau inspired home (at least on the outside) atop Liberty Hill (3690 21st Street) which was built in 1908 by banker and entrepreneur James “Sunny Jim” Rolph for his mistress, silent-film actress Anita Page. Three years later, “Sunny Jim” became mayor of San Francisco, after twenty years in office he became governor (of California), and in 1934 he passed away (at which point Page sold the home). [Editor's Note: Or not with respect to Anita. See UPDATE below.]

Having been held by the same family since 1949, and most recently renovated by Jan and Jay Salaman, the home will officially hit the market by the end of July with a whisper price around $3,500,000. Of course that's assuming it doesn’t unofficially sell first (contact Payton Stiewe).

3690 21st Street: Upstairs living room (Image Source: California Home+Design)

Three bedrooms and three baths with a studio above the one car garage; panoramic city views (from which “Sunny Jim” could see his office); and an eclectic interior ranging from a living room decked out with ostrich flooring, exposed redwood rafters, and a fireplace built with stones from Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Valley, to an Arabian Nights guest suite with steam shower and sauna.

3690 21st Street: Guest Suite (Image Source: California Home+Design)

Additional photography soon (interior shots above poached from California Home+Design).

UPDATE (6/19): Houston, we have a serious problem. From a plugged-in reader: "The house may have been built in 1908, but not for Anita Page. She was born in 1910." Damn that California Home+Design, but bless the readers. And mea culpa to "Sunny Jim."

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May 29, 2008

Coming Soon: The Six Unit Summit In Noe Valley (4121 Cesar Chavez)

4121 Cesar Chavez

The Summit in Noe Valley” (4121 Ceasar Chavez) is “coming soon” (i.e., no pricing yet).

4121 Cesar Chavez: Interior

Two two-story three-bedroom/two and one-half bath condos on the top floor, four two-bedroom/two and one-half bath condos below. Elevator access, open floor plans, Scavolini cabinetry, and Thermador appliances in the kitchens.

4121 Cesar Chavez: View

South facing common “outdoor retreat” (a.k.a. a deck) and big city views (or more accurately, big views of the city) for all. Pricing when we (or a tipster) can provide.

The Summit In Noe Valley (4121 Cesar Chavez) []

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May 14, 2008

Coming Soon (And The Scoop): 2820 Vallejo (A Julia Morgan Design)

2820 Vallejo (

While we do like modern design, we’re also suckers for the classics. And the designs of Julia Morgan most definitely count. We don’t yet know the price, nor are any interior photos yet online, but as a plugged-in tipster notes, 2820 Vallejo is indeed “coming soon.”

Unfortunately the facade is a bit more original than the interior, but the home still offers some Morgan bones, beautiful bay views, and a flat (for real) Pacific Heights block.

And if our sources are correct, there might just be an estate sale (although the sellers have simply moved to a condo rather than "on") this weekend (i.e., sneak peek) before it gets staged next week.

∙ Listing: 2820 Vallejo (3/2.5) – TBD [Barbara Callan]
Julia Morgan, Architect [Encyclopedia of San Francisco]

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April 24, 2008

Officially "Coming Soon" (As In This Afternoon): 1226 2nd Avenue



Alternative (but rejected) headline: “Interactive Floor Plan Porn, Simple But Not Plain.”

∙ Listing: 1226 2nd Avenue - $1,879,000 [] [Interactive Floor Plans]

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April 11, 2008

Holy Hotness, History, And Home: Engine Company No. 44 Returns


Built by the McSheehy Brothers in 1909, 3816 22nd Street served as home to San Francisco’s Engine Company No. 44 and their horses for fifty years.


In 1959 the firehouse was sold to Mark and Beth Adams who maintained the firehouse in relatively original condition but employed the space as a private residence and artists’ studio for the next forty.

3816 22nd Street: Pre-renovation

Purchased in February of 2006 for $2,100,000 (while listed for $2,695,000), the firehouse will soon return to the market after a multi-year renovation and expansion (think new second floor) of what was roughly 3,700 square feet of living space (original floor plans).


