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Our Readers Know Better.  Right?

Our Readers Know Better. Right?

Please don’t join the ranks of those who are in over their heads when it comes to servicing their debts (mortgage payments?), and are banking on double-digit home appreciation to make everything okay. Regardless, and as we previously posted, “My house is worth a Million” really isn’t a retirement... Read More »

Single Price Reductions Are Just So Early January

Single Price Reductions Are Just So Early January

Guessed wrong Overly optimistic about the value of your listing? You’re not alone. Looks like “Second Price Reductions” might be a growing trend as you can add 897 Hayes Street (reduced $200K and advertising: “Second Price Reduction – – Bring all offers”) to the list. ∙ Listing: 897 Hayes... Read More »

December Prices and Sales Fall In San Francisco

The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reports that both prices and sales of single family homes fell this past December in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to C.A.R., the median sales price fell 1.4% while sales volume fell 9.8% from the month prior (down 14.2% from December 2004).... Read More »

Declining Sales (And Prices) In December

Declining Sales (And Prices) In December

According to DataQuick and the Chronicle, Bay Area single-family home sales were down 15.5% compared to December 2004 and the median sales price dropped 3.5% as compared to November 2005. It should be interesting to see what The California Association of Realtors reports on January 25th. Slowing sales, increasing... Read More »

Is Silicon Valley Once Again Leading The Way?

From the Realty Times: However, a growing number of buyers who purchased homes at peak price periods in 2005 may now be living in homes worth tens of thousands of dollars less than their mortgage. That’s more likely if they used heavy leverage financing tools like no-money down and... Read More »

On Tour as Repeat

Buyers rejoice. Home inventories are once again on the rise as sellers and agents re-list properties that failed to sell last year and which had been withdrawn from the market during the slow holiday season. Expect a trickle (flood?) of properties marked “On Tour as Repeat” (i.e. re-list, failed... Read More »

Fleeing California?  You’re Not Alone

Fleeing California? You’re Not Alone

United Van Lines has tracked state-by-state migration patterns since 1977. From its most recent report: For 2005, the accounting is based on the 226,353 interstate household moves handled by United among the 48 contiguous states, as well as Washington, D.C. In its study, United classifies each state in one... Read More »

San Francisco Sales Continue To Fall

In case you missed it, home sales in the San Francisco Bay Area fell 6% this past November (-14% compared to the year prior), while the Median Sales price was relatively unchanged at $723k (+.5%). ∙ Median price of a home in California at $548,400 in November Read More »

Can You Say Speculative Bubble Froth?

“At the same time rental rates were dropping, we had housing prices totally skyrocketing”. Credit Andrew Zacks, a “San Francisco lawyer who handles Ellis Act evictions and other land use cases” with that comment. A comment that points to a market driven by speculative froth rather than sound investing... Read More »

Sales Of New Homes Tumble

US new home sales fell 11% in November, the biggest drop since 1995, and at 1.25m homes sold, the lowest pace since January. It is important to note that new home sales are considered to be even more of a leading indicator of market health than existing home sales... Read More »