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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The SocketSite Forums

The newest use of SocketSite’s Real Estate Forums: “plugged-in” buyers banding together to investigate a group purchase of (and discount on) hardwood floors and upgrades for condos in a new development. ∙ Infinity Buyers Band Together for Upgrades Read More »

Upgrades, Nonrefundable Deposits, And Asbestos Siding

A plugged-in reader wonders why it costs so much for upgrades in a new development. Another wonders just how “nonrefundable” those nonrefundable deposits really are. And still another wonders if asbestos siding should be a concern. Think you can add some insight? Looking for some insight of your own?... Read More »

Readers Put SocketSite’s Real Estate Forums To Work

Readers Put SocketSite’s Real Estate Forums To Work

One reader gets recommendations for where to buy furniture for small spaces, another solicits thoughts about moving to the Inner Sunset , and another is still looking for insight into whether a building will survive the Bay Bridge reconstruction. And as was certain to happen, yet another discovers the... Read More »