We have yet to see the new interior, but it promises to be a “clever mix of modern and original details" including a glass and reclaimed lumber staircase; original spiral staircase, copper and zinc doors; gourmet “loft” kitchen; and observatory tower with 360 degree views. Pricing? It's currently “upon request," but according to a plugged-in tipster:

I spoke to the developer…probably 10 months ago and he said it could possibly set a record price for a SFH in Noe Valley (who knows what has transpired [since] then, but for what it's worth).

And yes, we're fired up (ba-dump-bump) with fingers crossed to see what they've done with the space.

UPDATE: The Holy Hotness Of Firehouse 44 (3816 22nd Street) Hits The Market listed for $6,375,000.

∙ Engine House 44 [New Website] [Last Listing] [Original Detail] [Original Floor Plan]

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March 21, 2008

Faults: It's Not Exactly Good Friday Fun (Sorry, We Couldn't Resist)

It's not exactly one of those feel-good Friday topics, but it is a reality of living in the Bay Area: earthquakes. And with the 140th anniversary of the 1868 Hayward Fault quake seven months away, and a recent history of major Hayward quakes every 140 years, the seismologists are out spreading the word.

A few precentages for Bay Area homes:

∙ Percent without earthquake insurance: >95
∙ Percent retrofitted to resist quake damage: <40
∙ Percent strengthened enough to remain habitable following "violent damage": <10

And of course, a few of the requisite quotes:

"The biggest small-building hazard, all the experts agreed, will be from what they term "soft story buildings" - the kind where garages or storefronts occupy most of the ground floor and the heavier floors lie above, raising the odds of collapse. Houses like those, whose fragile underpinnings collapsed throughout San Francisco's Marina district when the Loma Prieta quake hit just over 18 years ago, should be a warning sign for every building owner to retrofit, Brocher said. Unreinforced corner buildings, he said, are the most dangerous."
"In San Francisco, said Keith Knudsen of the national nonprofit Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, the downtown area south of Market, where well-engineered high-rises are rapidly filling the neighborhoods, would be particularly dangerous in a major quake because the low-lying filled land there is subject to liquefaction.
Those new buildings might well remain standing in the coming Hayward quake, he said, "but if the streets there settle by a couple of feet, those buildings will be isolated.""

And as much as we couldn’t resist the headline, we equally couldn’t resist the categorization.

Next big quake could be worse than 1906 [SFGate]

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January 28, 2008

Update: Complete Inventory Index And Stimulus Package Follow-Up

Our apologies to all those who plugged in today looking for either our Q1 2008 Complete Inventory Index (Cii) or our follow up discussion regarding the proposed stimulus package and increase in conforming loan limits. While our thoughts on the stimulus package will posted tomorrow Wednesday, the publishing of our Inventory Index has been delayed a week and will be posted next Monday (2/4/08). Again, our apologies and thank you for plugging in.

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January 7, 2008

David Ireland's 500 Capp Street: Inside And Soon To Be On The Market

Inside 500 Capp Street (Image Source:

The inside of San Francisco artist David Ireland’s 500 Capp Street home has been chronicled in both print and video by Cal’s Regional Oral History Office. And according to the Chronicle, the living gallery will soon be up for sale.

To its neighbors, the shabby-looking 1886 Victorian on the corner of 20th Street probably looks like a holdout in the area's slow march to gentrification. But the contemporary art world knows 500 Capp St. as the lodestar of David Ireland's quirky, lyrical art, which has won him an international, though somewhat esoteric, reputation.
After a failed attempt by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to acquire the Capp Street house, arrange for its conservation and provide a lifetime income for Ireland, it is to go on the market this month.
The artist's sister, San Francisco Realtor Judy Ireland, said she plans to offer the property at around $900,000. The rush to sell, she said, concerns a law expiring April 1* that would exempt the artist from tax on $250,000 of the considerable capital gain from the sale.

To quote John Elderfield (chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York): "It would be great if some white knight rode in and took it over." And bar that, all we ask is that they resist any recommendations to “stage.”

[*Editor's Note: Don't panic, as far as we know it's not "the law" that's expiring April 1 but rather Mr. Ireland's ability to qualify for the primary residence capital gains tax exemption (he hasn't lived at 500 Capp Street for going on three years).]

Little-known S.F. gem may be lost [SFGate]
Inside 500 Capp Street: An Oral History of David Ireland's House (pdf) []
David Ireland at 500 Capp Street: Real Player Video []

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December 11, 2007

Coming (Not So) Soon To An Empty Lot (3119 Harrison) Next Year

3119 Harrison: Map

3119 Harrison: Rendering (Image Source:

Okay, we’re giving you the big jump on this one (as in “[c]onstruction is due to start by Spring 2008…[and] both houses will go on the market as the project gets closer to completion”). From the developers behind 1440 Jackson Street comes 3119 Harrison, two contemporary 2,700 square foot homes on a currently (relatively) empty lot.

The project involves excavating the entire lot 12 feet below grade to make room for a shared six car underground garage, two subterranean studios and two outdoor courtyards. It will feature numerous environmental amenities and may possibly be [their] first LEED certified project.

Rough plans (and a few more renderings) available online. Details in a year (assuming it gets built).

Dawson&Clinton General Contractors []
Coming Soon Three Quarters In Contract: 1440 Jackson Street [SocketSite]

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December 10, 2007

Coming Soon Three Quarters In Contract: 1440 Jackson Street

1440 Jackson

A reader wonders if we know anything about the four modern units coming soon [see UPDATE below] at 1440 Jackson. And to be honest, beyond what’s available on the 1440 Jackson website, we don’t (but perhaps a plugged-in reader or two will be able to fill in the gaps).

The basics: Bulthaup kitchen with Subzero, Wolf and Gaggenau appliances; Dorn Bracht/Lefroy Brooks fixtures and WET bathtubs in the bathrooms; commercial grade supreme Bonelli windows; two private roof-top terraces with outdoor kitchens and spas; and one parking space per unit.

The units: 1440 Jackson #1 (1/1) 683 sqft + 60 sqft terrace; #2 (4/3) 2,274 sqft + 960 sqft terrace; #3 (3/2.5) 1,227 sqft + garden; and #4 (3/2.5) 1,457 sqft + 749 sqft terrace.

The rendered (and quite agressive) open master suite of unit number two:
1440 Jackson Street: Master Suite

And the full floor plan (for the same):
1440 Jackson Street: Unit #2 Floor Plan

UPDATE: Well, while it never hit the MLS three of the four units are already in contract and only unit #1 remains available at $700,000. Sorry about that folks and we'll try not to let it happen again (seriously). And the quote of the day (from the sales agent), “I was wondering if the developer had put up a billboard or something because I was flooded with calls this morning.”

Property Website: 1440 Jackson Street []

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November 19, 2007

Coming Soon: At Least Half Of The Two Family At 3973 19th Street

3973 19th Street

If you were wondering what was being built up at 3973 19th Street (between Noe and Sanchez), here’s your partial answer: It’s a two family residence, at least half of which (three bedrooms/two baths should be on the market at the end of the month (floor plans (pdf) available online and price TBD); and design by Andy Rogers Design Studio.

UPDATE: And if you’re not interested in the listing, but you are interested in how the exterior is finished, you might want to peruse the readers’ comments.

∙ Coming Soon: 3973 19th Street #A (3/2) – Price TBD [Tal Klein]

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November 1, 2007

Two New Modern Homes On Miguel Coming Soon (Prices Unknown)

71-73 Miguel

71-73 Miguel: Interior

They’re two new modern view homes "situated on the southern rim of Noe Valley" that are obviously coming soon, should offer some fantastic views, and sound to be luxuriously finished (that’s only a rendering of the interior above). Other than that, there’s little we know about these two. Any plugged-in readers care to share the inside scoop/story?

∙ Coming Soon: 71-73 Miguel (4/3.5 each) []

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